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I totally love her videos :D

Best sentence in this video:
"e to the i to the e i o is e to the wau to the tau wau wau"

Make sure to check out her other videos, especially the series about spirals.

/via +Wolfgang Karall

Note: Comments that spoil the answer here will be deleted. If you want to know, there are several comments about this over at the YouTube video already :) Wau: The Most Amazing, Ancient, and Singular Number
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I had never even heard of this number before. Some googling ahead of me, I think.
This is wildly amazing and the video deserves more than 306 views.
+Albert Hickey I think it already got more views, this is a known issue at youtube, that the counter sometimes gets stuck at 306 before being updated to the real number.
+Gerwin Sturm I hope so. The video is fantastic.
But I'm now intrigued by why YouTube stops at 306..
Ϝ ^ (306 * Ϝ ^ (306 * Ϝ ^ (306 * Ϝ ^ (.... )))) = Ϝ

So that might be the reason...
can I go to the tau wau wau, too? The letter in Hebrew is ו - Vav in modern pronunciation. The letter functions both as a connector (the word "and" as in "האחד והשני" - the one and the other), and to convert the past tense into the future tense and vice versa as in "ויאמר vs ואמר", or in cases as the word "or". The numerical value of the letter is six, recalling the 6 spacial dimensions and the six days of the week. The form of the letter is a hook (the meaning of the word וו) or a straight line, connecting two points or dividing between them.
does anyone have some kind of proof for that? A link to wikipedia or a online available dissertation?
wow, I am so confused right now.
+Ludwig Reinmiedl you might find reading some of the comments on the youtube video enlightening :)

(But please don't spoil it here...)
hey i am very missin maths but i love it
Sorry, deleting comments that spoil the fun...
I have to admit I didn't "get it" until she got to the e^(2*pi*i) part..
Not impressed by her British pronunciation of Ptolemy.
The one she did Fibonacci numbers was awesome.
Removed my own comment since I see we don't want to spoil the fun! Everything she says is correct though!
This is THE coolest girl~
Ah. I see. The moderator is deleting comments that say what the answer is. That's a relief. It depressed me that no one seemed to know the answer. It's pretty obvious.
Wau = x^((Real part of y)-1/2) where x is any nonzero number and y is any nontrivial zero of Sum(n^-s,n=1 to infinity). (Assuming the Riemann hypothesis is true!)
its Friday, this just blew my head off..... :)
Scott L
and they say G+ is stuck in a Tech subset of GenPop
I'm coming up with nothing. Silly me. Got it now.
Wow, I just felt dumber watching that wau video.... Hahha
If you dial the number Ϝ on your phone, do you get the Most Interesting Man in the World?
Wow, I just stumbled upon a mathematical contraption..
This is AMAZING :D It's so simple once you know the answer :)
It's WAU of the best videos I've seen :D
This is retarded. Wau is a number? Sounds like another term for infinite or a "number" that ironically fits with everything.....a variable??
lol... what she says is very rythmic and she sounds like a very good singer... just sayin`, she sang a lot
I think some might say it's the loneliest number
I could just about hear Sesame Street music in the
+Meagan Bringle no, it's not fake... it's math :) (but don't worry, i didn't get it for the first time either - and i'm studying math :D)
n a wau wau here n a wau wau a wau, there a wau..everywhere a wau wau.. What the F?
e=MC^2 ..... e^Wau/(MC^2)= Wau... WOW Algebra is hard.
Wau is the loneliest number that you'll ever do.
The video was moving pretty fast, so couldnt really get what the number, until E^F/MC^2 = F^2, just gave it away. Simple Dimensional Analysis. That one should have been left out.
Eli S.
This video explains perfectly why i got an F in maths
Thank you +Gerwin Sturm for sharing this video and her youtube stream.. Some really amazing stuff she has there..
Had to watch the video a second time, but I got it now.

That's so silly.
I love it! I need a t-shirt of the derivative of e to the wau!
wau wau wau
dont know the answer at math exam? ...just do some wau at the teacher :D
My brains.

They hurt. So much.
just noticed, you cant go to infinity, as ininity doesnt have a definite value
therefore you cannot minus, add, divide or multiply infinite, therefore it cannot be a square number or have a square root
at best, youll get infinite-1, but you cannot have infinite +1, as then the original value of infinite would not be... infinite...
also, it equals 0
wau2 = wau
0 x 2=
no other number works that way xD
OK, mostly true, however, many of her definitions of Wau aren't actually Wau. They just approach Wau.
I agree with Gerwin. That is the best line in the video lol
I thought she was making it up until she wrote e^(2*i*pi)... then I thought "Awesome! She's right!". Cool.
Naim Dk
lots of nonsensical bullshit in this video, sadly.
WAU ! she is awesome !
It took me until the last example before I think I figured it out. Good video and yeah, great voice.
I think my Maths teacher used to smoke Wau.
im confused but pretty awesome!!!!!
I don't get it, but she sure sounds sexy...
imma check this out in 10 !! dun get low on tha list :P
You need to get out more young lady. Wau doesn't really matter in life :-)
I am a software developer: how could Wau serve me in my job ? hahaha
Wau-to-the-Wau-to-the-Wau-to-the-Wau-to-the-Wau-to-the-Wau-to-the-Wau........and beyond!
Ajith M
If I +1 this, would that be a spoiler?
Kind of reminds me of the old Di-hydrogen Monoxide scare lol
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