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I shouldn't have laughed at this.
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Ned Andre
you are a terrible person.
But aren't we all? XD
Alan Cox
and you need bread and mustard for a hotdog
Terrence Lui
Oh My.  I shouldn't have either but I did.  
You need to marinate them first!
At first I feel terrible for laughing. Then I calm down and wonder if that puppy is alright with its head held like that.
Too bad that little girl isn't Australian, and chewing on dingo puppies.
I laughed too hard as well.......that poor puppy!
I always say "If you laughed, you lost the argument."  This happened to me for the first time when I saw someone photoshopped an "I'm 18!" Birthday party hat onto JonBenet Ramsey.  I laughed, then wen't oooooh... realized I lost the argument, then accepted it.
Oh, Mr. Takei, you are what the Spanish call "El Terrible." ;)
Nah. It's pretty funny. I don't see anything wrong with laughing.
Haha....can't stop laughing!!!!

She's riding the oxytocin waterfall.  (Don't ask.)
tony l
its a dog
um...but those aren't cats, Ashley?
tony l
duh even my 2 yr old cuzn knew it was a dog
There are some things you can't help but laughing at. This is one of them.
they taste better with egg-noodles and a dash of soya sauce
I don't want to +1 this joke which is somehow more blatantly racist than others.

But then again, it is a George Takei post...

...I don't know what to do....
You talking to me? I don't see anyone else, you must be talking to me!
You know, dark meat IS better for you...
That is not funny at all this should of not ben posted
can't... stop... laughing! XD
Oh, goodness, I just busted out laughing in the middle of class. I don't know if the picture or George's commentary did me in. 
The fact that you laughed +George Takei makes it funnier.
That and people should not take this kind of stuff serious.
Alex M
Engaging face palm...
Aww what's wrong with you people??? Why the heck do you eat dogs??? They are the cutest things ever!!!!
How can it be racist? Dogs don't do racism
M Rod
Hoe-re craap, dat berry fun-knee......!
There are so many things to laugh at that are just wrong...doesn't stop me either.
Now we know where the Daily Mail article about skinning puppies came from
hahahaha............. really funny...........:P
I can't wait for you to be back on THE HOWARD STERN SHOW!
Awwww...she's so cute! But seriously, don't eat it...
I LOVE DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!! but not people eating them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There's something i didn't understand who are u people refaring to is it d little gurl or d person dat post it?
+George Takei if anyone should have laughed at this, it's you. Stereotypes only have power when they're taken seriously. Besides, this is funny. 
LOL great timing and great captions
Gene Shin
As a Korean, I have to laugh at both the picture and again with your comment, George!  It bugs my wife (Caucasian) that I call every dog I meet Teriyaki and Hibachi.

My guess is the cutie in the picture calls them sashimi or yukwhe! 
i'd like to see a person who didn't laugh at this
That is no way to wean her off the bottle
Itadakimasu +George Takei  Puppy Sashimi ! lol Don't forget the wasabi. <(~_O)>  Cute post.
That's just wrong, but we're laughing about it here. :)
and yet soon every thing will insult someone at some time.  Have a healthy laugh :D
People, so sensitive. It's a joke. Clearly its just a kid playing with a puppy, that someone put words to, that were intended for a chuckle.
Q aI
LoL..well as the saying goes: If you cant laugh at yourself then...
this is funny but terrible at the same time and I feel bad for what that baby is eating.
<l;-B   he need yuse chop stix, people tahink he animal, not propa.
its a true saying and now i get it
Why not? All in good fun.
Babies + puppies = irresistibly cute.
Babies eating puppies 
I'll feel bad for the puppy from the little girl doing that.
Haha that completely just proved all stereotypes completely right.. just saying
I don't know if I'm allowed to laugh or not. :P
George, you have that on FB too?
kids will be kids. just laugh and enjoy.
That's seriously funny,has 2 go on a billboard!LMAO
yeah we don't eat raw food lol
I never knew George was so funny. I wonder if he was a cut-up on the set of Star Trek.
<I;-B  white man jook vary funy lung time..
Wow eating animals raw seem very upset but the baby is smart to clean them like a animal(licking)
That is kind of wrong George, but it is also funny as hell..  
I feel so bad, but I can't stop laughing. DAMN YOU STEROTYPES!!!
Wow eating animals raw seem very upset but the baby is smart to clean them like a animal(licking)
I suppose it's better and healthier then a doner kebab

