The Inbounder 2016 - The best Inbound Marketing Conference in Europe

One day you will wake up and all your dreams will be a reality.
The Powerhouse European SEO +Gianluca Fiorelli opened his eyes on Thursday (May 19,2016) morning and his dream of a conference where knowledge flows like a river opened doors for the first time.
Sleepless nights, cans of coffee and a sea of worries all came to an end.

The best ever European Digital Marketing Conference is a fact.

Organised by a man with a vision for legacy and entrepreneurship this conference surpassed all expectations.

Two days of intense learning with some of the best speakers from all over the world. You could see the wisdom flying in the air (unless of course those were hallucinations coming from the +SEMrush  drinks/girls. +Olga Andrienko, Kate Makulova, thank you very much for you never ending smile and light refreshments). You could sense that a lot of rankings will be skyrocketing from now on fueled by the knowledge shared by the digital marketing elite at this conference.

Some of the best presentations:

+Marcus Tandler – Welcome to Reality
+Fernando Maciá Domene – Customer journey analysis and search scenarios
+Gemma Muñoz – Evolve or Die (all evolution is born from disobedience)
+Will Critchlow – Emerging Trends in Web #Marketing
+Wil Reynolds – Go where the users are, building a holistic SERP strategy
+Bas van den Beld – How to create the right content at the right time to the right audience
+Kieran Flanagan – Lessons Learnt from Building a Growth Team
for Inbound Marketing
+Barbara Mackey – Onsite search: empathy in the fashion world
+Valentina Falcinelli – Content Design. How to win the skimming test
+Samantha Noble – Dominating the Paid Media Universe
+Lisa Myers – Go big or go home. Successful content marketing for SEO
+Nathalie Nahai – Web Psychology: The science of online persuasion
+Aleyda Solis – Competitive #SEO Analysis: How to identify
opportunities and win your competitors.
+Gianluca Fiorelli – Deconstructing Google: practical insights of
its patents
+Rand Fishkin – Fight Back Against Back

Meanwhile, let’s not forget the crowd. I saw people like +Dawn Anderson, +Arnout Hellemans, Eddie Gonzales, +Mark Scully – to name but a few – wandering around. Each one of those people could have been on the stage. Each of those people should probably be on the stage next year.

We all had an amazing time. We all gained so much knowledge and insights straight from the source. If you ever wanted to be somewhere close to the people currently shaping the digital fashion in the world this was your best chance.
I hope you managed to talk to them. I hope you managed to have a selfie with them. And most of all I hope you managed to scribble all the tips they gave you.

Do we want more? Well, we are all human beings, and on top of that, we are marketers. Let’s push Gianluca for 3 days (Huston/+Arnout Hellemans we have a problem – there is not enough beer in town). Let’s add the rest of the digital marketing elite like +David Amerland, +Mark Traphagen and +Eric Enge to the mix. Let’s have +Google in the face of +Gary Illyes or +John Mueller  answer some of our questions (of course, I am talking about Q&A sessions).
Let’s extend the legacy of this wonderful idea.

Hasta la vista amigos! I know you all had a good time and you all coming back next year.

See you soon.
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