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Reframing the way I describe my writings at Alchemy of Change...
What is the Focus of Alchemy of Change? There are two great levers we humans use to shape our modern world: organization and technology. Come help me explore...
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As part of the same choir, +Gideon Rosenblatt , I like what you say, and how you say it.
One way I put it, is the quality of our future is fairly directly related to the quality of our organizations, and quality of how we organize.
Given the changing parameters and environments that organizations have to now operate in, as you note, old models are going to be ill-adapted, and ill-adaptable.
To me, there needs to be a certain urgency in finding ways and processes to get organizations to adapt the newer models of organization.
Agreed, +Gregory Esau. Thanks for the note. It's funny, I'm now being pulled in 3 distinct, but inter-related directions these days: technology, organization and social movements.
I totally hear you, they're related, and in a tangible sense, can't be separated.
Love the Joseph Campbell quote. Thanks for the article.
Off topic: Couldn't see any reference to the building in the image you have. For those who are wondering, I can let you know that the building is called Turning Torso and is in Malmö (Sweden). Just happens to be my home town ;)
The architect of the building is Spanish Santiago Calatrava.
Thanks +Hakan Gül. You live in a beautiful place. My wife and I visited with our boys almost 2 years ago, which is when I took that shot. I thought it was perfect for representing the idea of shaping our systems to more human needs.
Agree, the image is great. The angle of the photo and the curvature of the building is very different you say; giving you an idea of twisting and shaping something.
Glad you like my home town. Let me know if come by again and we'll have a beer or two or we can do a photowalk ;)
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