The gay Asian guy from Star Trek posts a bad taste Asian joke on a social network: what a brave new work we live in!
i have a dog and i think that is so mean to do to those puppies
Ok some1 went all chinese writting on our asses.#britton watkins,what does that mean?
I'm sure the baby just wants to suck on the puppies cranium, who wouldn't?
BAD TAKEI!! VERY BAD TAKEI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But you are only human. If we cannot laugh at ourselves nor each other....... =)
it's ok for you asians to laugh but my laughing makes me a racist. life is so unfair.
humm...  In asia it's dogs,  here it's cats...  ?

Just checking ;-)

And besides, isn't it usually how the food is found in the markets, live?  And we go to my squid experience... Had to do it, wouldn't again.
ROFLMAO!! It's great to see you have an awesome sense of humor sir. 
all yall that's saying my commet is rude well yall need to be quit and stay out of my commets if yall don't like it
where do you find these things!!!=)
I didn't laugh- I'm not a disgrace to my family!
Yeah I sort of understand how you feel but the thing to remember is to keep your sense of humor about yourself and your race. With out that sense of humor you lose your perspective in this life and when you lose that you lose the reason that works with your sense of humor. It's true that racists will take this as proof  of your inferiority but your laughing at this or me laughing at it won't change their sick, sadistic beliefs. I'm sure you see the same humor in it that I do and all other reasonable and rational people it's meant as a joke and only someone who is unreasonable and irrational would see this as anything different. This isn't going to make the world a better or worse place unless we lose our collective sense of humor and our reason. Then things will get much worse.
My friend from grade six was asian and she did not eat dogs
why does everyone post things after another
That was my first thought as well.  
Plenty of room in this handbasket for the both of us, sir. 
I laughed also, guess I need another round of diversity training
ya but that girl is going to die
Brandon lol @ your reaction.   Nice to see you, over on this side of things ;)
Well I don't find it funny in total, I love animals more than humans,I feel sorry for the pup cause he's a baby and if you where to grab any baby by the head, the risk of neck injury or death is high, i mean if this photo was a sudden event and at the time the puppy was taken away, then it's funny, but if it was given on purpose to experiment what the kid would do, than it was fu%#@&ing mess up, it's like to give a gorilla a new born to hold and wait to see what happens, the gorilla doesn't know better as the kid as well.
Know in regards of Asia's eating dogs, well not every Asian have an appetite for it, and not only Asians do it others do it as well, I wouldn't make fun of it but, cause every culture have weird eating habits on things that shouldn't be eaten, although when Noa came out of the Ark God told him that every animal was at his disposition for food, ( Gen 9:3) .
Maybe you might agreed with me, that anything that is unintentionally possible is more amusing than when it's intentional done,so there shouldn't be any racial or bigotry.........we'll that's my opinion ...;)

