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This circle includes people working on various aspects of engagement, including:

relationship marketing, Customer Relationship Management and other engagement technologies, civic engagement, community management and even a smattering of people working primarily on Search Engine Optimization, but who seem to be interested in its connection with broader engagement.

Note this is not meant to be a social media circle, though there's obviously lots of overlap there.

I'm still very much building this circle, so if you have recommendations on key folks I'm missing, please let me know. And please excuse me, in advance, if I know you and inadvertently left you off a circle that you should have been in.

#engagement #SEO #marketing #relationshipmarketing #civicengagement #communitymanagement
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Trying to figure out how much I might pay for +Evo Terra to post a video of his curtsy.
Video of me pantsless in half a business suit made it all the way to Scandinavian broadcast news a few years back, +Gideon Rosenblatt & +Mark Traphagen. And I post enough new silliness with +Jeff Moriarty on YouTube that I'm sure we'll eventually get 'round to it. Because after all, it isn't rocket surgery!
Got you, +Ayoub Khote - just added you. This was a hard one, as I have a social media circle (which you're in) and there's so much connection between the two.
Wonderful share Gideon, Thanks for including me.
Thanks so much for sharing this circle +Gideon Rosenblatt ! Some I already follow, some are new to me. I hope to learn a lot from this group,
Gideon thank you so much for creating and sharing this circle! Wonderful idea!
I am sharing a lot of your great ideas, so people will get double content now. :-)
Wow, this is great. Thanks for including me!
Terrific focus and great company; thanks again for thinking of me for this one, +Gideon Rosenblatt. Networking through Google+ is certainly a refreshing difference from "friending" and "fanning" on FaceBook. And I'm finding that it allows me to use Twitter to create some of the connections between networks. So much to learn, but so much fun!
+Gideon Rosenblatt -great share and happy to see a call out for CRM. I deal with enterprises of varying sizes going through CRM implementations and everyone is struggling with how best to integrate social media into the process. That specific issue is one of the drivers that brought me to G+.
Thank you +Gideon Rosenblatt for including me. These shared circles are a much more efficient way to connect with others working on similar callings.
A very distinguished circle to be a part of! I'm honoured, and love the challenge of bringing more value to this circle and the people who engage with us. 
+Gideon Rosenblatt Thanks for the Update! Good to see some new faces in your Fantastic Shared Circle... new as of Sept. 2012.
Employee attraction, retention and engagement is often handled by HR departments... do you know of any HR circles that can be shared?
+JEFFREY OBRONT      To state the obvious and you may have tried-- did you search "HR shared circled" with variations on HR? That's probably best but not perfect.
Been there. Done that!  Appreciate the suggestion none-the-less!
+Gideon Rosenblatt Thanks for the circle.
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