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Solutions to the Global Mineral Exploration & Mining Industry
Solutions to the Global Mineral Exploration & Mining Industry


Post has attachment BRPL is back in the market as AMTC and Stemcor squabble over sale. Complex holding structure at times can be quite detrimental to growth.

Post has attachment MoM directing Goa and other states to impose and penalty for extracting iron ore without Environment clearance

Post has attachment NMP revision committee is the same old group which under whose watch the illegalities happened, argues the author.

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India’s most modern, elite, high tax paying, tech savvy city Bangalore is not able to manage its storm water drainage .. and that too, being situated at an altitude of ~ 1000 m.

Now Bangaloreans and Hyderabadis would not be able to point at Mumbai or Chennai or Kolkata, which are at or near mean sea level, when they face serious water logging. 

Bangalore has faced many other water problems this year - lack of potable water supply, when Cauvery was near dry at the beginning of summer; a foaming Belandur lake, which indicates horrible sewer and industrial discharge pollution; and now these water logging .. the sad part is that Bangalore has been facing these issues year after year!

Have a look at what Tokyo (at the sea level) is thinking to mitigate an ultra-flood

Of course, Bangalore doesn't need the Tokyo solution for sure, which could be for a Mumbai or Chennai! 

Bangalore needs to think and collaborate - between sewerage and sanitation authorities, water supply authorities, ground water authorities, utility managers, scientists and innovators with global experience, community workers, academia and everybody interested in a Sustainable lifestyle in Bangalore to mitigate the water crisis.

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MOIL being exhorted by the Steel Minister Birender Singh to do product development, something, which no Indian public sector mining or private mining company has ever done .. India has some unique monopolies and near monopolies in minerals sector - in manganese, we are 7th, however, in chromite, barite, talc and zinc, we are either second or third in terms of global production .. Indian miners never bothered about product development and enhancing the value of their assets ..

Can India's large net worth miners take up the challenge! Mining companies have links with politicians & abet corruption says TI Automated UG mines a reality now. Miners to upskill or perish. more fines served to miners by Odisha Govt Coal India mulls minerals mining. Adani secures 1/3 Of coal supply contract put out by CIL under special scheme
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