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When they add the ability to reorder the menu items, it'd be perfect.
I don't have it yet either, but that looks like a good feature.
That box has been seen on the new chrome new tab page. It's pretty awesome. It's sort of a blend Between the google search page and the frequently visited page on chrome.
I got the update, but, no box?
Sean S
Does it go away after you clear your cookies and cache?
I don't know and I like it to much to try, but I did recently install chrome on another partition, and it hasn't shown up.
HI folks,

Glad you noticed! We'll be rolling out this new feature in the next few weeks...stay tuned!!

+Justine Rivero How about instead of useless stuff like a drop menu, Google fixes issues that people (Googles loyal users) have been complaining about for years... You don't Google just prefer to draw people in with "shiny" things instead of maintaining people that have been around for a while.
Try to clean browser's cache it might come.
I don't like this. It's an extra click for the lazy to switch products. I like the scrolling option for more apps. Perhaps a hover instead of a click to open apps box.
Sean S
Is it an extra click or do you roll over the button?
It's a click, but I could see where a rollover button would be really smooth.
very nice but if the panel was centered to the arrow would look much much better
WARNING: I detect the influence of +Jason Cornwell  here, or is it just Google's policy now to obfuscate, hide and nest EVERYTHING that you might want to have direct access too. So, more than one click to reach News. Well done. One more click to change video quality under YouTube. Congratulations.

Not everyone has a 2" screen. Stop making that utterly retarded assumption, stop pandering to mobile users at the expense of those with monitors. No, it does not make the "Google experience" better, and does not "give me permission to perform shorter searches". It just hacks off your user base and obfuscates the services you offer. You know what? How about making that black bar configurable instead? Maybe you don't need "News" on there, but want something else. Fine. It's "your" Google. No. Instead, hide it all away.

Google is taking a real nosedive, and unlike Microsoft (with it's W8 fiasco), it just doesn't listen.
+Justine Rivero , I don't hate this new design. In fact, I think this is cleaner. (I loved the old "Google" menu as well, sadly it didn't make it through). However, I think you should replace the "click the drawer icon" action with "mouse-over the drawer icon" action. It would reduce the number of clicks.
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