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Drone Wars - Laser Tag & Obstacle Course

Would you like to dogfight with your #drone? How about race down an obstacle course where you have to fire at targets?

#droneracing #drones
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Probate court to decide fate of Prince's estate |

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Six Recruiting Tips to Hiring Better

What are your worst recruiting stories.
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Meeting Agendas Templates with Text Docs

Repurpose your Text Docs for meeting agendas. 

Meeting Title: 


- Add checkboxes for items you discussed
- Add notes to agenda items
       (space under each agenda item for notes on that item, and font should be different to stand out)
- Assigne agenda items, or tasks (notes) to resources and to-do lists

Now during a meeting, everyone can see the agenda, iterate through the agenda items, checking them off when discussed, answer questions / taking notes, and assign tasks and place agenda items into to-dos all within Text Docs. 

Added bonus: 
- Move agenda items to next weeks meeting

This creates a new Meeting Agenda Text Doc for the following week. (animation of Basecamp guy kicking the can down the road lol) 

- Sign offs

Ability for principles to sign off on To-Do lists. Developer marks to-dos done, then project manager, program manager marks to-do list completed. 

Could use this for principles to sign-off on designs, documents, and other assets. 

- Child To-Do List

Quality Assurance (parent list)

        Create Test Scripts (child list)
              Broken link script (to-do)
              Web application script (to-do)
              Forms scripts (to-do)

         Defects (child list)
               Defect 1 (to-do)
               Defect 2 (to-do)

- Ability to reorder To-Do Lists

This may seem needless, but I like good hierarchy, and adding a to-do list in-flight, but out of order may be confusing. Think waterfall. 

- Document check in/out & lock
- Document versioning

Admittedly, this is much more difficult than my other suggestions, however, document management is very important. 

If I post 3 versions of a scope document I want the ability to lock the two old versions. 

Think of a document like a To-Do list, with versions as to-dos, where the last uploaded file is the master, all other become stale, but still under the master for reference. I know you can search and almost do the same, but... 
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