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Website Design, Internet Marketing, SEO-Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Business Visibility
Website Design, Internet Marketing, SEO-Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Business Visibility


Get Found in Town With Effective and Local Online Marketing

Forget obsolete newspaper ads or guys in funny costumes standing on the street handing out flyers. With over 80% of consumers checking the internet before they visit a local shop or service company, online marketing is necessary for small business success. The internet is not only about having a global reach. It also powers your hometown economy by connecting busy consumers with businesses in their area.

Build brand recognition and trust from the first click with professional website design. Attract organic search engine traffic with up-to-date SEO practices. Optimize for local marketing in virtual space to capture the exact people who need what you have to offer.

In order to get found in town and increase foot traffic through the doors of your business, start with an online approach that uses all the best and most current techniques. Whether you run a handcrafted jewelry boutique, a plumbing service company, or a vegan cafe people are searching for you online every day. Do not miss the opportunities for greater profits through online marketing.
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It's a common misconception that online marketing only benefits e-commerce and other online businesses. The truth, however, is that it's equally beneficial for local businesses. Whether your small business operates online, locally or both, you should invest in digital marketing.

Establishing a strong online presence will attract more customers to your business. Statistics show that 53 percent of consumers for local businesses online at least once a month. Without an online presence, perhaps these consumers will choose a competitor instead of your business.

Maintaining an active online presence also builds trust and confidence in your business's target audience. Every time a customer leaves a positive review about your business, for instance, it sends a positive message to others. In fact, one study found that consumers spend 31 percent more money on businesses with excellent reviews.

The good news is that you don't have to build a website and market your small business online yourself. Get Found In Town is a leading digital marketing, seo and web design company. They'll work with you to help your business achieve a stronger online presence -- and that means more customers and sales.
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The Benefits of Choosing a Local Internet Marketing Company

When working on your website design, you need to make sure that you are taking online marketing into account. Without the use of SEO, your site isn't going to reach the right target marketing. Local marketing is very important for your small business. With the right marketing company, you can get your message in front of the potential clients or customers who will help your business grow. Marketing companies that understand your local market will be able to help you target the right areas that are needed in order to really succeed in the long run.

Finding the right marketing company can be a breeze when you know what to look for. You should always look for a marketing company that has a great track record. In our modern age, there are many places online where you can see reviews of these marketing companies. Take your time finding the best fit for your unique business needs. Pairing up with a marketing company that can provide you with amazing online marketing can take your business to the next level. Just remember, local marketing is essential to the growth of your small business. Don't miss out on the opportunities that could come your way by working with an experienced marketing company. For more information visit
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Website design and Search Engine Optimization are crucial to the success of all small businesses. The task of online marketing is what often makes or breaks a small business. For businesses that sell largely to local customers, targeting advertising and ensuring that the SEO is relevant to local customers is particularly useful.

However, these necessities are not simple to achieve. Online marketing is not an easy process, despite its ubiquity. Therefore it is preferable to hire professionals to assist in the creation of a website that effectively promotes the companies website. Sites like Get Found In Town are tremendous aids in providing SEO and having a well designed website. Professional design and online presence is incredibly valuable to building the reputation and brand of a company.

Professional solutions are by and large more effective at increasing SEO and maximizing the appeal of a company's website. Companies that specialize in targeting local customers online provide a high level of value due to the focused nature of the advertising. Small businesses are inherently high risk and the necessity to effectively market themselves and increase their brand awareness is increased. It is for this reason that professional agencies are crucial to be found.
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With so much competition going on to be found online, today, it can be difficult for most small business owners. Whether it's a lack of know-how about online marketing or simply being too busy to do it all, a large percentage of companies never show up in the search engines. When you allow us to handle your social media and blog, you get SEO experts that also know website design and local marketing tactics that will will greatly increase your chance at being found online. On top of including local references on your blog and social media channels that will help Google to find your business and index it, we can help you optimize your Google + Local listing. Small business owners who skip this step often find they are missing in the search results. We know exactly how to make sure your small business shows up on the radar of search engines, and we'll be sure to optimize your Bing Local and Yahoo Local listings as well, so you are completely up-to-date.

When you leave your social media and blogging needs in our hands, you can get back to the other things that have been sitting on your to-do list. No more spending hours doing tasks that take away your attention from where you want it to be. You can let us hand it. After all, we are online marketing pros, and we have the experience and knowledge to help you get found online.
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If you own a small business, then you know that it can be hard for people to discover you compared to larger businesses in the area. Get Found In Town can help you get information about your company to people who might need it the most. We assist with online marketing, changing the information that is displayed on your website to make your page easier to find when people are searching for the services and products that you offer. Our company works with businesses of all sizes, specializing in smaller companies because we know that they are trying to become established and grow. Contact us today to find out how we can help grow your business 941-312-1130 or
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If you're a dentist in the Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice or Lakewood Ranch area, you may be wondering how to effectively use the Internet to get more patients. Get Found In Town is a SEO and local marketing firm that has been helping small business owners develop a highly effective online presence.

