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I wonder what we'll do when our patience runs out? Write some more? Talk some more? Stockpiling guns isn't our style, and we face people whose style it is. Power really does flow from the barrel of a gun, but the power of violent coercion is not always - or even often - right. Power also flows from public education and knowledge, and those thing trend toward rightness. There IS hope, if more of us speak up, and write, and end our patient silence.
Patience is not an unlimited well

"That’s why you’ve been able to push things this far. We’ve kind of been hoping that you’d wake up one morning, look at the things you’d written or said, the sermons you’ve preached, the blog posts you’ve published, the hateful things you’ve screamed at children and grieving parents, and suddenly see them with new eyes. We’ve been hoping that you’d wake up. No, not hoping — assuming. It happens often enough. People drop their fear all the time, shake their heads, make amends for the harm they’ve caused and start living their lives without the poisoned anger and hatred.

Because despite what we say sometimes when we’re frustrated, we don’t actually think you’re stupid. Not most of you. We’ve actually been expecting you to figure this all out on your own the way smart people do.

But that doesn’t seem to be going well. In fact, you just seem to be getting more and more afraid of everyone who doesn’t share your very specific beliefs."

Will the patience finally run out?
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The problem is, I don't think these are problems that, push comes to shove, they will want to solve with a gun. They rattle them about most threateningly -- but I don't think they'll go that route if push comes to shove.

Then again, I've been wrong before.
I hope you are right. They have been working awfully hard convincing themselves that everything is at stake.
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