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So where is the launch of GDrive?? Maybe the rumors were....well just rumors
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I saw of the articles mentioned it would launch today :-).
But judging the screens kinda looks like a modified Docs version. Knowing Google, they would integrate it with Docs and create a dropbox like tool like insync to automate it :D....ah no wait, that's what I'm expecting ;-)
Who knows? The day is still young here in the "new world" ;-)
Ah yeah....that's right. It will probably launch when I'm hitting the sac
btw. I didn't type the _ sign in my comment above....G+ somehow things I did :D
I've gotten the automatic "strike-throughs" on my comments several times. What's up with that?
Must be. But I noticed that if I edit the comment by spacing to put the text with the strike-through on another line, the strike-through goes away.
I heard they might wait until Google I/O. Also saw some screenshots yesterday from somebody who already had access to it.
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