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We were always ahead of our time.
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No, but seriously, that is hilarious!
Kevin Norris
Star Trek did lots of these sorts of things...
Gotta love technology, ideas taken from sci-fi
Our communicators looked like early Motorola flip phones
Where's my phaser?!  I'm still waiting on that one.  You can keep the transporter!
LOL, I just read that caption in his voice!
LOL I was thinking this as well as Event Horizon. Either way...
I love my iPad so much because OS star trek. Dream come true..,
We have always depended on the kindness of strangers the gadgets of sci-fi to advance real-world tech.
We headed in the right direction to boldly go...
Re Mi
We can trace most technology back to star trek!
Welcome aboard, Mr. Sulu ^_^
the morale of the story? WE ARE SHEEP! NAUGHT BUT MERE SHEEP!
Ray A
Nice to see you on G+.   Love the picture!
It's amazing how much Star Trek stuff look dated because it inspired creations that eventually does more than the original Trek version...
Ken Liu
Star Trek was ahead on so many things. Main contribution I see from pic is putting baldies in charge. We rock ;)
EVERYONE should know by now where these ideas come from
Picard was sooooo 352 years behind the times if that is a iPad in his hands.
Before we run out of replies again, (took 27 minutes last time) might I note that not a single +William Shatner post has gotten as many +1s and shares as +George Takei's very first one.
Who's the best captain now?
Funny, I was watching Psych last night, and it was the convention episode with +George Takei  in it!
They had tablets on TOS too ... waaaaaaywaaaaywaaayy ahead of time!
Wish there was a +2 button :) Thank you sir!
You guys never covered any single direction... The entire spectrum was covered in all directions 
Welcome indeed Sir George of Takei, Lord of the Rainbow +George Takei 
Flip phones.. communicators.
PADDs.. iPad
Your posts are always read in your voice, in my head! :D
It was because of Star Trek that the cell phone was created, you know
Thanks George for joining us. It is a great privilage to have you among us.
Now, they need to start working on Replicators. Those would be AWESOME!
Actually the first instance of a tablet PC is shown in 2001 a space odyssey.
Ain't this the truth. It's amazing to watch those original Star Trek shows and the 'futuristic technology' they came up with; and then look around now at the similarities. So who is going to come up with a replicator so I can just ask the wall for a bourbon on the rocks? 
I want a transporter first. They would have to be based on similar principles of matter manipulation after all!
Takei so glad to see you here, dropping the  knowledge! :D
It always cracks me up when I hear Patrick Stewart cuss.
those food based 3-D printers are being prototyped right now.
Holodeck! I want the holodeck next :)
Picard's looks like Steve's, but Kirk's looked like Bill's.
Which begs the question, if Motorola had to license 'droid from Lucasfilm, why haven't Apple, Microsoft, etc, licensed the tablet design from the Star Trek creators?  Welcome to G+ George.
Let's not forget the hypo-spray thingy or the tricorder in addition to communicators. Star Trek did change the future.
So glad you are here George! I think Bill is beside himself with jealousy. ;)
Damn - I have to stare at this photo all day again. It's already been circulating the web, lol - I've seen it hundreds if not thousands of times now. +George Takei, I'd rather see a post on pizza: than these devices.
They had them in 2001... not the year, the movie.
IBM NewsPad, 2001, A Space Odessey, Stanley Kubrick 1968
OMG someone send his to European and US patent office. Talking about prior art hahaha
+George Takei Heh, funny you should mention early motorola flip phones - I bought my first one specifically because it looked like a communicator.  :-)