It's only a problem if you ingest.  Friendly nibbles are innocent.  
Is it wrong that my first thought was some bastardization of a line from Scrooged? "A kid gets, what is in today's market, a $70 cut of veal." And thinking "what an upscale neighborhood." So many terrible, terrible things.
No no its funny, remember comedy above all things..
The hillbilly half of me wanted to be offended, but the Asian half of me is laughing too hard. #laughclown  
French fries and rice salt and pepper on the side...Lol!!!
hey baby u may not having teeth u shall eat them when u got some teeth ok and eating raw can make u sic we will have some nice hot dog
babies eating babies? what a conundrum!
just the cutest thing ever! babies...everything's in their mouths first.very funny!
It's a racist world we live on today....... Cute kid 
Con Man
George, we love you! in a very un-gay manner, but we do! honestly!
thats just realy sad and she must have been realy hungry
Naw, it's the puppy trying to get it's snack or toy back :)
i know im kid dont judge pls ps im not saying this with an adttuide
That's real life in the P.I. No joke.
I'm pretty sure that if it's wrong to laugh it, it's wrong to (re)share. Just saying :)
Sick! Parents are to blame for this. 
Oh yes, you should have.
No worries, this is what happens in the P.I. (after boiling of course.) and that's real talk. This is a child being a child. Which at times is funny!
Wow, that's hilarious :-) Thanks, George!
Now that is funny!! Ty for sharing Mr George. LOL LOL
Yooooo lmao , omg its funny but its not lol 
what the heck! poor puppies! this is so wrong!
Josh D.
I am chinese. I take a moderate amount of offense from this picture.
Nope, it the rule that you can ALWAYS laugh at inappropriateness geared at your own kind.  I got injun jokes that'd kill ya.... 
I pissed my self when I looked at it lol :)
Ryan Ng
That's racist
Ryan Ng
But that is good lol :)
Ryan Ng
Chinese girl eating dogs...
thats hilarious, thanks George now thats humility,
u no how to get the security code for face bok to hack
Ryan Ng
I'm not Asian
I thought they liked cats? 
Matt V
I'm glad you laughed.
Ryan Ng
Your mother...
Ryan Ng screwed up
Ryan Ng
...and so are you
Ryan Ng
...but not really
So wrong! But I got a chuckle
So what we eat pigs and cows so what different 
Ryan Ng
no little Asian don't eat dogs at all
Ryan Ng
Asians don't eat dogs, they eat chickens
We make fun at them Chinese for eating dog meat in USA but look what them far ass eat every day 
Ryan Ng
Chinese people (not all of them) eat insides of dogs, not the entire dog...
Ryan Ng
Ryan Ng
Better than processed foods!
Ryan Ng
I LIKE BUNS (not that type of way)
Ryan Ng
Eat shit is better than this
Ryan Ng
wait, she's Japanese?
Ryan Ng
last comment haha I challenge you
Neiko J
She looks hungry

Ryan Ng
Okay, that is just racist.
I think breaking down boundaries like ethnocentricity and the fact that all humans create the beauty of our collective consciousness through different belief systems can really show someone's true character, when commenting on someone else's art, funny pic, video, etc.  Social media has created the perfect limbo, where on each side we have opportunity - one where we can all just bitch back at each other, or....the one that lets us all see eye-eye and recognize that the very differences we have with others and other's cultures may indeed stem from within our own selves.     I don't think anyone should have to feel overly awkward , fyi.  We should all be at talking about the need and use of raising funds in a country like that, to make sure that all cultures are networking, laughing and moving forward, all at once.  I chuckled because it does indeed happen in poor countries where some population control is lacking...and I feel bad inside because I know how hard we are trying on that side of the world to bring education, better practices and even diet-change....and tradition, survival and the right to choose your own path always have the catch 22 on hand.  Where do you draw the line; good question.  What can we all do a about the bigger reality:  Let us find out.  
Bahahahhahahahahahahahhahhahahahaahhahahaha Eating dogs. Bahahahaha Raw. Bahahahahahahahahahahaha Its a funny picture, Peoples just got to get used to horrible comedy!
What a long string of comments...someone should repost with an American baby pic, cow's hoof in mouth. We worship what they eat out of desperation and/or culture. They worship what we consume out of gluttony, at times, me thinks... Makes me wish Shane could chime in on this - his friends just had to "relocate" the grown black bears they raised as pets over on the otherside.
Also, sushi is very good and most of the time served raw...yet I've never bitten right into a fresh catch after hoisting a fish into my canoe.  My friend came over to the states for the first time and had her dinner by spear and hand; lil blue gills and crawdads over the fire and eaten right off the bone, within about ten minutes.  Meanwhile, I spent an hour hauling in nine pounds of bass... What a total experience for both us, to see each other's worlds collaborate over a northern WI campfire :)  We ate and drank well into the night; laughing just like we all should be able to at situations like +George Takei has presented us with.  Great thinker and inspirational mind, he has, (spoken in broken-yoda voice.)
Cute child frist you can take food befor i will tel u answer
that's just messed up man
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That's awful George. Hilariously awful indeed.
Loved it. Have a Chinese friend who ate little brown dog as a kid (not a pet, obviously) and said it was delicious. But she is not into eating dog any more...that was like 50 years ago.
This is too funny! I am dying
I just had a flashback to last week's temakizushi gathering I hosted. 
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