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Gerwin Sturm

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Weee, episode 2 of Broken Sword 5 is finally here.

Guess I'll replay from episode 1 though, been a while...

And some day I might actually get my backer package for this kickstarter project as well...
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l cy
pretty much what i will be doing as well, still, cant believe it's over and actually not that late... wow...
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Gerwin Sturm

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Some issues I stumbled upon with the different gapi.auth functions of the javascript library, which others might find confusing as well:


gapi.auth.authorize and gapi.auth.signIn use differently named parameters.

  "clientid": "...",
  "cookiepolicy": "...",
  "requestvisibleactions": "...",
  "callback": "...",
  "scope": "..."


  "client_id": "...",
  "cookie_policy": "...",
  "request_visible_actions": "...",
  "scope": "..."
}, callback);

The use of underscores vs. no underscores can be confusing, especially since the errors you get when using the wrong parameters not always tell you what the problem actually is.

I've raised issues to get more consistency between those two:


gapi.auth.signOut() doesn't have a callback parameter.

It usually calls the callback that is either defined via page-level configuration
<meta name="google-signin-callback" content="signinCallback" />
or in the markup of a sign-in button

It doesn't call a callback if you have previously called
  "clientid": "..:",
  "callback": "myCallback"

I've added a feature request for the possibility to define a callback for the gapi.auth.signOut method as well:
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Gerwin Sturm

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The other half of photos from last weekend :)
Photos of the OSN Convention Mennorode 2014 in the Netherlands last weekend are now online here and on our homepage
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Dart People Mosaic

Photo mosaics have fascinated me for quite a while, so some time ago I had the idea of turning a profile photo into a photo mosaic using the profile photos of people in your circles. I then quickly forgot about that idea, remembered it again, started with some coding, got distracted with some other projects, remembered it once again, found my code and finished the project now.

Originally I had planned to implement it using Dart Isolates/Webworkers but I have run into some problems with this approach. Firstly Isolates don't have access to the DOM, meaning I couldn't use Canvas objects there (and Dart isolates can't use HttpRequest either which I could have used for fetching the list of people from the Google+ API). So I did all the fetching and getting the colour information for all the profile images asynchronously in the main process.

I then wanted to send this information to an Isolate for actually choosing the best photos for each "pixel" of the main photo. This worked very nicely in Dart but somehow didn't work when combiled to JavaScript (and unfortunately Isolates aren't very well documented yet either...)

So I'm now doing all the calculations in the main process, but asynchronously via Futures as to not freeze the browser completely.

Another challenge I came across is how best to calculate an average colour for an image to match against a pixel of the main image. My first attempt was using drawImageScaled(img, 0, 0, 1, 1) on a 1x1 pixel canvas, but the canvas image scaling method didn't work nicely.
As it turns out I could let Google do this work for me by appending a `sz=1` parameter to the profile images, which gave a much better average colour for the image and didn't take any computation on my side at all.

So the full process works like this now:
1 -> Sign in with Google
2 -> Fetch profile image and list of people via Google+ API
3 -> Fetch profile images for all people in two sizes: one small image to be used in the mosaic and one 1x1 pixel image to get the colour.
4 -> Put the profile image on a canvas and read out the pixel colours.
5 -> For each pixel find a close match from the profile images (trying to reduce reuse of images as much as possible)
6 -> Put the small profile images in the correct spot of the mosaic.

There's a version of this live here if you want to give it a try:

It takes a while at first to load all people and profile images, but you can then play around with the tolerance parameter to see what produces the best results for your profile photo selection.
Smaller values will match the colours more closely, but you will have  a higher rate of repeated profile photos.
Higher values will add more diversity but can easily distort the image.
I found the best results between 5-10 for me, but that totally depends on what and how many photos are available.

If you don't like the photo selection you can always "Disconnect" and then Sign in again and choose different circles to expose to the script during authentication.

There are definitely much better photo mosaic algorithms out there, but this one works rather quickly AND is fully implemented in Dart, which I think is a first ;)

Source code available if you want to play with it a bit, e.g. using other images than your profile image like I did with the Dart logo in the screenshot :)

#gde   #googleplus   #dart   #dartlang   #opensourcecode  
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Totally splendid +Gerwin Sturm ,I love it .
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Gerwin Sturm

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Oooh, nice! No more having to disable apps / enable billing for the multiple test projects I have running :)

Especially useful since creating new projects in the new Google Developers Console still automatically creates an App Engine application even if you don't need one.
Did you know you can now have up to 25 free apps in your #AppEngine account ?
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Pues si  para poder practicar sin problemas o para dar las charlas estaría bien tener alguna mas.
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Gerwin Sturm

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Back in my day, you had to use a separate app like AfterFocus to blur up your images, and you liked it.  Uphill, both ways.
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Gerwin Sturm

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Some random impressions from Amsterdam, Artis Zoo, Lelystad and Oostvaardersplassen.
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Was für ein wunderschönes Blumenmeer - DANKE, lieber Gerwin!
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Gerwin Sturm

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You can also track the issue here:

Update: Everything back to normal.
Because of an issue on Google's side +All my + statistics (and many other tools depending on Google APIs) are currently not working. Google has been informed and is working on it.

This post will be updated as soon as there are news.
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Thank you
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Gerwin Sturm

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Very interesting talk, definitely worth watching (as is any talk by +Ade Oshineye really). Also a lot of content that will be interesting to non-developers.
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grow what with google?  they getting into agriculture now? LOL
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Very active in developing and playing around with several Google APIs including the Google+ APIs. For my activities, open source projects and support in this area I have been granted membership in the Google Developers Expert program as Google+ GDE 2012-2013.

I have started a series of "About me"-posts which you might want to check out to learn more about me. Start here
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