Oddly enough, I was never successfully beamed up...
And before Bill Gates there was James T. Kirk and the USS Enterprise with the technology. Welcome to the G+ family George Takei!
Do you guys still stay in contact, like going out for breakfast or have you guys grown apart as time went on.
I agree +George Takei i think that we should all acknowledge the technology we have right now and say "are we not proud of our technology today" and slow down a bit, but it is what makes America run fast today!
Matt C
+Mike DeSimone , +Margaret Leber I like both, but I have to give it to TNG because the "tablets" shown in 2001 were just used for video, not data.
If I get a tablet, I want an LCARS graphical user interface app. Lol
I'm actually excited about the medical device that glows and spins and cures everything from indigestion to broken bones without opening the skin.  I'm sure someone at Google is working on that, now that self-driving cars are looking good.
Microsoft stole the idea from Star Trek. ;)
All the best tech started with Star Trek. LOL.
looking forward to trying out the new windows tablet. It looks good!
I prefer Microsoft... after all they invented the first tablet
Let's not forget Author C. Clark's news pads in "2001 A Space Odyssey" written in the late 60's. It was almost paper thin, simi-transparent and flexible. That, I think is where we will end up.
Apple patented 2001. Both the year, and the movie, so technically... yeah you know where I'm going.
Those grey-surface black clipboards that Grace used to hand Bill all the time -- those were tablets, weren't they? :)
The idea came from Microsoft but implemented well by Apple. Don't know if Steve Ballmer can make it. Only time will tell.
Just noticed that Bill Gates is the only one with all his hair.
Of course you never know it at the time.
So glad you're on G+ now. Welcome aboard!
I remember when the PDA's first came out and my mom got one. I kept on calling it a DS9 Padd. lol
+George Takei The real game changer is going to be the tricorder. IR spectroscopy is almost there and the data is just sitting pretty on university databases. Democratized chemical analysis is going to dramatically alter people's views of their physical environment. 
Yeah its fun to see the "tech fantasy" in Star Trek turn into tech reality.  Matter Energy Transfer next ?  ;-)
back when i was a kid -sy fi readers were considered freaks -now everybody wants to be like us - way to go
Welcome to G+, love the reference :D
I still find myself referring to my tablet as a padd.  Sci-Fi drives reality where ever it can.
Ah, the tricorder.  And those non-invasive hyposprays.
I'm waiting for the day where I can complain about this odd pain in my head and no one knows what I'm talking about. "What's a headache?"
Automatic sliding doors came about thanks to the Star Trek franchise too =)

Just wondering if Replicators are even possible... would solve quite a few crises.
The thing is if I really had a choice I would chose the PADD
Kinda the point of science fiction isn't it? To imagine the future.
I can't wait till they come out with the iTricorder
One of the things that made the shows great was that they didn't make the technology stupid. No surprise some of those great ideas are being built for real.
C Banks
So true! PADD 
If Steve Jobs got cloned in the future, I bet you he would sue the shit out of Starfleet.
Ugh.  As much as I hate to admit, the Metro UI for Win 8 is probably more like LCARS than Android or iOS.  Now, add some context sensitivity according to, say, location as detected via GPS/NearField/etc. trigger... that could be interesting.
I'd rather not have an iCorder myself.  It would cost too much and have to be replaced every few months and I wouldn't be allowed to replicate replacement parts.
Guys... star trek takes place in the future....
By the way, +George Takei , thank you for posting unique content and interacting with the plussers here.  Engaging and interacting is what G+ is really all about.  We are glad you are here!
Star Trek is the one and only leader.
Yes.... Where's one of you computing in the future? :) 
How is that being ahead of your time, those pads are from 300 years in the future! :)
PS: I like how the newer federation pads have the federation logo at the back that's backlitted the same way as the apple logo on the ipads :) (just shows how unoriginal the ipads really are)
Hah, so glad to see you on here... And the image is lovely almost as lovely as your presence. ;)
Thank you for coming to Google Plus!! 
Didn't Star trek get there first on the Hypo-spray medical injector thingy as well ?
oh gush ive seen this in 4 social sites would you leave it? it just has its reasons thats all.
That is why it is called 'prior *art*' and not 'prior science' ;-)
Heh, sorry George, Arthur C Clarke and Kubrick beat you to it in the 2001 movie.
Actually the Star Trek universe is about the only SF universe where I think I have actively tried to create inventions from.

