Please help +Rod Dunne answer these questions about what is, and is not, cool in terms of promoting things here on Google+. Stuff like this helps us clarify the culture.
How do you feel about people using Google+ profiles to market their wares?
Quick 30 Second Survey all About Google+


One unwritten rule in G+ I find very interesting is the idea that blatant marketing of products/services is frowned upon. However, this rule is not explicitly defined for exact contexts and types of promotion. It's unwritten.

I have created this short survey (6 questions - 60 seconds max) to evaluate perception to marketing of products and services in G+ and would love you to take a minute to complete it for me.

I'll openly publish the results once it has at least 500 replies.

Cheers, Rod :§)>

Please SHARE this post too: The more participants, the more likely the results reflect a larger consensus.

Major props to +Patrick Sharpe for helping me out contrbuting some great ideas & text for the survey content.

Disclosure: This is NOT being done for any company/agency, but for my own personal interest in social psychology & normative behavior in social media.
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