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Coed Softball players in Nevada County: share this with your teammates, fans, and sponsors...

Thank you for a great Spring Season. Get ready for Summer!!

#wncssa #westernnevadacountyslowpitchsoftballassocition #GeraldMartinDavenport #Softball #CoedSoftball #Mixedsoftball

Hey all, 52 this year, on January 6th, welcome to 2017!!! be safe.

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You do know the amount of spam I get is 0.
Oh my gosh.

I went to KCRA looking for a link to one of the sites I maintain as a webdesigner, and could not find it, and remembered, they did an ad.

Well I have Ghostery #Ghostery (

and Adblock #Adblock (

on all my browsers, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera.

I turned them off and oh my gosh was i plastered with ads and junk, plus they can now track me, my location, and such.

I quickly turned them back on and closed that site. Why did I turn them off.

YOU SHOULD HAVE THESE on your browser.

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Meet the masterful, wonderful, entertaining, and knowledgable writer!!!

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Writer / Actor / Wine Expert +Bruce Bradley talks about his book about Hugh Glass!!!

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Just Added: Under 8 years of age FREE! Get tickets now, not at door, they are $15...
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