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Chatbots are far more revolutionary than they seem...

This is my latest article, just published in Chatbots Magazine on Medium.

For those wondering about what all the fuss is about chatbots - and particularly Facebook's latest moves in this area - this piece is for you. For those who care about the future of business and particularly those who like to think about the future of organizations, I think you will really like this. Chatbots represent a coming change in the way that humans "interface" - or connect - with organizations.

Oh, and did I mention the Internet of Things? Because that's a big part of this story. Chatbots like what are now emerging in Facebook's Messenger are...well, they're absolutely key to the way you will talk to your toaster...

#chatbots #artificialintelligence #iot  

Just off the top of mind, a few people who might enjoy this:
+Gregory Esau, +Teodora Petkova, +Zara Altair, +John Verdon, +John Kellden, +David Amerland, +Joe Repka, +Daniel Estrada, +David Fuchs, +Darius Gabriel Black, +John Hagel.

Chatbots: the shaky, first steps of a revolution in our relationship with organizations and their products and services.
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Aren't they "the same idea but different" to Siri?
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Gideon Rosenblatt

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Pretty remarkable imagery with Artistic Style Transfer. Where do we draw the lines around creativity?

HT +Andrew Kidoo 
Artistic Style Transfer For Videos
Graphics research from the University of Freiburg Computer Vision group have adapted the artistic Style Transfer method for video / moving image to great effect.
More Here:
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I think there's a certain amount of tribalism associated with human creativity too. In the future AI will have more of a say. But will humans support their creations once humans take their hands off?
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Gideon Rosenblatt

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Why Open AI Matters

Here's +Miguel Rodriguez talking about why the Open AI project, founded by Elon Musk and others, is so important. Miguel happens to refer to some of the points in my talk in Singapore last month to support his point. I'm glad it resonated with him, particularly because he's right on about the need for projects like Open AI.

Key point:
The big players in the Deep Learning revolution are unexpectedly the big software companies that we all know: Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Baidoo. And while the current tenor among the Artificial Intelligence community is to share all they work on, it is not clear that:
A) They will keep doing it
B) They are really sharing everything.

Good points. It's always good to have a backup. 
You probably have read about it. Elon Musk calling Artificial Intelligence our biggest existential threat. Bill Gates an…
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wow !... great work !!...
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Gideon Rosenblatt

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Do Animals Dream?

I was in the depths of writing today and stumbled up on a question: do animals dream?

Having seen my fair share of leg twitching while watching dogs sleep, I assumed so, but I just couldn't let this sleeping dog of a question lie. 

It turns out, rats, cats and even squids seem to exhibit signs like Rapid Eye Movement (REM) while sleeping, and when this has been suppressed in cats (I don't want to know how), the cats started exhibiting behavior like arching their backs, stalking prey and getting in fights - all while they were sleeping. 

I'd assumed mammals dreamed, but it's thought-provoking to consider that squids seem to exhibit similar signs of dreaming. Squids and other cephalopods are highly intelligent creatures, but how far down the evolutionary stack might these signs of some sort of dreaming activity extend? 

Also, just because these animals are exhibiting REM signals doesn't necessarily mean that they're dreaming in the way we humans experience dreaming. Cracking that nut, to understand their experience is going to be tough (if not impossible, without actually becoming a rat - or even a squid). 
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My doggie be having nightmares sometimes ..I don't know what he"s dreaming but I know he's dreaming about something
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Gideon Rosenblatt

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The Coming Chat Bot Revolution A pretty good overview of what's happening with the coming chat bot revolution.  It breaks my heart that the promise of chat bot technology is getting locked up in proprietary messaging services like Facebook's Messenger, Slack, etc. I'm hoping that a big player like Google will disrupt this by targeting chat bot technology at plain old SMS. 

Yeah, yeah, I know it'll be missing all the bells and whistles of the kinds of forms and interactivity of what Facebook will be able to do - initially at least. But dammit, we should be trying to keep this next wave of innovation as open as possible so that multiple AI solutions can target the same SMS client. 

OK. I'll stop my ranting now. ;)
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I'm just being the idealist, +Michael Laird, wishing that we were able to have an open system that enabled for more freedom over the long-haul. 
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Gideon Rosenblatt

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Great Overview of Adoption of Machine Intelligence by Businesses

Companies are now re-orienting and re-organizing themselves to better understand how machine learning will change the way they work. At the same time, artificial intelligence developers are learning how to translate what to now has largely been algorithm-speak into the language of business: solutions. These are two of the ways that machine learning, over this last year, has started to make its way into businesses.

