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Organizational Changers

This is a group of people focused on organizational change. Many are consultants. Some are writers and public speakers. Many work with business. Some work with social change organizations. Some have expertise in strategy, some in marketing, some in other fields of expertise, but all have some interest in changing the way organizations work.

Two requests: 
1) If you're in this circle, and this isn't your thing, please let me know. It's still very much a work in progress. I try my best to be accurate in my assessments of people's interests, but I'm far from perfect. 

2) If you know of someone (including yourself) who is into organizational change and is not in this circle, please let me know. I'm trying to keep this a useful circle for connecting with people who share an interest in this area. It's not a popularity contest. So please use your discretion. Thanks. 
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+Gideon Rosenblatt I would not mind being added into the circle if I meet the criteria.  Just a bit of background.  I am the founder of +4-means LLC, and our purpose is to eliminate poverty and financial oppression by utilizing social-responsible business practices.   Our first initiative is too provide #SMB s with #BA  services focused on utilizing #SaaS  solutions to increase earnings.  The hope is that the owners will reinvest the earnings....  
I've shared this a couple of times, Gideon. Some of the finest thinkers in the community are in this circle. Proud to be included!
This is actually a brand-new circle, +Meri Walker - first time I've shared this particular one, which is why I'm trying to work out some of the kinks. 
I think +Peter Vander Auwera (in charge of innovation/change at SWIFT), +Venessa Miemis (studies/blogs about Future of Facebook/Money/Collaboration), and +Guillaume Lebleu (how changing perceptions about money changes how societies and organizations work) would be interesting additions to this circle.
Thanks for the great recommendations, +Wolf Weber and +Manu Sporny. I've added most of your suggestions, even some of the folks who aren't active here on G+ (yet). Always hard to know whether to add folks like that, but in this case, because of the narrow scope of this circle, I'm doing it. 
+Gideon Rosenblatt  Amazing circle of "change agents". Thanks for sharing, Gideon - honoured to be included.
+Gideon Rosenblatt, after checking some of the circled people, I'm asking my self on what base you consider SEO and branding/marketing and sales as part of "organisational change"? Well at least two of the people I've added are not "public" active yet, but active with their respective circles. Because both have real expertise in their business, I thought bringing them in more circles may make them more "public" active here too.  
That's a very good question, +Wolf Weber . And also one that answer itself over time, once one sees how much 'SEO' (itself a rapidly evolving and changing field) plays a role, particularly for the smaller business, in keeping them adaptive to change in the whole social media, social business areas. 
Expanded out, one thing I have really learned here in G+, and through many of the people in this circle, what constitutes 'change agent' or 'organizational change' is itself something to keep on top of. 
Not sure which folks you're talking about specifically, +Wolf Weber, but there are a couple SEO folks who are interested in the topic of organizational change (and post about it), even though it may not be in their job title. I'm still honing this circle though, so some folks may be a bit off.

As for bringing people in by including them in circles, I totally get that, and have done that too with some other folks in the past. Some successfully - others not (at least yet). Tks again for the recommendations. 
+Gideon Rosenblatt I would love to be in this circle too. I work as a digital strategist trying to bring the winds of change to the traditional marketing. Trying because change is always tough.
Thank you for including me, +Gideon Rosenblatt .  I'm honored.  "Organizational Change" is a great label/description.

If anyone else in this circle or comment stream is interested in getting more engagement with/for their company/brand pages, please mention me directly, or follow +Higher Ground Strategies.  I'll follow you back and we can engage with our companies also.

