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Geospace Labs, Geowiz ELD Compliance Product
Spend Less. Drive More. ELD HOS Compliance.
Spend Less. Drive More. ELD HOS Compliance.


Check out our new product. Whereify. Unlimited Car GPS Tracking to give you peace of mind.
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NEW PRODUCT. Whereify. Unlimited Car GPS Tracking to give you peace of mind. Check it out on Amazon or at
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The best buy out there. ELD compliance for only $129. No monthly fee. No other costs.
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ELD Compliance for only $129.00 USD. No monthly fees. No other hidden charges or costs. SPEND LESS. DRIVE MORE.
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This week we added interesting new functionality to the Geowiz product. Our focus was on incident management, and using all the great data we have, to provide you with constantly improving and meaningful reporting.

The Tell Me Everything About page has received a minor uplift. Now the activity reports change color to reflect meaningful information. Green circles mean as far as the system can tell everything went off OK, yellow means that based upon the detention contract for the location, the driver was detained, and red means that an unscheduled event has happened.
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We have just partnered with TeleType who provide an APP called Smart Truck Route. The April release of our APP will feature route integration, so that if you need truck specific routing or route optimizations, and use Smart Truck Route, we will be digitally handing the route information over, and the two APPs be able to talk, and will work together on the tablets to deliver a seamless experience between Geowiz features and Smart Truck Route features. We will also be able to offer free trials of the Smart Truck Route app, and TeleType will be reselling the Geowiz subscription and our ELD hardware.
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we are working on a new reporting section of the website called ‘Tell me everything about..’ with the idea being the system can provide a 360 degree view of a lot of different things. We’re looking for any details around information you would like to see.
This will be the start of things like our driver scorecard, for example. 'Tell me everything about Driver 123' will produce a lot of information and if there is anything you have been itching to see, now is the time to let us know.
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Website Updates:

1. A much more detailed IFTA report is available by clicking on an asset in the Analytics – IFTA Menu. The new report includes a trip log for each day with miles breakdowns for all jurisdictions traveled and any fuel reports entered. The fuel station name and address are found using reverse geocoding (cool stuff)
2. As mentioned above there is a new flag in the People record to identify if the driver drops and hitches a lot. There is also a new flag in the company setup table where you can break assets out into company owned assets and customer assets for easier tracking
3. A new report is available under Analytics – History Reporting – Preventive Maintenance that shows all of the maintenance items entered via the APP for a selected asset and time period
4. A lot of new features around auditing the ELD logs is now available on each log including:
a. The ability to export instantly to excel/csv format
b. The ability to see complete LOG history including a timeline and each change to the log as it happened
c. The ability to request log changes to a drivers log from the back office
5. A new report is available under Analytics – History Reporting – ELD Safety Summary by Fleet that in real time summarizes all of the recorded violations for each driver in a fleet. The summaries are clickable and will take you to the violation list, and each violation can be clicked on to bring up the specific ELD log. This lets you basically zoom all the way out and all the way in to really see what is going on
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In 1.8 there are a lot of new features, listed below. The biggest change is that starting in 1.8 drivers WILL NOT be able to edit any drive time on their ELD logs that came from the engine. Also, manual log changes will now have a visible M next to it to show it was a manual edit and not a system automated change.

In APP version 1.8 the updates and features are:

1. Fuel logs added to ELD view and also inspection view
2. Must have a valid odometer reading to certify an ELD log
3. A SAVE button has been added to all driver edit pages so it is clear the information has been saved
4. The APP now checks to see if the tablet/phone is in the correct GPS setting configuration and if not sets the GPS to high accuracy automatically
5. There is now a flag you can set by driver on the website that tells the app to either assume the driver is towing the same trailer most of the day, or if they drop and hitch a lot, so the drivers data entry is easier
6. You can now send driver links to our training videos via the system message option, here are the links:
a. App Overview - <a href="">App Overview</a>
b. App Day in the Life - <a href="">App Day in the Life</a>
c. ELD Violations - <a href="">ELD Violations</a>
d. App DVIR - <a href="">App DVIR</a>
e. App Fuel Logs - <a href="">App Fuel Logs</a>
f. App Field Defect Resolution - <a href="">App Field Defect Resolution</a>
g. App Fleet Maintenance - <a href="">App Fleet Maintenance</a>
7. Drivers are now prompted to sign logs 13 days or older (before they are removed from the tablet/phone memory)
8. Preventive maintenance can now be captured via the APP including the ability to sign and date
9. Driver can now mark ‘off duty’ time specifically as their 30 minute break, and a prompt is given if they are trying to leave the break early (which would mean it wouldn’t count)
10. When using geofences for automated Yard move duty changes, the system now adds notes to the duty change of Auto Yard
11. You can now add a NOTE to every ELD duty change (not just ones with DVIRs or Violations)
12. An M is listed in the ELD log nest to all ‘Manual’ entries
13. Driver my not remove HOS drive time events received from the engine (we have been holding off on this as long as we can but going into 2017 this is necessary for FMCSA compliance)
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Geowiz is GeoSpace Labs premier product designed as a first of its kind cutting edge Carrier Information System (CIS) that includes FMCSA compliant Hours of Service eLog technology (ELD). Geowiz is built by industry leading mathematicians and Ph.D. engineers. The system functionality comes from industry professionals with in-cab experience and millions of road miles.
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