Another trend highlighted in this piece is the increased application of machine intelligence into particular industries. Another way of saying that in business speak is "vertical applications." And we're just getting started.

One of the best parts of this article by Shivon Zilis is the infographic (see below, but click through to the article for the larger image). It lays out some of the verticals as well as the "horizontal" platform investments necessary for machine intelligence to fully embed itself in business.

Definitely a worthwhile read.

#machineintelligence #machinelearning #business #artificialintelligence

Autonomous systems and focused startups among major changes seen in past year.
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It's an excellent point, +Andre Amorim. I'm not sure I'd fully made the connection back to open data and its importance until you made this connection just now. Absolutely critical. Andrew Ng's analogy of processing power being the engine and data being the fuel seems very apt to mention here. 
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Gideon Rosenblatt

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Artificial Intelligence to help protect the planet.
The National Science Foundation unleashes A.I. against criminals
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Gideon Rosenblatt

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The Decline of Social Networks

Good piece by +Mike Elgan on the slowing of the social network, as opposed to social media. 

Confusion about the difference between social networking and social media is why most people haven't noticed the decline of social networking. People don't stop to think about the difference.

Social networking is personal content. Social media is professional content.

social networking is being outrun by a universe of professional attention-grabbers.

Twitter last week reportedly recategorized itself in Apple's App Store. The company removed its app from the "social networking" category and put it into the "news" category.

If one were listening closely to Twitter, even way back, it was clear that they were actually well aware of this social network vs. social media distinction: they called themselves a "real-time information network."

There's good nuance in this piece about the evolution of Facebook as well. 

Thanks for flagging this one, +Denis Labelle.
I'm calling it: Social networking is over

(Read my column )

And just like that, social networking is no more. The sites formerly known as social networks are pivoting to something else.

It was great while it lasted, but social networking is going away.

A few years ago, social networking was the center of the known universe. “Social” served as linguistic pixie dust that magically transformed any boring old thing into something relevant.

Call me Debbie Downer, but I'm here to tell you that those days are over.

Here's who's killing social networking and why:

#socialnetworking #facebook #socialmedia

(Photo shows an art piece by the Cuban artist Kcho, animation taken with permission of the Kcho museum.)

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Maybe Dunbar had it write and will always have it right in what our brains can handle with social contacts. 
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Gideon Rosenblatt

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Rapid Eye Movement Found in Reptile Sleep

This week, I've been thinking about dreams, and how far back they go in our evolutionary history. Research being released today finds REM cycles in reptiles, which suggests that it goes back to our amniote ancestors (the common ancestor mammals share with birds and reptiles).

But do reptiles actually dream?

_In humans, REM sleep is closely associated with dreaming. So do Australian dragons dream? There's no way to be sure right now, Laurent said. The answer may also depend on how you define dreaming. Under a strict definition in which dreaming requires higher cognition, the answer might be no. But if dreaming were defined as a replay of brain activity during sleep that resembles brain activity during wakefulness, lizards might well dream, Laurent said._
Researchers studying Australian dragons decided to let their brain recordings run overnight "just to see what would happen"
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Hwo r u
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Gideon Rosenblatt

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“That’s what is exciting here, because maybe this mechanism appeared really early in the history of life,” Boisseau said to the Los Angeles Times. “Probably learning abilities evolved first, before the evolution of neurons and nervous systems.”

HT +Paulo Silveira​
Maybe our big ol’ brains aren’t so special after all.
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+Igor Merkulow I'm not sure what that means but ok.....I do have a parachute I carry in my back pocket.
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Gideon Rosenblatt

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Just in case you want a cool looking poster that explores the Mandelbrot set. This is what I love about people: that one us would make something like this.
billtavis: I just completed the finishing touches on my new poster, a detailed map of the Mandelbrot Set in a vintage style. I’m calling it the Mandelmap. The Mandelbrot Set is a fractal shape with infinite detail that you can zoom in on. I often explore the Mandelbrot Set to find trippy patterns to create gifs with, but when I started I felt like I was just poking around at random. So I wanted to create a printed guide for myself to fin...
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So very very interesting.
Tanks too much
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Gideon Rosenblatt

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Bearcat urine doesn’t just smell like buttered popcorn, it's made from the exact same chemical compound.
It’s no surprise that nature has come up all kinds of unique scents to increase an organism's chances of survival. These scents are usually horrible - Exhibit A: skunk, Exhibit B: the infamous corpse flower that, as its name implies, smells...
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Perhaps they will be so distracted by the buttery goodness that they will not want to bother the bearcat, +Adreana Langston. And by the way, that bearcat is a pretty cute animal. 
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