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So instead of $5 a year for 20GB, you'll be paying $30 a year for 25 GB's (Drive & Picasa) and get an extra 20GB's for I understanding this correctly?

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So, a 125% increase in storage for a 600% increase in price?
What is this, Apple?
I'm not quite sure +Irving Drommond

With the new plans you'll get extra Gmail storage for "free". So instead of 25GB...that would be 45GB in total. So not quite 600% :-)). DOwnside...the extra Gmail space is only available for Gmail :D
Sorry, I don't buy that Gmail bone they throw at me........
25GB for mail? I'll start using the old G-drive again (look for it on the web) that just put my Gmail account as storage in explorer.
I just keep the old plan. As long as the account stays active it will be available :D.

BTW...25GB of Gmail is way to much..I can't get that covered in one lifetime :D
That is what I mean: 25Gb for mail is kind of stupid......
It would be interesting for me when it could be used for Drive too
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