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Caption beautiful images on the web. Inspire your friends and followers.
Caption beautiful images on the web. Inspire your friends and followers.


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A few days ago, we officially announced our decision to rebuild Pikiz from scratch. We made this choice because we did not like how things were going and felt a need to pivot.
In this article, discover in detail the problem we've encountered, but also our solution and perspective in terms of product development.
Happy Reading :)

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The past months have been a little quiet in terms of product development at Pikiz. We can reassure you we are still there. We had just been busy working hard.
Indeed, after spending a few months talking to hundreds of you and learning from our mistakes, we realized that we needed to do things differently and better.
So we decided to re-build Pikiz from scratch. Yeah, we are doing that! There's a great story behind this decision which you can read all about by following this link.
And, stay tuned because the new version of Pikiz will completely blow your mind. 😉

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The past few months we have been busy at Pikiz. We are happy to introduce our new #features  and many other improvements. 
We hope you enjoy our new update.
Happy Pikizing
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Today, we’re very excited to announce the launch of the Pikiz WordPress plugin.
The plugin brings Pikiz easy-to-use editor in your WordPress dashboard to help you easily create stunning blog images.
In this article, discover how it works and all the features.
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Introducing Pikiz WordPress Plugin: Quickly design beautiful blog images

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Boost your marketing with images! Try Pikiz now!
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Digital Marketing Made Easy.
If all you have is 5 minutes to create a great image, #Pikiz   got you covered!
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A quick video tutorial on how to brand your images with Pikiz.

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Happy International Youth Day! You're never too young to change the World. #YouthDay2015  
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