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Please help +Rod Dunne answer these questions about what is, and is not, cool in terms of promoting things here on Google+. Stuff like this helps us clarify the culture.
How do you feel about people using Google+ profiles to market their wares?
Quick 30 Second Survey all About Google+


One unwritten rule in G+ I find very interesting is the idea that blatant marketing of products/services is frowned upon. However, this rule is not explicitly defined for exact contexts and types of promotion. It's unwritten.

I have created this short survey (6 questions - 60 seconds max) to evaluate perception to marketing of products and services in G+ and would love you to take a minute to complete it for me.

I'll openly publish the results once it has at least 500 replies.

Cheers, Rod :§)>

Please SHARE this post too: The more participants, the more likely the results reflect a larger consensus.

Major props to +Patrick Sharpe for helping me out contrbuting some great ideas & text for the survey content.

Disclosure: This is NOT being done for any company/agency, but for my own personal interest in social psychology & normative behavior in social media.
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Why are there always people trying to inject more and more rules on what people can and can not do on G+. It was so annoying when people did this about 1 year ago and it still is now. Dont friend someone if you dont like their message. Problem solved.
Just completed your survey. And all of my answers were take no action. With it being so easy to move people to different circles and to control what circles you see on your news feed, who cares about who is advertising their products or services? Why shouldn't a business page make posts about their services? I agree with Ashely.
"Take no action" was the one and only option chosen. The contexts were too vague and a frequency indication is missing...