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Gerwin Sturm
Origami-loving computer geek
Origami-loving computer geek


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Not sure if this is actually intended for this use, since I couldn't find any info about it, but the AIY Voice Kit has a perfect spot for a Raspberry Pi Camera module. Now to find a fun way to actually make use of the camera :)
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AIY Speech2Morse

I've finally received my AIY Voice Kit last week, and did a quick and fun demo to convert text to morse.

This uses the Cloud Speech API to recognize the text, translates it to text and uses the LED of the Voice KIT to send the message.

Source code:

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A month late, but here are the photos for the Czech Origami Convention 2017 in Prague.

Ein Monat zu spät, aber hier sind jetzt die Photos von der Tschechischen Origami Convention 2017 in Prag.

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Anyone else tired? 😴
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Building furniture with cats :)

Also a quick tip for Pixel 2 users: If you want to remove Motion from specific photos but not all you share, you can just make a minor edit on Google Photos and it will remove the motion video only keeping the photo. For this album I did just that to keep those photos with motion where it makes sense, and remove motion from photos I prefer to share static.

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Found the perfect victims to try out the portrait mode and motion photos of my new Pixel 2 :)

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Finally! Unfortunately pets aren't included in the auto-saving and filter functionality for shared libraries yet...

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Cloud Firestore Quicktip - DocumentSnapshot vs. QuerySnapshot

Since the Firebase team launched Cloud Firestore last week, one question/problem that keeps popping up on Stackoverflow is the result of there being two different ways to retrieve data that have to be handled slightly differently. So after answering several of those questions I though it would be a good idea to put together this short article.

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We've changed our name – API.AI is now Dialogflow! With Dialogflow, you’ll have an end-to-end platform for everything you need to build great conversational experiences, including: prototyping an idea, testing locally, deploying widely, training with real data, and monitoring/analyzing for performance.

Along with our new name, here are two new features to help you build out your flow of dialog:
1. In-line code editor so you can write fulfillment logic directly in the console
2. Multi-lingual agent support so you can add additional languages to your agents

Learn more about our new name and two new features here:

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Just now from the train :)
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