As an incentive for getting more Google+ followers, check out this social media study from +TastyPlacement showing the impact Google+ can have on general Google search results position:

Any and all feedback is welcome.
Here is what I've come to learn about "organizational change". It takes an enormous set of diverse resources, coordinated strategies, wide sets of experiences, and a very open mind as to the how, what, when, and why any one particular organization may, or may not need for change. 
This is what makes a circle like this all the more valuable, more eyes of insight, more sets of experiences, more pieces of the elephant to be examined. 
Great initiative +Gideon Rosenblatt , glad to be included among such great folks! Looking forward to learn and share!
Just the same I think this is is a great meeting point for global, cross cultural collaborations.  Cheers everybody from Israel :)
+Gideon Rosenblatt thanks for including me here, one of the best (because most tightly focused) Shared Circles I have seen in a while. If only we had a "shared location" here on Google+ to drive forward the discussion in a deliberately iterative, confluent way...

You might wish to include +Daniel Estrada for his deep and varied  #attentioneconomy  interests.
I am quite honoured to be included in this circle .... wondering how many others from the UK are in here. This could make material coming over the web much more relevant and stimulating. Thanks for taking the first step Gideon!
Quite honoured too to be included here !! Thanks !!
Thank you Gideon  for including me in this group.
To answer your recent question: I'd say that  understanding and dealing "organization culture" and "not invented here" are two of the toughest barriers I have faced in the past. This is true especially when working to introduce new technology into the organization's workflow.
In case anyone is interested, I just posted a share on Nokia's quarterly earnings disaster, and the related question (in a curation comment of mine) why Nokia could not react to the iPhone in time:

Internal complexity overwhelming an organization, of which massive, outsized R&D spending ($40B over the past decade!) is but a symptom, one that we are also familiar with in the case of MSFT. The organization can no longer focus its efforts profitably and succumbs to the Paradox of Choice among other things...


This, as well as research/thinking into the related Innovator's Dilemma, and how Apple/Steve Jobs largely managed to hack it for Apple are a few of my favorite things... ;)
Thanks for the suggestions and feedback everyone. I've added most of the recommendations you've given. +Anton van den Berg, you're already in it (you made it easy for me when I first circled you - by having a nice, clear profile page). 
Oh, and btw, I just want to second +Alex Schleber 's suggestion for +Daniel Estrada . Deep thinker, pushes the boundaries of how to think of organizational systems. 
+Antoine Carriere It's quite an eye-opener, isn't it?  I've read some of that guy's stuff before, so a lot of that was just re-hashed.  Before I started reading him, it never even occurred to me how MS buying Skype to counter Google had the ironic side-effect of making it basically impossible for them to counter Google.
Looking forward to the discussions here. Fascinating group
Gideon, thank you for raising my awareness on this circle.  I am definitely interested in ideas  that will help shiftn large groups.
+Gideon Rosenblatt, I would like to suggest that what this circle (as well as the Google Page created yesterday by +Paul Simbeck-Hampson) is about is our collective interest in creating a CoIN, or Collaborative Innovation Network.

Since Dr. +Peter Gloor is the one that "coined" that term (pun intended), I would suggest that he be added to this circle as well.  Here is the link to one of his books that is highly relevant to this effort.

This is a video of Peter talking about his research around CoINs.
Swarm Creativity: At the Heart of It All
+Jim Hays, thanks for the introduction to +Peter Gloor and his COiN framework. It resonates nicely with some of my own thinking and writings about networks. I've added Peter (and you, of course) to the circle. It's interesting that this circle includes a number of network-oriented folks. 
Thanks +Paul Simbeck-Hampson (and +Jim Hays) for the connection with +Harold Jarche. I'll check his blog (and most likely add to my RSS reader...

