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What is your preferred keyword search research tool? They've changed a lot in recent years and sadly many of my preferred tools have died a death.

#keywords   #seo   #seoresearch is the best FREE alternative to Google Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest. It uses Google's autocomplete feature to get over 750+ long-tail keywords for any given query. supports 83 different languages and 192 Google domains.
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Georgina Lester

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We're about to write out our next newsletter - if you want to receive a copy and hear about what we are doing in the world of luxury, arts and fashion then please do subscribe. +Charles and Patricia Lester are always up to something interesting. #fashion   #couture   #luxurycouture   #luxury   #art   #luxuryart  
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Georgina Lester

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Hello G+ world.

How's life here in Googleland? I know I haven't been around for a while, and I am sorry that I haven't kept you up to date - lots of changes .... but it doesn't mean that I have forgotten about you. Many people pop up in my mind regularly.

More updates soon about the projects I've been working on. This is just one of many but very much a main focus at the moment.

Would love to hear how things have been for you.
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Thanks +Darlene Kulish - I think so too. I love the dark deep rich colours.

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Georgina Lester

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The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall’s annual visit to Wales is in full swing. This year's visit celebrates Welsh enterprise and community and Their Royal Highnesses are visiting a variety of towns, villages and businesses throughout the week.

Stay up to date with ‪#‎WalesWeek‬ on our rolling social media blog:
Each summer, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall spend a week at Llwynywermod, their Welsh farmhouse near Llandovery in Carmarthenshire, visiting different parts of Wales. This year's visit celebrates Welsh enterprise and community.
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Me zaid 36yrs from pakistan
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Georgina Lester

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Change is good:  Opportunities for growth, progress and tapping into awesomeness

Does change ever factor in your strategy - for life and work - not because change is happening to you but to ensure that you always bring innovative freshness to everything that you do? 

#change   #awesomeness   #quest  
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That's true! I agree with it because change is constant in life of humans.
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Georgina Lester

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Rebecca Knight of the Opera Babes will be joining +Mark Llewelyn Evans on Saturday 23rd July 2016 for ONE Night only at London's +Pizza Express 's The Pheasantry on King's Road for an evening of musical deliciousness - Opera, musicals, movies, ballads and Celtic love songs.

Tickets available here >>
Latest Announcement: For ONE night only Rebecca Knight (of the duo Opera Babes) will be singing with Mark on Saturday 23rd July Click Here to book your tickets NOW. Each year has been sold out so don’t wait. “I’m so excited to announce that my beautiful friend Rebecca Knight will …
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Georgina Lester

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This brings back memories .... meeting Tilda Swinton all those years ago.
Tilda Swinton wears a Charles and Patricia Lester gown in Caravaggio 1986
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No a comments but help from you. I am tired of suffering in Nigeria I want to impacts live in a broad .my name is Joseph graduated in school of missions. Graduate in Mechanical Engineering. Mobile line: 07031395017.
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Something to share

"When I am grateful, I find my grace."

#grace   #purpose   #lifepurpose   #soulpurpose   #lettinggo   #lettingyou  
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Georgina Lester

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Hello Google plus friends! How are you? What's new here?
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Please can you give me your kik or viber on here 
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Georgina Lester

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This year is my quest for ‪awesome‬. Awesome, talent, people doing incredible things that are extraordinary and inspiring. I made the decision I want to work with people who are the best of the best in their field some time ago. They perhaps have something particularly exciting and uniquely different about them. A talent which goes just a little beyond exceptional and is perhaps a little surprising.

What is awesome to me may be mundane to you. So how do you define awesome? What inspires you and makes you stop and think? Who leaves you in awe and wonder?

#awesome   #quest   #brilliance   #excellence  
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Georgina Lester

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Hangout: Filmmaker fun

This should be interesting! +Tiffany Shlain & The Moxie Institute Films  is a brilliant filmmaker who has created some very pertinent footage about our super connected world. 'Connected' was one such project. This Hangout will be well worth watching. 

#film   #connected    #filmmaking   #filmaker   #socialmedia  
You're invited to a conversation about 1st person filmmaking with the filmmakers behind the Sundance docs, Paris is Burning and Connected. Live from Sundance and SF.
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Tiffany Shlain & The Moxie Institute Films. The live video broadcast will begin soon.

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