Someone was interviewing William Gibson on a radio show and argued that the Web was an attempt to build the world of Neuromancer. So I had to call in and say that it was exactly the opposite. Neuromancer is set in a distopia, someone would have to be a complete fool or evil to want to create that world. In fact the Web was more about trying to prevent people creating that world.

The communicator is very similar in function to the pre-smartphone mobile. In fact the flip phone form factor largely comes from there.

What is still rather astonishing however is that when Star Trek started, the idea that bigotry would be absent from society in the 22nd century (or whatever) was radical. I don't think Roddenberry merely anticipated that change though, I think he played a small but significant part in changing it. Putting a black female officer on the bridge was radical in the 60s.

The other big invention that is in Star Trek that we could do today but have not done is that we have the role of the computer completely wrong. People don't spend their time debugging computer systems in Star Trek, the computers get on with it themselves without fuss.

I spend an inordinate amount of time debugging systems that really could debug themselves with just a little thought from the designers.
The original series started in 1966, and had tablets
2001 came out in 1968

Star Trek wins +Matt ODonnell 
Welcome to the Google+ frontier!
George: A message from Facebook, Are you liking Ghost Town.
+George Takei I know you are new on Google+, but here it is considered wrong to use a picture without crediting it's creator.  In this case i'm not certain who originally posted it but I know that I first saw it on +Enrique Gutierrez 
Mr Takei. Undoubtedly brilliant.
Number 1... I have 3 number 2's near me... Beam them up!
Glad to see you on Google+ +George Takei ! I was just thinking recently about how this is perfect for your content!!
I have always thought the idea was stolen from TNG.
Let me be the 1438th person to say: Oh MY.
Well, I guess us Trekkies have some thing to brag about.
Here +Paul Thompson this guy makes 'em! :) These will pop balloons and light matches also...almost there. 
Oh that was where it came from i thought that Bill Gates started the whole thing off lol.
Larry H
Trying to get some traction on this.. if you can help out or know an appropriate avenue to communicate please help out. Sorry but it has nothing to do with post.


I attended a voter registration this prior weekend, my job was to go to Leveritch (spelling?) park. This was pretty much a bust, very few people. 

My thought is to start a online campaign, driven mainly through celebrity "tweets" and a webpage that would have links to online registration sites for all states. This would need to driven at the national level using "celebrity" trenders.   

A tweet would be something like this:

 Get involved "Ask your neighbor" get in the game, be involved, register to vote and fire it up for your country. 

BTW, the physical voter registration drive should move beyond the metrics of counting signed cards, each individual should have wallet sized cards to hand out to folks with the criteria and online information to register.

Thanks for your consideration and time, Larry Hodgson.

P.S. Not that it will get noticed, but sent a copy to the producers of the "Ellen" via their webpage.
I have to say, I don't care about Star Trek one bit but I'm a huge fan of +George Takei and I know he'll make me laugh with whatever he's up to. Welcome to G+! 
I think apple is a lot more up to date with advertising
technology follows science fiction.
I still pull out my smartphone, fire up the tricorder app, and show how it's actually a functional (if a bit limited) scientific measurement tool.  That mimics a Star Trek device.  That I have in my pocket, right now.  Yea, verily, we live in the future right now.
It was in 2001:A Space Odyssey in 
The 1st patent for some thing like this was issued in 1888 (patent 0386815)

Nothing new to see here.
I still haven't actually seen anyone claim that Microsoft stole the idea of a tablet from Apple. Oddly, there seem to be quite a few people claiming that people are claiming that Microsoft stole the idea of a tablet from Apple.

(On the other hand, development of the Apple Newton reportedly started in 1987. When did ST:TNG start? 1987! Coincidence? Well ... actually ... yes, coincidence.)
Hewlett-Packard offered a touch screen PC back in the 1980s that ran MS-DOS, has 3.5-inch floppies, and the monitor came with a touch screen sensor that fit on the supplied monitor.

There were four of these in operation at Valparaiso University back in 1987 in one of their computer labs (which also contained two HP CAD workstations, several Zenith PCs running Netware 3.x connected to a Sun 386i, which ran SunOS).  I was a student then, and had a chance to use one of these machines.

