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My personal #hangoutshackathon project "Hangout Band" is coming along nicely, now also featuring a piano synced with all participants in addition to the drums.

All graphics created with CSS3.
Audio via the Web Audio API.
Synced with others via Google+ Hangouts sendMessage/onMessageReceived mechanism, which is amazingly fast.

Until the sendMessage functionality is available outside of dev-hangouts you can try the stand-alone version here:

(Probably only works properly in Chrome...)
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This is great Gerwin, am I right in thinking that all players in a hangout will be in synch?
+Paul Stickland yup, and the effect is pretty quick. I've tried with two computers, clicked on one computer and the sound came out of the other computer without a noticable delay :D
Most impressive! Will that still work on a remote, eg transatlantic hangout?
+Paul Stickland not able to test that yet, but it shouldn't make much of a difference since the communication happens through the Google hangout servers.
I thought data between Hangout participants are only transferred once per second. Did the framework change? Or do you use another way than shared objects?

Anyway - sounds like great fun!
+Berend Kapelle this is using the new sendMessage functionality which might "forget" some messages if there are too many but offers quicker delivery.
Ah, cool. Didn't know that. Gives me a bunch of one idea for apps. And still no time :-(
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