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Encoding issues in GTM
When i use variables in GTM which have slashes (mainly for custom HTML & JSON LD as suggested by +Phil Pearce ) it seems to be changing the dataLayer variables to unexpected encoding - i.e.

/ becomes \/ and other charachters such as x24 creep in, any simple solutions ?


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Reading -

This actually putting a pause on my internal discussions to push for AMP pages - is this a short term thing as our objective is to push people to apps.

Thoughts? - and I know "link dropping" isn't allowed in here, but I want to question if anyone knows if we can have both AMP and deeplinking?

host = Not Set & Not = spam ...
On a website tracked using GTM, I am getting a lot of traffic without a hostname, normally I would assume spam but some of this looks like it is absolutely not spam, oddly though its not converting -

hostname = notset
landing page = / (or /
Source = varied including what would be expected such email marketing sources, branded keywords etc...
Any suggestions ? - this is an unfiltered profile. 

Using Hashes for parameters

In the past I have used GA tracking code and hash parameters rather than "?utm" is this something that can easily be done through GTM ? We have an issue where parameters are breaking the page :-( 

Just seen that a client is going to be getting affiliate links directly into the domain rather than through a 3rd party ...

So, to avoid any issues - if these go through a /directory/ blocked in robots.txt that won't pass juice and so won't be an issue ... yes ?



Maximum accounts in GWT (GSC)
Hi have heard conflicting information as to how many websites you have in a GSC acc, we have potentially a high amount which is far higher when you include both protocol variations and subdomains - any advice on the true limit appreciated.


Hey - where does the reservations link come from, and if we owned the business could we control where / how it comes in ? Thanks!

Google My Business Reporting?
Looking to report on impressions, CTR etc.. on clients my business (google local) pages, is this possible through an API ?


OK got a new client - on WebTrends, whilst I am sure it is lovely.... I am utterly confused and it seems like it was setup by many, many many different people - anyone know if there is an easy way to get out organic data by page, maybe by month in a simple way ? - thinking excel plugin but even googling that has been challenging! 

Would a session on creating automated reports through supermetrics, analytics edge, and Google docs be of interest? Including some interactive bits... avoiding the heck out of pivot tables ... 
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