None of these tablets impressed me one bit.
Yeah George we only have the iPad. You guys had a screen that allowed you to look at the surface of a planet from millions of miles away, as well as transporters. Ha ha 
Just get a real Data going and then i'll be happy
And Scotty lead Apple pretty much srraight forward their way to Siri. But it still needs to be overhauled on Cygnet XIV for some personality... #geekhumor  
Star Trek was ahead of its time in many ways - including socially (race/gender equality, etc). Welcome to G+ -really glad to have you here!
I want another book about the adventures of your rapier-wielding hero Hosato! Thanks for taking time to talk with me for a bit about the book, years ago...
Wow, all that time I thought Picard was doing something important and it turns out he was playing "Angry Birds Hyperspace"
That's so true... Let's just not forget HP as well 
and so... history is doomed to repeat itself while making us laugh.  :)
T- ilex
The "holo-deck" should be next. (fingers crossed)
So Abraham Lincoln and Mitt Romney are trending, yet this is the top post on G+.

Anybody else in for #takei2012  ??
Sci-fi TV shows have the ability to introduce far advanced technology that isn't feasible yet (and may not be best use of technology), and through that avenue spur R&D in that direction.
And this post has earned you a follower.
He and Star Trek are exactly why we have all the cool things we have today. 
It seems hair is less and less necessary in the future.
There was a lot of so-called "far-fetched" ideas that made their way  onto the set of Star Trek that became reality.  Hello, Cell Phone/Personal Communicator.
You were way ahead of our time George Takei.......
And my smartphone plays the iconic communicator sound when I get new mail. :-)
we know now where the tablet came from lol.
Yea the future is always ahead of our time.
1992: IBM build a 10" tablet with intel cpu, 8 mb ram and 20 mb solid state disk.
Science Fiction is the Science of the future. i remember an episode of the TOS with Kirk using Videoconference in the conference room.
Be careful George, Apple may claim patents on Star Trek.
+George Takei I always thought of you as Sulu and never paid much attention to the name behind the character in years passed; however, in light of recent observations, I think the contents of the name is more interesting than the character overlying it.
Did Microsoft rehearse this?
AFAIR there were no openly gay characters in the original series. Was there some sort of straight backlash in Starfleet Command?
light years ahead!
All OTher Captains < Old Kirk < Picard < New Kirk -- I might be alone in this but I LOVED the new star trek.
Chris - where are you? Inquiring minds want to know
But... Start Trek is in the future.
thanks, Mr.  Takei...  This is an ancient human way of working.. .it makes sense that it would be developed... now, can we move along? it should continue to be upgraded... with everything else...  even the paper tablet was an "upgrade" of the clay tablet...  Microsoft's Table.. is a good addition to the digital lifestyle.. tablet, table, TV/Monitor and the interfacing between them and the home/business/industry/office computer/intranet/internet...  great combo
haha.  good artists copy, Great Artists steal
Welcome +George Takei!!

Gene Roddenberry tackled (attacked?) so many controversial topics of the time, I can't even begin to count the ways you were ahead of your time... and still are!

More to the subject at hand... I find it amusing, he number of people/blogs knocking the Surface as a flipped laptop, or a knockoff iPad. Over half of the people I know that have an iPad, have bought a stylus and flip-case with keyboard. I'm still awaiting details, but if the Surface will run IIS or Apache and a database, I'm probably picking one up. An iPad is just a big phone that can't make calls.*

