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Ok, so AirTV finally delivered integrated OTA channels into the interface this morning. It's really nice, it seems to have picked up more OTA channels than I was getting before.

Got my AirTV box today and I have to say that so far I'm very disappointed. While Sling on AirTV is faster, the app intergration is better, and the interface is a little improved over the Roku, the two things I was really looking forward to were an NHL app that's actually usable (the one on Roku is HORRIBLE) and local broadcast TV integration, and I didn't get either one.

While they tout that you have access to the entire Android app store, what you really get is access to the Android TV app store which is only a handful of apps. And no NHL.

And the live TV integration? You have to open the guide, scroll and scroll and scroll all the way to the end of the guide, select Live Content, and then select Launch. This takes you to Local TV channels where you can change channels using the up/down buttons on the remote. The whole "integrated channels with previews in the guide" that I saw on the YouTube video and that's described in all the promotions is nowhere to be found. Maybe you only get that if you work there.

Hopefully that' s a software update that's coming soon. Right now, this is pretty lame.

Got into a rental Kia minivan this morning and plugged my phone into the USB port (to charge it) and, lo and behold, Android Auto pops up on the screen.

I spent about two hours driving around downtown LA (Ubering some colleagues around) and used it for music, phone, messages and navigation, and I have to say I REALLY like it. Super user-friendly, simple interfaces, really nice design. The only issue I noticed is that you have to be careful of your phone orientation. If you just lay it down flat the system has a hard time telling which direction you're headed when you stop or when you make a turn.

I will definitely be retrofitting our Tundra with that new Sony Android Auto unit when it comes out, and probably our RV too.

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After sitting in a box in my garage for over a year, the Eibach Pro springs finally find their way onto my G. I wasn't expecting this much drop and I love it. And I think they actually ride smoother than stock.

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Just called home from 30k feet over Texas and had an SMS conversation with my son.

Project Fi

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Ha.  I just used Android Pay to buy a bag of Fritos from the vending machine at work.  

Of course, that already-expensive $.085 bag of chips cost me $1.25 for paying that way (the machine only appears to have added a dime so I guess the rest is going to Google) but at least I've got that going for me when the apocalypse happens!

People keep saying, "Dude, why isn't your flash going off?" And then they see the photo.

Nexus 5X. 
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