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I'm teaching a college-level cyberpunk course this spring. If you had only time to show three films, what would they be? #film   #highered  
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I have the latter two on the list. Thanks.
Ouch, that's rough. So many good ones. Guess it depends on theme.

I could toss Armitage III in there or Appleseed as they both deal with some interesting subject matter. They'd fit well with Blade Runner or Ghost in the Shell if you're going for the whole lack of trust in humans/machines angle pretty well.

Would definitely recommend to students that they check out Bubblegum Crisis since it deals with similar mentality as well.
Strange days, Johnny mnemonic, the matrix. The latter for educational purposes only
I'd forgotten about STRANGE DAYS, and it was out in 1995. I'm teaching Gibson's short story, so I don't really need the less-than-stellar JM film.

Kitsune, I'm not familiar with ARMITAGE III. I'll check it out, though if I show GHOST, one animé might be enough.

I re-watched ROBOCOP the other night. I think that might be a good choice, too.
Robocop is crap to me, but de gustibus not disputandum est... :-) 
Repo Men is, I find, a much more biopunk thing. Just like Repo! The Genetic Opera. I'd go with Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell and Robocop personally.
Thanks, all. I have Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, and The Matrix. I chose the latter because it (1) hasn't been seen by most of my students, and (2) it does post-cyberpunk well with a germane aesthetic. Thanks for the great suggestions, all.
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