In today's world, ranking highly in search engine results is crucial to the success of any local business, including dental practices. With our high-quality online marketing services, individuals looking for a dentist in your area will be more likely to find you on search engines and other online resources. This greatly increases the chances that they'll become your patients. We use a variety of techniques, such as improving your website, building and maintaining listings for your practice in relevant business directories and ensuring you have a prominent presence on social media to help you achieve your online marketing goals.

If you currently don't have a website or would like to improve the appearance and functionality of your existing one, our team of website design professionals will be happy to help you as well. All of our services are designed to get you maximum exposure in the online world, resulting in more business for you.
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In order for customers to know where you're located, it's a good decision to try to update your business information on a regular basis. Get Found In Town can help you keep everything from your phone number to your address updated so that customers and people who are looking for the services that you offer know where to find you and how to contact you. Sometimes, there are errors that might occur when others are responsible for reporting your information, which is why it's a good idea to let a local marketing or web design business check over what has been reported at least once a month. Visit our website at and find out how our services can help improve you online presence.
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Google My Business Listing now offering the option for customers to Text you!

Did you know that potential customers can now contact you via text message directly from your Google My Business Listing? This morning google announced the ability to add a phone number (must be able to send and receive text messages from the number) to your listing that will allow customers to send you a text message when they find your company on Google. Google will also keep the number they are texting private so that a cellular number will not be broadcast across the internet. This is a great way to interact with potential customers before they visit your office or storefront.

Is your company prepared to handle this? Do you need assistance in setting this feature up and using this feature to your best benefit? At Get Found In Town, an SEO and Website Development Company, we can help you with updating your Google My Business Listing, implementing the number for receiving text messages and ensuring all your company data is correct across all search engine sites. For more information visit or Text us directly at 941-312-1130.
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Are you spending your marketing dollars on the Sarasota Herald Tribune or TV advertising in Sarasota? It's time to measure your metrics!

P.F. Chang's ditched traditional ads and now the casual dining chain is outperforming its competitors:

By; Tanya Dua

Casual dining chains these days are not exactly thriving: chain restaurants have witnessed six consecutive quarters of year-over-year declines.

Not P.F. Chang’s. While others struggle, the Asian bistro chain is shoring up sales and foot traffic.

Since a management overhaul about two years ago, the chain has been on an upswing, outperforming competitors in the casual dining space by 75.6% in sales, and 81.7% in foot traffic in the first quarter in 2017, according to the APT index.

But that wasn’t always the case. When Dwayne Chambers took on the helm of the company’s marketing in late 2015, the brand was struggling: spending inefficiently on as many as 13 different agencies and consultancies without attracting an audience or getting much returns.

“It was like spending a whole lot of money planning for the trip, and very little money on the trip,” Chambers told Business Insider. “That had to fundamentally change.”

Chambers decided to overhaul the chain’s marketing with a digital focus, bringing the bulk of its creative and digital efforts in-house. It only works with three outside partners today: a media agency, a PR agency and a video production company.

“Typically only 3-6% of a company’s sales go towards marketing in the restaurant industry, and at P.F. Chang’s, it was less than 1%,” said Chambers. “At our sales being at about $1 billion, you can imagine how easy it was to eat that up. It was a no-brainer.”

The company spends $0 in traditional advertising now, according to Chambers, doing almost everything in-house. It has an internal marketing team of 30, spanning everything from creative and marketing strategy to media strategy and communications.

The restaurant chain is doubling down on data as a part of its marketing overhaul, targeting specific demographics with specific content. It has unified its rewards program, making it easy for users to sign up through whatever channel they prefer and has also been using data to inform its campaigns.

For Chinese New Year this year, for example, the restaurant chain ran a sweepstakes to attract new clients to its marketing database as well as re-engage old ones. Once someone registered, they received personalized digital surprise offers that were designed to drive them in-store. Users could also spin a Chinese New Year-themed wheel and win additional prizes.

At P.F. Chang’s, the food is made from scratch daily in every restaurant, with the chefs using all-natural meat, responsibly sourced seafood and local produce whenever possible. Each egg roll and dim sum is hand-folded and made, and even sauces are made from scratch. But that is hardly the perception that consumers have of casual dining restaurants, much less the chain.

To alter this perception, and attract existing and new consumers, the chain has also embraced a new brand message, encapsulated in the phrase "Farm to Wok."

The phrase is brought to life across its social media properties, including Facebook and Instagram, as well as an online content hub where it promotes ingredients and recipes of its signature dishes like Mongolian Beef.

The brand is going a step ahead, also investing in creating mini-documentaries around its suppliers. Last year, made a film around the Muranaka family, a third generation Japanese family that grows the green onions used in all P.F. Chang's restaurants.

Chambers insists it is just the brand trying to bring its authentic story to life, rather than pandering to changing tastes and taking a page out of the farm-to-table and clean-eating movements' playbooks.

"It's always been our story," he said. "The only difference is that now we're telling it."
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