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Science News (Pop Sci)  - 
I am getting ready to travel with my son, who has a bit of motion sickness usually - especially in cars. So I was wondering if the old popular cure, ginger, really helps with motion sickness?
Answer: NO!
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+Gianmario Scotti
I believe both.  The mind is part of the body, and Soul is something separate.  I view it as a Soul having a body, not as most do that the body has a soul.
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I have no suitable words to express how wonderful this would be. If Munich does build this highway system for cyclists, it will become one of the most desirable cities in the world, for me.
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There are a bunch of good cities: Eugene, Santa Clara, Portland.  It's still a kind of crappy country, and if I had viable options elsewhere I'd be pursuing them.
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As water shortages start to bite, China is transitioning away from rice and wheat and towards potato cultivation.
Once seen as food for the poor, the humble potato is being pushed in China as a tasty, nutritious part of any meal as the world's most populous country struggles with water shortages and looks for
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But you only hear about drought.  Seriously.  
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Gianmario Scotti (Mario)

Science Bytes (Memes, Cartoons, Images)  - 
This is a short video of a record player's needle scanning a groove, captured by a scanning electron microscope (SEM). The vinyl itself looks white because it's non-conductive and so it is charged by the electrons bombarding the surface.  People who use SEM often, know that it is important to make the sample conductive (usually by sputtering a thin film of chromium or gold), otherwise the charging will cause the image to be too bright and details become invisible.

Anyway, you know the meme: "we heard you like scanning...".
thecreatorsproject: “Ever wondered what spinning vinyl looks like under a microscope? ”
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Frying food in lard or butter is much healthier than frying in sunflower, corn or rapeseed oil. Generally, avoid oils rich in poly-unsateruated fats for frying.

As a disclaimer of sorts, let me say that I love butter.
Olive oil or sunflower? That is the question.
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Ok thanks for that! Now I can scientifically use butter all the time. And do more physical activity to avoid to become fat because of the butter :D
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Too many middle and top layer managers are doing nothing but impeding the work of those whom they are supposed to manage. They try to look busy and justify their paycheck. 
BTW, this "just do something to justify one's paycheck" is a phenomenon that is destroying a lot of perfectly good software and apps.
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There is research that shows how intelligent people are more likely to change their minds when presented with contradicting evidence. In the Tim Hunt lynch, as the truth started bubbling up and ever more massive holes in the accounts of his detractors started to appear,  a few of Hunt's detractors have now apologized for jumping the gun. David Kroll from Forbes is one of those people.
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+Fen D mobs scare me, too, but sometimes one must choose the right side even when it's the losing side.
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I have decided that the last Windows OS I will ever install and probably even use, is Windows 7. After I've had a whiff of Windows 8.x I felt that I don't want to have anything to do with that breed, or whatever abomination Microsoft thinks I am obligated to use.
One option is to seriously consider Linux. In that vein, what is, in your opinion, the best non-systemD Linux distribution?
"But why do you not want systemD?" That's my business.
"But systemD works fine for me." Good for you.
"But this one Linux distro with systemD is so great." Fine - I don't care.
"But why don't you ...." Because.
"But this here non-systemD distro is really nice and it's not in the list." OK, I'm listening; tell me more.
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Vector Linux
Manjaro OpenRC
Gentoo Linux
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+KENNETH UDUT  you bring some interesting perspective.
Regarding Win 10: I am not sure I can sanely use it. If it decides to update while I am right in the middle of doing something, I would lose it. Seriously. An operating system is perfectly useless for a person like me. Win 10 is an OS that is the furthest removed, ever, from "I can make it do what I want" philosophy.
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The ISIS is not just a "barbaric" movement - it is the worst humankind has ever produced. People who can do this to children are not human, they are some kind of extremely dangerous lifeform that should be destroyed as soon as possible. The destruction should also be complete and memorable, something we will remember in the history books as an existential threat that humankind has dealt with.

Warning: the link contains images of toddlers that have been beheaded by ISIS militants, and other atrocities. If you're a parent you will find this very difficult to behold, but perhaps it is important to see anyway - we shouldn't be oblivious to ISIS' lack of human attributes.
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They should be completely and utterly destroyed by any means. But I am not sure another group of equal ecil would not arise 
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Good news! The winds of change are stronger than I thought.
Great job Oregon! 
Oregon adults will be able to legally purchase recreational marijuana beginning Oct. 1, about a year earlier than had been expected. Gov. Kate Brown (D) signed a law on Tuesday allowing the sale of recreational marijuana in existing medical marijuana dispensaries, starting just three months ...
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I think the ubiquity of use, the increased interest in personal freedom, and widespread resentment of the perceived injustice of draconian drug laws are the major drivers.
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I loved this movie very much, and in fact, it gets better the more I watch it.
"Du levande" makes great fun of a depressing reality - the reality that life is fundamentally without purpose, and sometimes miserable. And still you can laugh your ass off - so maybe that's  the whole point?
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Some great classical music from my home country - and it's not Sibelius, for a change.
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+rare avis thanks - maybe you will like this, also:
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