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Today at 3PM (Kenyan time), Mike Sonko, MP for Makadara running for senator will join us LIVE in a Google Hangout video discussion with the Glass House. Join Mike, Mbusii and Linda in the forum tent at Hilton square or watch the discussion online right here on the Serious Request Google Hangout!
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Bravo Linda, Mbusii and Mike Sonko. Niko nanyi hadi mwisho online, Dubai iko locked! Play me Any of LUCKY DUBES' HITS plz
my shout out to all wells Fargo staffs wherever they are. Wadediketie SINA RAHA BY SAM.
Mbusii play my requests pliz. Fb kunajam unikumbuke hapa google plus.
Rhodah Mukhwana here am waiting 4 ma request Mbusii, leo fb nimesare.
Serious Request 2012 getting hotter by the day...
I love what you guys are doing....
Has the hangout started? I cant find the link to listen in
Sonko's Facebook says the hangout starts at 4.00 and here I see you say 3.00. If you cant decide on the time. How can you guys decide on solving issues?
I am really looking forward to hear his story so guys, where is the link? Ama it hasn't started yet? [4.22pm]
Josh frm buru ako lckd na nyinyi since day 1 bg up a bonoko deh,
yap! congrates mr for ur beta job. you diserve honour and let other leaders follow your soot.
God bless you and keep on.....

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