Can't tell about Jon from his G+ page, but I added him anyway on your recommendation, Paul. This is where circle shares become really useful undertakings in terms of finding people with shared interests. 
That it was, +Gideon Rosenblatt ! Glad to have more finely curated some of these ideas with you, so the natural overlaps of each our efforts are easier to see. 
Wow, +Jim Hays , those are extremely rich additions!
+Jon Husband 's work on Wirearchy is very well worth deeper exploration -      The +Internet Time Alliance , +Jay Cross 's close team, are a fundamental inspiration to my work, I was honoured to be asked to join the ITA as an associate in early 2011 - it has given me the opportunity to learn from and work with some of the world's best minds on the topics we are all interested in. As we're on the topic, your circle would also benefit from the other ITA principles +Jane Hart +Charles Jennings and +Clark Quinn all of whom are pushing the limits and generously sharing their knowledge. I would also recommend that others view the link below and spend some time exploring the ITA archives (see the Insights link, blog and tag index - top bar) - Finally, thanks to +Jim Hays for his mention of my infant Google Page, I've been looking through your timeline here on G+ and am already very thankful for the new connection, we have many very obvious touch points. Perhaps in the not so distant future we could arrange a Hangout session, would be fun.
I'm looking through those links, +Paul Simbeck-Hampson , those are some terrific resources!
I can see having a dedicated organizational change/adaptation HO roundtable discussions. 
If done in the HOA, a pretty rich collection for YouTube could be built up. 
+Gregory Esau Agree - +Roger Schank (another for the circle) is doing some great work with video capture (Corporate Memory) in organisations. The idea of capturing experience in a structured way based on specific solutions required for specific problems is a very smart way to capture the skills required for the next generation - it paves the way for future survival. Start here to learn more about what Roger is doing... - I'm inspired by his current work (but also by his entire story) and was especially lucky enough to meet him in London a few years ago when we were both presenting at a conference.
Wow! I like that--a lot
::more circling and knowledge mining::
Dear Gideon, I signed up for this group because I have a background in OD and because I think it is really important that we learn to help make breakthroughs  within the corporate arena. However, I feel that I would slow you down in getting to your destination.  For your  sake, I am going to opt-out and hope once in a while to know what you have come up with. Sincerest best wishes for your success. What you are doing is really important.
Hi +Rebecca Field. Thanks for your note. Sorry not to respond to your original note above. I went to your profile but because you haven't filled it out yet, it makes it very hard for folks to know who you are. I'd strongly recommend doing that as a first step if you're planning on becoming more active here on Google+. And for what it's worth an OD background might well be perfect for a group like this...
Hi +Gideon Rosenblatt I wouldn´t mind being part of this circle as an advocate of organizational change and responsible entrepreneurship. Most of all however I was looking for someone with keywords like change and social etc. but I can´t remember his name and he is not in your circle. 
I´m after someone who is into supply chains, carbon footprint etc. so if anyone has a hint, please put it into a comment or DM me. 
Ah, thanks to a post by +Jeff Jockisch I found the missing name: Jason Hurtado Daniels. Apparently he disappeared from G+. Very strange as I read all his posts and he seemed to do fine except for some conflict between his work load and his G+ presence. 
good lord, +Max Huijgen you are right, his profile suddenly disappeared, how can that be? He was here just the other day!
+Susanne Ramharter This is just guesswork but I think he was undergoing through some tough times in terms of work and finding the time to be here. 
oh dear,  I'm sorry to hear it - he had so many interesting thoughts and posts - he will be missed.
Thank you +David Amerland, for letting me know.
Good point here +Max Huijgen. I'd not noticed the absence of +Jason until you mentioned it just now. Strange, he has certainly disappeared into an Oregonian black hole. +Gregory Esau... Any ideas on Jason's whereabouts?
I think that Jason dropped a note a few months back mentioning that he would be laying low for a while, but it's strange that there's no trace of his profile now. +Max Huijgen, are you looking for Jason specifically or just someone with that background? 
Hmmm.His last activity on Twitter dates from July9th, same as FB and I believe G+. Profile disappeared only on G+
Someone with a background in carbon footprint, responsible supply chains, fair trade, etc. Preferably with some knowledge of the American view and market +Gideon Rosenblatt 
+Colin Lucas-Mudd , I do not know what happened to Jason, but I do know his contract dad come up, so he may just focusing hard on new employment opportunities. G+ can be a major distraction!
(I could have looked, I suppose...)

It is an impressive roster! 
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