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Hello +NIA Ops
A week or so ago, a player from another faction complained that a portal I visit often was invalid and was reported. The primary complaint was that it isn't easily reachable by car.

The portal in question is Art Along East Lake Sammamish which is located on a publicly accessible trail in Sammamish, WA. I was driving by the portal today and it is missing!

This portal has been online for almost a year I believe.

Here are some local articles regarding the art display.

Please reactivate this portal. It is a classic.

+Joe Philley

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During take downs I like some good ol' fashioned stoner rock. 

It seems like the characters come up with various terms for the waking dead. Biters, walkers... but no one ever refers to them as zombies! 

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Added photos to XM Anomaly: #13MAGNUS, Seattle.

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Just got an email on a marathon for July 4th. 
I switched cable providers so I lost all my recordings on my DVR. 

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Added photos to Space Needle Convergence (Player Initiated Event).

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What? 27 people die in the final episode? 

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The Huffington Post: 'The Walking Dead': Is Milton A Goner? Dallas Roberts Joins 'Unforgettable'

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Sharing to the community.
Republicans are aware that their party is shrinking, but instead of modifying their platform to appeal to more voters, they are choosing to rig elections in their favor. To prepare for the 2012 Presidential election, many Republican controlled state governments implemented voter ID laws to restrict the right to vote. In battleground states, access to the polls and early voting was reduced, thus causing confusion and long lines at the polls. They believed that these tactics would swing the election in their favor, but they were not successful. Redistricting has been successful though, as Republicans maintained the House of Representatives due to their redistricting efforts in 2010.

I expect that they will continue to figure out how to rig future elections as they are becoming desperate. The next threat to democracy is the manipulation of the electoral college in key battleground states. In previous elections, the Presidential candidate would acquire all of the electoral college votes for a given state. Now there seems to be a coordinated discussion of splitting electoral college votes within a state based on Congressional districts. 

Redistricting and manipulating electoral college votes at the state level should be addressed federally. These are federal elections after all. It seems there should be federal law enacted to set a common set of election rules allowing a level playing field for both parties to win elections based on the merits of their positions and not their manipulation of the rules.
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