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Georgiana Romanovna

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#Heavenly #Art But It Truly #Stinks  :)
I was reading about blog posting the other day and they said that a catchy headline gets views. I get a lot of views so I'm not complaining, but I'm no conversationalist :( so I thought my title might attract – it might go the other way too! AutumnBounty. This week I have 3 special promotions on ...

Georgiana Romanovna

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Have her in circles
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Artistic, Sensitive, Moody, Pensive, Analytical, Compassionate, Quiet, Introverted, Love my Family
About The Artist Georgiana Romanovna
Traditional art became her love from a very young age and remains so today. She has studied with many different teachers at different times and in many countries of the world.
Born in the United Kingdom, Georgiana's work has been shown globally. In 2001 she was awarded the medal of Australia for services to Arts and Music.

She is also proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, and many other digital art applications and is a staunch advocate for many of her peers who create digital art. For herself she has never lost her love for hands on art where she often combines the two to create new media. She says "I cannot imagine a world where I could not create something - the thought is the unimaginable."

Her main interest is commission work and the creation a body of work available for purchase as affordable prints. Contrary to many of her peers she recently adopted the practice of not selling her finished commission works for sale unless the original sold on a Print On Demand site stating "I do not feel comfortable selling a work for print that a customer commissioned and paid me for."

All works are Copyright All rights Reserved by Romanovna Fine Art 2010. Works are not in the public domain and may not be reproduced in any form without prior consent.
Kindly written by my friend Marcelo Benevidez as the "below" really does apply :)
I make art - I don't speak a lot - which means I don't write a lot.
There is a time for silence - that's my excuse!
Visual artist - contactable on any of the links above.
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Medal Of Australia : Services To Arts and Music
Visual Artist
  • Romanovna Fine Art
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Van Gogh I'm Influenced

Modern Landscape Van Gogh Style isn't truly Van Gogh Style at all, but that's what it reminded me of as I swirled painted around and worked

Cherished Rose Art Print

Cherished Rose From Summer is a painting overlaid with painted texture and effects and finally kissed with hints of light. The effect is cer

Audrey Hepburn Vintage Art Print

Audrey Hepburn Beautiful Pastel Portrait Collage Prints For Sale By Georgiana Romanovna

Primitive Earth Abstract Art

Primitive Earth Abstract is a design work of art overlayed with a very transparent fractal with added traditional water color art and letter

Heaven On Earth Landscape Art

Heaven On Earth Landscape Art Print By Georgiana Romanovna of

Heaven On Earth Landscape Art

Scenic landscape of Lake District National Park with cloudscape and sunset background, Cumbria, England. Photo taken on: May 22nd, 2011 Heav

Death Of Ophelia

Death Of Ophelia is my interpretation of Shakespeare's Ophelia in his script "Hamlet". Many artists have been and are inspired by this as it

My Little Secret-Mona Lisa

Sometimes, just sometimes I can't help myself and have to get an Old Master's work, in this case a very famous one and put a more modern or

Morning Heat Abstract Art

Morning Heat Abstract is comprised of both traditional and digital art to produce a warm summer appearance in abstract non representational

Abstract Morning Heat Art

Abstract Morning Heat Art By Georgiana Romanovna Prints Available

Celestial Moons Abstract

Celestial Moons Abstract is simply that - and abstraction from within of how I imagine the heavens would appear if all the moons and planets

Morning Heat Abstract

Morning Heat Abstract Art By Georgiana Romanovna Available as Prints and License

Celestial Moons Abstract

Georgiana Romanovna Abstract Art Celestial Moons Abstract available for Purchase

A Girl Who Will Be Queen

I have had the greatest pleasure recently of being asked to be a content tester. A content tester is someone who tries to compose an image f

Beautiful Greece

Beautiful Greece - a painting that shows the pure beauty of this wonderful city where travellers yearn to go and honeymooners find extremely

Is She Good Or Is She Bad? Portrait Grunge Art

This grunge artwork is based on a different artwork I did quite some time back. Nothing is really real in this. No photography - just painte

Passionate Garden - Abstract

Painted Freehand in Studio Artist 4.04 using a Cintiq 24HD came this vibrant and colorful abstract garden full of passionate colors. I think

Eye Of The Storm

Abstract painting of my imagination depicting an oncoming storm that is both dramatic and dangerous in appearance, threatening the very exis

Gypsy Girl Of Autumn Vintage

Gypsy Of Autumn Vintage is part digital painting and part acrylic painting with many varied mixed media forms of ornamentation around the fa

Lanscapes Nature Life

Purchase Landscape Prints http:/​/​fineartamerica.​com/​profiles/​georgiana-​romanovna.​html?tab=artworkgalleries&​artworkgalleryid=23769 La