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A tiny mouse, a hacker.
A tiny mouse, a hacker.
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+Eric Raymond's arguments in favour of "meritocracies" being fundamental to hacker culture ignore the reality that projects organised along these lines:

a) have a smaller potential contributor pool
b) fulfill a smaller set of needs and
c) /aren't actually as meritocratic as they believe/

The net result is that a fixation on meritocracy is likely to result in lower quality output, the exact reverse of his stated goal. When people point out bugs in our development process, the appropriate reaction is to fix them, not to argue that those pointing out the bugs should be ejected from our communities.

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I'm looking for a new keyboard, to replace my TypeMatrix 2030, and compiled a list of possible candidates. I'm sure I didn't consider every option, therefore, I'm posting here too, in the hopes that some of the people who have me in their circles will help me with some feedback, or recommendation.

Find the list, and my assessments on the linked post.

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It is with great joy that I announce the existence of potential-happiness, a #dashboard for the terminal! Turn your #monitoring  metrics from Riemann into pretty graphs, while the last few lines of your centralised #logging  flow by at the bottom!

So pretty, so text, so JavaScript! (Sorry about the last one, that's one of the reasons why it is only potential happiness...)

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I've been working on a #riemann  dashboard for the TTY a few hours a day. The idea was born months and months ago, but I only got around to do something about it recently.

There's a lot to do, and to polish, but some code that shows signs of usefulness is available at

There is no documentation yet.

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After writing a controversial piece the other day about why grepping logs is terrible, I received a vast amount of feedback. Some were helpful, some were hostile, some didn't read past the second paragraph. I tried to answer some of the less clearer points in a followup.

Hopefully this clears up some misunderstandings.

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An interesting blog story about binary logs. And why they are a good thing.

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Inspired by a tweet by +Matthew Garrett  back in February, and after sitting on it for a while and pondering, I launched a campaign to get Motif ported to #Wayland. Why? Because it's fun, and the kind of insane that's right up my alley.

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This was a tough decision to make for Ubuntu! I am pretty sure it wasn't easy for them. I certainly believe it is the right decision, of course.

I'd like to welcome Ubuntu to the +systemd community! I am looking forward to a fruitful collaboration! Let's hope we can leave the past behind us, and work together in future!

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So this is funny. A Hurd/kfree bsd porter actually claiming that the concepts of systemd can make it more portable than sysvinit or Upstart...

I must say, for me this proves one thing: the folks who repeatedly lambast us for being honest on portability to other kernels do so just led by the vague sense that "portability" by itself was a high good, without actually knowing what this specifically, technically means or even having come in close contact with systems where it would matter.

"Portability" can cloud your senses like it was a drug.
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