Humane Companies: Google provides death benefits

Chief People Officer Laszlo Bock told Forbes that the company had just last year announced a new perk for staff. If you pass away while employed by Google, your spouse will get 50 percent of your salary for a decade. Google will also give your children a $1,000 monthly payment until they reach 19 (longer if they are a full-time student), and all stocks will be vested immediately.,news-16034.html

Sure, Google is doing well, but it doesn't have to do this kind of stuff. This seems to fall into the category of "don't be evil" - and though I seriously doubt this is a huge recruiting play (think young, seemingly immortal fresh college grads), it contributes to the sense that Google takes care of its own.

Is this just the come-back of good ol' fashioned company loyalty, or is this something slightly different?  Why does Google do this? Seriously. I'm asking...
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