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When you're thinking about building a mobile website vs app, consider this:

In an analysis of 46 million page views from mobile devices on Skava’s clients’ mobile Web sites and apps, including Gap, Staples, Macy’s and Toys “R” Us, the company found that the mobile Web accounted for 97 percent of retail sales from mobile devices on Black Friday while apps accounted for just 3 percent.

Note this is sales not just browsing. 

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Google Webmaster Tools just started sending out e-mail alerts to owners of websites with critical #mobile #usability issues.
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In vino veritas.

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Presentazione aggiornata: Le opportunità di +CercaVino per chi vende #vino  online
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Locale-aware crawling by Googlebot

Today we're taking our first small steps to support crawling, indexing, and ranking of locale-adaptive pages. 

What are these? A locale-adaptive page is one that changes its response based on the perceived geographic location or language preference of the visitor. For example, a page may dynamicaly serve different content to users in the USA and Canada on the same URL, or may block access from a some countries, or may respond differently based on the visitors Accept-Language header.

Today Googlebot gets two new capabilities:

1. Geo-distributed crawling, where you may start seeing real (verifiable!) Googlebot user-agents crawling from IP addresses that appear to be coming from outside the USA.

2. Language-dependent crawling, where Googlebot may set different Accept-Language headers in the HTTP request.

A few important points:

1. We still (very strongly) recommend having separate URLs for different locales and using rel-alternate-hreflang annotation for them. Separate URLs are better for users, and that's what really counts. Locale-aware crawling is for the few edge cases where it's not possible for you to have separate URLs.

2. It's early days and the countries that Googlebot will appear to come from and the Accept-Language headers it may try do not cover all combinations of countries and languages around the world. Also, we will continue to tweak things as we build out this feature. This is another reason to have separate URLs.

3. Locale-aware crawling gets enabled algorithmically if we detect your site may benefit from it. You don't need to do anything :)

Dig in more:

1. rel-alternate-hreflang:
2. Blog post:
3. Help Center about locale-aware crawling:
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If you’re using a common website software or a content management system (CMS), chances are there’s already documentation to make your site #mobilefriendly. In many cases, sites will automatically be mobile-friendly, so you may not even have to do anything.

If your site's not mobile-friendly yet, see if the software or platform you're using is listed in our CMS guide. We created step-by-step tutorials to go mobile-friendly for some common CMSs: .

If you have your own tips, don’t see your CMS listed, or know of documentation for other platforms, let us know in the comments below or on our webmaster forum:
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The "app gap" and why you need a mobile website even if you have an app

The IAB has a new study that any mobile marketer and developer (app or web) needs to read:

It speaks about what they call the "app gap" which is an interesting observation I've been thinking about: when you measure how much time people spend in apps vs mobile web, we see massively skewed numbers towards apps. But ask people what they think they're doing and the numbers are not skewed. What's going on?

Read the study. It's full of gems and insights. A few of my favorites:

1. How easy it is to complete a task is one the top reasons people choose an app or a mobile website. In pretty much every talk I've given about the mobile web, I've said focus on task completion. My buzzword is task completion parity, usually comparing mobile and desktop sites. The same exact concept comes up with apps. 

2. Social and search apps are the front-door of the mobile web (slide 18 and elsewhere): "IAB believes that another driver of the app/web perception disparity is that mobile internet users browse mobile websites while in non-browser apps." They dig into this and find it's most likely to be a big factor (slide 19).

This brings up a very important point. Take an app like Reddit's alien blue. When you click on a link, you stay in the app and get a new pane with the webpage. So although I'm in an app, I'm accessing the web. PLEASE make it mobile friendly so that it works on my tablet or phone regardless if I'm holding the device in portrait or landscape.
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Responsive web design is Google’s recommended configuration when creating a #mobilefriendly site. With responsive web design, all devices get the same code and the same URLs, but the layout of the page changes based on the device.

To make sure that Google knows that a page using responsive design is mobile-friendly, configure your site so that all Googlebot user agents are allowed to crawl the page and its assets (CSS, JavaScript, and images).

Find more details on our developers site:

If responsive web design isn’t right for your site, no problem! We also understand dynamic serving and separate mobile URLs, which we’ll talk about more later this week.
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Il "TIME" ha nominato "persone dell'anno" gli Ebola Fighters, le persone che stanno combattendo contro Ebola in Africa: un riconoscimento che sottolinea, ancora una volta, l'importanza del nostro lavoro. Un riconoscimento che va soprattutto ai nostri colleghi che stanno lavorando ogni giorno in ...
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