Will Google be the next Better Business Bureau?

What with the launch of the new Local tab here in Google+, which allows us to now rate businesses (see previous post), and this latest acquisition of KikScore, Google appears to be headed towards mediating our trust with businesses. Very interesting. 

Google has acquired the technology, patents and “certain assets” of online trust seal provider KikScore, signalling its intention to expand its Trusted Store program and allow its users to shop with increased confidence across the Web.

Google’s Trusted Store program has a distinct focus on e-commerce but KikScore is more about building trust between the consumer and a business. This could mean that Google is ready to take the next step, moving beyond e-commerce and expanding its trust seals to a wider set of businesses.

More:  ➽ http://thenextweb.com/google/2012/06/03/google-acquires-online-trust-seal-provider-kikscore-looks-to-expand-its-trusted-stores-program/
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