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Giacomo Torti
E' la volontà che fa l'uomo grande o piccolo.
E' la volontà che fa l'uomo grande o piccolo.

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Now you can stream the new #bloodtruth single "Peste Noire" in exclusive via #NoCleanSinging!

Have a little taste of what you can expect from our 2nd full lenght!

Enjoy! :)

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Many thanks to Dead Rethoric for this great review!
#ade is maching on

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Ave Legions!

This is the first episode of a two-part video focused on the making of Carthago Delenda Est.
Our purpose is to share with you all our perspective on the new album and show you something of our adventure at Overload Music Production.

"Get ready... The empire is calling you!"

Carthago Delenda Est is already available for pre-order

Street date: 15th July 2016 via +Xtreem Music

#ade #deathmetal  

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Big news from ADE!

The legions are going to cross again the gates of #Ade .
"CARTHAGO DELENDA EST", our third studio album, will focus on the Punic Wars and on the dualism between Rome and Carthage to hold the dominion of the Mediterranean.

The album will be recorded, mixed and mastered at #OverloadMusicProduction by the duo Riccardo Studer / Alessio Soup and will be published and distributed worldwide by Dave Rotten's #XtreemMusic in this late summer. Artwork by Luca Tarlazzi and graphic designing by #LumièPictures.

Current line up:
Traianvs: Vocals
Fabivs: Guitars
Caligvla: Bass
Nero: Guitars
Commodvs: Drums


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It's a big honor for me to join the #Ade empire as a session member!
I'll be recording their new album and I'll be playing the shows that will follow as well!
This will be challenging ;)

Check out "Duelling the Shadow of Spartacus" off the last album Spartacus!

#axisPercussion #serialDrummer #deathMetal #drums #drumming

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Everybody check #MaxCavalera interview on #MusicRadar
We're so proud to be mentioned as one of the modern italian death metal band he likes together with #HourOfPenance!

Thank you so much Max!

#Bloodtruth #BrutalDeathMetal

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With the mighty #Abbath !

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Enter the page, hit the thumb!

‪#‎BrutalDeathMetal‬ ‪#‎Bloodtruth‬ ‪#‎UniqueLeaderRec‬
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