*Yes, I've heard of Skype.
+Richard Wire itll def. run apache at some point, but why would you want to run a web server on it? It wont have a static IP or unlimited power like a server would
so true...Star Trek and Next Gen all have tech being emulated in today's technology. Best form of flattery for sure!
LOL...Star Trek always seems to be ahead of the curve.  
Microsoft's Surface computer...It is awesome...
Star trek even had the mobile before it existed. 2 to beam up..........
this is so true and i am not going to be one those people that just ends it like that,i find this very funny
So Happy George Takei is here !  Yay!!!
Welcome to g+ George great to see another enterprise 1701 member on here,loving the re-runs of the original star trek series
Now this is why Trekkies should have been taken serious from the star(t)reck! Way to go George !!
That's an Android tablet on the far right.
Newton predates MS's tablets. But, yeah, Star Trek got there first. Probably so did some others?
The imagination of writers is what inspires the minds of scientist, inventors and designers. Always.
Jean-Luc Picard is pretty beast mode!
hahaha yes, yes you were, :D there is an entire generation running around trying to make your movies come true :D
C - Los
Hairline decreases left to right.  ha!
+George Takei:  With only two posts he has managed to crack me up twice.  Nice job.  A welcome addition to my G+ feed.  Thanks Mr. Takei.
I can't trust steve ballmer without the sweat soaked shirts.
Agreed. Just like the flip phones came from Trek.
I wonder what OS is running on Picard's tablet.
yep. The old StarTak. GTE. Its why I bought it. Beam me up Scotty! AND hey! you babies that make so much fun of US.... You MISSED IT! Star Trek was SO far ahead of its time. ya just don't know what it was like then.... and THAT SHOW.... chged lives, science, societal norms. BELIEVE it!
Forget Windows and Apple tabs, give me Android anytime!
Star Trek, NASA, and the military: from where we get our great technology.
It's nice to see another person that realizes :)
Now if only they can get warp drive already...since they are already behind Star Trek's technology =D
Matt H.
Loved u on Big Bang. 
M Rod
Bitches Please, You gotta Love it........!
...way ahead. Roddenberry was a true visionary. Can you imagine a world without money (=greed, evil)? I most certainly can;-)
There was also the Apple Newton. It was well before MS tablet PC's, but still handily beaten to the punch by Star Trek.
Ahem, Star Trek is fictional, set in the FUTURE, and did not invent the Android tablet shown there but bought it from a military supplier, probably Motorola.
What, so not only did Apple not invent the tablet, Bill Gates didn't either?? B-) 
What, so not only did Apple not invent the tablet, Bill Gates didn't either?? B-) 
Yes but you can't get people willingly to buy your things. Your marketing sucks big time!!
Science fiction, the source of inspiration for inventors and scientist!
#CaptainCanada  needs a TrekPad
Funny, I just finished watching "The Wrath of Khan" and saw this. Lol
If you watch 2001:A space odyssey (Made in 1969) take a close look at the newspad used by the Discovery astronauts.
OK! only apple was ahead of their time. Microsoft is always behind, copying Apple, just like they did with Windows 8 which is SUCH A BAD OPERATING SYSTEM! Seriously, same one for tablets AND PC's? Just plain dumb. Go Steve (we miss you! RIP)!!!!!!
Wow the human generation is rocking!! :)
I was thinking the exact same thing when watching Voyager last month, the Dr. Was reading medical books on what could easily been a Kindle :-D
P.s. If you or any newbies on here need any help on G+, feel free to give me a shout.
Or circle +Rahul Roy , +Margie Hearron. And +Jaana Nyström. For starters for some very helpful posts.
There's over 9000 plus ones!
dude that is the most +1 i have ever seen :D
Final final comment.  Picard rocks!
So, now we know, Cap'n Picard and crew were playing the 23rd century version of Angry Birds!
That's true! The concept of a Tablet PC there is light years ahead! Picard is the man!
And Stanley Kubrick conceived it before all the others.
Someone needs to bug Google to lift the 500 comment limit. It's lame!
nope not quite fahri, and the winner is......
This is my version from a school report about computers I wrote early 1987
I'm not sure what happened next, but I'm pretty sure he wandered off singing "The Picard Song" to the music playing in his head...
Al Stan
I never noticed!
Tang acted on my son as if he were poisoned,they put him in oxygen to speed up recovery. He was still  a baby but evidently extremely allergic to such a concentrated product.
Next they well have replicators like a 3D printer or something
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