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I normally do not fall into corporate-like speech but I am so excited about this new improvement we just released in our mapping flow, that I could not resist publishing in my personal G+.
I wanted to also thank +Nikolay Zherebtsov for his hard work on this feature and the Street View team for their hard work on collecting the imagery that makes this new feature possible!
Brian McClendon, our VP of Engineering for Google Maps and Google Earth, announced last week in The Next Dimension of Google Maps that we have driven over 5 million unique miles in Street View, coveri...
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That's very good but Panoramio is blocked in Iran! :(
No sé si será por le Community Manager... pero Panoramio se mueve más que nunca :P enhorabuena.
Can't wait to check it out Gerard!
I'm looking forward to try this :) I think it will be an awesome tool when mapping photos in unfamiliar territories.