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This flight attendant is funny. A good afternoon mind cleanse.
Oscar Mayer has a new way to start your day: an alarm for your iPhone that wakes you up with the sweet sizzling sound of bacon and if you have the dongle, the smell too! It's wonderful to celebrate "the first" but get ready for an onslaught.

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For anyone with Award Fever this is a great overview of accolades  the films have garnered in the past year.
Tess Felix and other area Stinson Beach artist are in a group show. Don't want to miss the opening party is December 14th! Have a little art for the holidays :-)
I did this site over a year ago for our dog walker. The site is responsive and can be viewed on any device. The front tiles are used to promote her services and do not link to any other story or service page.

Rebecca O'Neill is a Licensed Marin County Dog Trainer and is available for pet sitting. With summer in full swing I thought there might be some local folks who would benefit. Visit her web site for more information.
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I recently published a post on developing what I call "sideways vision".  A great, entertaining video, "Walking Contest" by Vania Heymann, was the inspiration. Stop in; read a little, catch a movie and unleash your sideways vision :-). Put like that you may want to pour a glass of wine to enjoy along with it. #creativity

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I wish we could go dark even one day a week. It would be fantastic to be able to enjoy the night sky. I was just thinking about this while watching "Gravity". Living in the southwest, stargazing was definitely one more reason to love it.
When the sun exits the sky over North Korea, the nation goes dark.

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I loved the Goodreads Quote that dropped into my inbox today.

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How to write a press release when it's time to do a little crowing--

[caption id="attachment_6029" align="aligncenter" width="380"] Time to crow![/caption]

Think of your press release as a small news story about you or your company. This is something that every business should have some degree of comfort creating. If you are able to hire a writer then you can use the information below to gauge how effective the article is that they provide you.

The first step is to define your audience: who are you trying to reach. This will affect the language you use and how the information is conveyed. For instance you convey the information differently with a customer than you do industry peers. Also make sure that your information is relevant to your intended reader and when you are writing make sure that you spell this out for them.
Next define what you want them to do after reading your press release: what is the call to action. Defining this clearly will make it easier to write your article.
Spend time crafting an eye-catching headline that will pull the reader into your release and that also expresses the core intent of your story. Some writers recommend that this is done after the rest of the piece is written so it captures the essence better. Since we are now posting online as often, or more often, than in print keep it to approximately 60 characters. This makes it more sharable as a tweet or a status message on Facebook.
Write it like a news story. The first paragraph summarizes your entire story in two or three lines and should answer these five points: who, what, where, why and how. Any further information is provided in the next paragraph or two. You want to keep the entire piece to a page or less so be clear and concise. What graphics can you use to enhance your story? Include a quality photograph, your logo or for online posts, even video.
Provide your credentials or your companies credentials, contact information and social media links.

Have you crafted a great press release? Share a link in the comments.

Example real world press release
Guardian Faber acquire world rights for definitive book on Edward Snowden and the biggest leak in history
Burberry Uses iPhone 5s to Capture Spring/Summer 2014 Runway Show
Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream to Host Small Business Speed Coaching in Los Angeles

Enhanced Mobile Services Impact Both Shoppers and Store Owners
Bigcommerce has been coming out with great enhancements this past year including new features for mobile users; both shoppers and store owners. As the time spent on mobile devices increases these are invaluable updates.

[caption id="attachment_6018" align="aligncenter" width="411"] Mock storefront with updated mobile app enabled[/caption]
Let's look first at how this impacts the consumer facing aspect of a business: the storefront. I have read that mobile sales now accounts for almost 20% of commerce and this number is expected to grow considerably in the near future. While Bigcommerce has had a mobile version for quite some time the latest update allows for customization to extend your brand and provide the customer a unified experience no matter the device: desktop or mobile. Bigcommerce has more information about this feature.
They have also developed tools to give storeowners the ability to manage and provide customer care from wherever they are. First, there is a free iPhone app available for download from the App Store. Recognizing that everyone is not on an iPhone, Bigcommerce also developed a Mobile Control Panel web based service designed specifically for mobile devices. This has the same features as the iPhone app except for push notifications. Using either tool you're able to manage your store from any location, respond to customer requests, review orders, manage shipments, and update inventory. This feature will make management efforts easier and also, with improved and more agile customer service, help retain happy and loyal customers.

Questions? Let me know. I'm a Bigcommerce Partner and happy to help in any way I can. If you like this post please share it on Pinterest or on Facebook!

If you are currently not using Bigcommerce you can set up a free 15 day trial store.

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