This looks very interesting. Wish I could go...

Wisdom 2.0 Business is a two day conference in San Francisco on May 11th and 12th bringing together business leaders and entrepreneurs to explore the next wave of creative company.

Whether it is using social media, holding meetings, or making decisions, our actions can either be infused with presence and engagement, or with stress and fear. The next generation of successful company will not only know "what to do" but more importantly will focus on the right "process" that engages people in ways that the best decisions can present themselves.

The old model based on fear, and top-down management techniques simply no longer works. There is a new generation of leader focused on wise and meaningful leadership and engagement. Wisdom 2.0 Business was created to help identify and foster this effort. It is for both those in for- and non-profit interested in living in this way and creating teams that are more engaged, present, and creative.
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