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We've released our first book!

Its aim is to give you the knowledge and confidence to create a food blog from scratch.

It talk about the things that you might already be familiar with (e.g. social media), as well as some more technical things that you might not be familiar with (e.g. you shouldn't have just 1 blog, you should have 2-3 blogs, for testing purposes). Plus it talks about how to be a mobile food blogger, how to make a passive income, etc.

Amazon USA link: 

Amazon UK link:

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Ten years in the future, the world will be a very different place. What does that mean for us, for the design of kitchens, and the people who make them – and how will we be able to live a sustainable life at home?   

To find out, IKEA collaborated with IDEO and design students School of Industrial Design at the Ingvar Kamprad Design Centre at Lund University, and the Industrial Design department at Eindhoven University of Technology.

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This looks like a great idea from +Sainsbury's

It will help optimise the shopping experience - we like to shop, hate to queue!

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WOW! This #FoodArt would definitely impress your guests!!

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How one food blogger manages their blogging editorial calendar

As you may know, I have been writing a series of recipes related to encouraging my kids to develop their cooking and baking skills.

Each weekend we try new recipes - the girls have really developed their skills in the last 6 months.

We are always on the look out for new food bloggers to follow and I was delighted to come across +Kelly Senyei here on Google Plus thanks to the hangout hosted by +Chef Dennis Littley last week.

You can watch the episode here

It turns out that Kelly is also the author of 'Food Blogging for Dummies' which is now on my Amazon Wish List - it's in full colour too which is great as it includes food photography tips.

It was interesting to hear about Kelly's approach to her editorial and content calendar (she uses Google Calendar to support her).

She has planned her content for her food blog for the next 2 months but will make changes if something seems to be trending.

Kelly also has 3 weeks of articles already on her blog to be published, and she commented on the hangout that she will continue to test recipes right up until they are published.

Like all food bloggers you will find Kelly on many social media platforms, but I encourage you to check out her Pinterest account where you can subscribe to her own recipes from her food blog 'Just a Taste' and she has curated lots of great recipe boards - you will find her here

Learn a little about Kelly in her intro reel - which is terrific and a great example to model (not copy!) if you are a food blogger.

I've added Kelly to my Circles - and if you enjoy home cooing and are looking for new ideas to inspire your cookery, I hope you will too!

Meet Kelly Senyei, Founder of Just a Taste

#foodblogging #contentmarketing #visualcontentmarketing #editorialcalendar #contentcalendar  

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Breaking news:  this May, talented photographer +Meeta K  and I will once again be teaming up to offer a food photography and styling workshop just outside VENICE, ITALY in the heart of Prosecco country! The 2-day workshop will cover all the technical basics of food photography; principles of food styling; post-processing; and a special focus on low-light photography required for restaurant settings.  We'll also be visiting the Nino Franco Prosecco winery for an exclusive tour and tasting, as well as overdosing on excellent Italian food. Click on the link for full details and to get your ticket now! #workshop   #foodphotography   #foodstyling  

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We have just released a minor update to the free version of our recipe plugin for WordPress (

It fixes a bug that was introduced with the last update, where ingredients would be deleted if you edited a recipe.
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