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Germano Lisboa

PlayStation 4  - 
Finally got my ps4 =D

Add me if you want to play some bf4 later today
id: Hellfenstens
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add me if yall would like. my psn ID is:  samurai4hire
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Germano Lisboa

Discussion  - 
Hey, people, I've been looking into Aviate launcher and I wanted to give a try, but I've been waiting forever for a code to use it.

Does anyone have a spare one I can have? 
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It sucks. Don't bother.
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Does anyone here have weak wifi issues on the moto x?
I bought mine a few weeks ago, and I've been struggling with it. It won't find my home wifi or gets a very weak signal on places where my tablet and previous phone have a strong and stable connection.
I think may have a hardware issue 
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Sorry I am late to the party, but my wife's Moto X was working fine and lately it has been awfully slow on WiFi even though speedtest showed otherwise. Particularly Facebook, then Play Store, and Play Music were awful, while web pages loaded fine.

The first thing I did was go into WiFi under settings followed by Advanced (from three dot menu). Then I unchecked "Wi-Fi Optimization." Things seemed to work okay for a day, but the problem came back.

The second thing I did was go into my router settings and give her Moto X a DHCP Reservation. Now things are flying. We will see if it lasts. I did try to give her a static IP address on the phone (which is somewhat similar), but it didn't improve. The DHCP Reservation made a dramatic difference.
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Germano Lisboa

Ajuda e Dúvidas  - 
Algum dono de moto x poderia me dizer se a rom instalada nos aparelhos vendidos em operadora é a mesma dos aparelhos vendidos no varejo?
Em configurações -> sobre o aparelho -> versão de firmware
Aparece algo tipo 139.12.35.ghost_row.Brasil.en.BR
Ou do tipo
Dependendo da operadora que vc comprou? 
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I won candy on the #googlebirthday doodle! Score: 166
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I recently tried those "new" google now commands, like "where am I" or to show my personal pictures, and while all of them worked just fine on my n4, most did not work on my n10, where it just returned common search results.
Both are running stock 4.3, the latest version of google search app, and have the exact same settings.
Does anyone have a suggestion? 
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The curious part is that these commands are working on my phone 
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Have him in circles
181 people
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Germano Lisboa

Ajuda e Dúvidas  - 
Eu queria saber o que vocês acham do sinal de wifi do moto x.
O meu é muito fraco, em lugares onde meu tablet e meu antigo celular ficavam conectados com 2 ou 3 barras de sinal, o moto x fica com nenhuma barra, ou até perde a conexão por estar muito fraca.
Estou começando a achar que tenho um aparelho defeituoso 
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+Luciano Carvalho o WiFi do Moto X é mais rápido... Eu fiz o teste baixando ao mesmo tempo o APP Facebook e o Razr i demorou cerca de quase 2 minutos a mais.
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Germano Lisboa

PlayStation 3  - 
Just got it, can't wait to get started!! 
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+Thomas Wagner I stopped in the beggining of the desert yesterday, gonna keep playing it today!
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