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In our forthcoming book, we have focused on a constructive and holistic conception of peace. Publication is scheduled for later in 2018. More information in due course on

Peace has positive attributes and is not a mere absence of violence and war. Peace is intrinsic to human well-being and flourishing and consists in a person’s awareness and appreciation of his or her life’s processes, activities and experiences as (non-instrumentally) valuable. Likewise, peacefulness is to a person perceiving the self as having intrinsic value as such. Spiritual peace lies in identifying oneself and others as human and relating to oneself and others from this ‘I’ identification. Peace is essential to all aspects of human life that involve conflict and can mute aggressive tendencies in conflict. Peace is fundamentally relational, including an interconnection between human world, natural world and the spiritual realm. In interpersonal relationships, peacefulness is expressed in various forms of humanization; in the myriad ways to be regarding other people as equally and non-derivatively valuable as oneself. Likewise, in socio-economic and political systems, peaceful structure reflects a respect for such irreducible and dignified humanness. As peacefulness is constituted in a spiritual aspect of human experience, peace contains self-transcendence as part of human development and pursuit of well-being. Self-transcendence flows from human proactivity with structural influence.

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An important goal of the GHFP’s work is to understand how education can enable individuals to live a more meaningful life. We are particularly interested in exploring the educational values, principles and practices necessary for nurturing the growth of…

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Spirit of Humanity Forum to integrate love, respect, solidarity and compassion into our decision-making, driving systemic change in our organisations and communities.

3rd Spirit of Humanity Forum, 'Caring for a World in Transition'. Building a Foundation for a Loving and Peaceful world. Reykjavik, Iceland. The Spirit of Humanity Forum is a global network of organizations, communities and individuals committed to help…

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The ethical educational project is about constructing ethical spaces that are relevant for students’ current experiences in schools and for our world today. In particular, we need more creative language to talk about this kind of education. We need to give names to these ethical spaces and work with teachers, students and others to co-create them.

An absorbing discussion took place this week in Sussex with distinguished colleagues around the scope and potential of ethical education and ethical relationships in our schools. The participants and contributors of the seminar are distinguished scholars…
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