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Gerwin Sturm
Origami-loving computer geek
Origami-loving computer geek

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Dynamic Firebase Hosting

Firebase Hosting now allows dynamic content powered by Cloud functions:

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Actions on Google Updates

An app Directory with custom shortnames and shareable links for discoverability

Rich responses with cards, lists and carousel selectors:

New console with analytics and more:

Challenge to win some prizes:

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#io17 Keynote

Just a random collection of thoughts I had and notes I took during the keynote.


Google Lens is taking image recognition to the next level, and including it in more products, starting with Google Assistant and Google Photos. Just wonder if we will see an API for it, or if the Cloud Vision API will be enhanced with Lens as well. is the new home and starting point for all things machine learning, with the effort to spread the usage of machine learning everywhere.

Google Assistant is available on the iPhone and will be coming in more languages soon®.

Actions on Google will be available in Google Assistant and not only on Google Home anymore. There's also a new transactions API in developer preview ( to handle all steps necessary for purchases and reserverations.

Google Home is getting proactive help (to remind you of important things without having to ask it), free voice calling to US and Canada, and visual feedback where it makes sense (photos, maps, ...). I'm hoping there will be visual feedback options for Actions on Google as well.

Google Photos is getting new sharing options:
- Suggestions for sharing photos with the relevant people
- Shared libraries to allow access to all (or some) of your photos to friends and family, without having to share them each and every time manually: I actually really like this feature, even though it might be "dangerous" if you forget you have it on.
- Automatic Photos Books (in the US): I have very high standards when it comes for Photo Books, and with my recent bad experiences with albums in Google Photos I very much doubt I will like/use those, and the current implementation seems to be missing a lot of features like adding text.

The YouTube Super Chat demo was really weird and awkward, but they mentioned the magic word "API", so they get one bonus point for that.

TensorFlow lite will allow on-device machine learning on Android.

In VR/AR there will be standalone VR headsets coming out "later this year" and Tango will allow indoor navigation
Empowered by Tango with Visual Positioning Service (VPS).

Now I'm curious what the developer keynote will bring that is starting soon:

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#io17 is almost about to start, and while I unfortunately can't be there in person this year due to other commitments, I will still be following the live streams and announcements and post about my impressions here. I will be missing out on mingling and talking with all the Googlers and Non-Googlers which has always been the best and most important part for me, but maybe I'll actually get to see more of the talks this year ;)

Apart from watching the livestreams (keynote starting here in a few hours: and watching Google's social streams for announcements, I would recommend following the collection of +Allen Firstenberg for some comprehensive and critical insights directly from I/O, as well as +Andreas Proschofsky for an Austrian point of view.

I'll miss discussing the event in person with you guys, but I'm sure there will be other opportunities to catch up :) Have Fun!

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Being in a fixed employment at the moment and therefore not offering any contract work, my company website for FoldedSoft e.U. seemed rather pointless (not that it was very useful before), so I decided to repurpose it to highlight some of my past and present projects.

Also used the time to archive a lot of my projects which are not working or not being maintained for a variety of reasons. Most of those were Hangout Apps which are no longer functional with the shut-down of the Hangouts API.


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We've been busy in the garden last week :)
This year we try a new trellis construction for our vegetable patch. We bought some cheap rose arcs and mounted construction mesh to them. Now we hope it will be stable enough to withstand the heavy winds we get.
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Doing more with your Google Location History

With the discontinuation of the Google Latitude API several years ago some nice third party tools to visualize your location history disappeared, which at that time triggered me to look into what can be done with Google Takeout data. The result was the location_history_json_converter ( which thanks to several contributions from the open source community has turned out to be a rather useful and powerful tool to prepare your takeout data for further manipulation and visualization.

Since I've recently used the tool myself again for a travel report and I never actively promoted or explained the tool, I've decided to put together this short blog post to tell you about the tool and some samples of what can be done with it.
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