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The desire is elemental 
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Thats a pig in a blanket (or will be)
+William Edom Co, F, Fe, E

Or C, O, F, Fe, E

But usually it's just a diagram depicting the molecular structure of Caffeine.
Good thing barium and cobalt aren't the main ingredients in bacon, though.
What compound would that produce? I'm sure its epic no matter what it is
Ok, does ANYONE know which elements are represented on the pillow....?
이 사람이야 말로 구글 회장 사촌쯤 되는 모양...  언제나 hot google에 뜨면서 올렸던 모든 댓글이 다 500댓글임~  @.@;
cobalt, nitrogen and ba im not sure (this is off the top of my head so may not be accurate)
Barium, Cobalt, and Nitrogen. I am also fourteen years old and taking Chemistry.
Nitrogen is N and Co is Cobalt and Ba is Barium
So... you have a thing for Kevin Bacon?
Try Barium-Zuunium-Iodine-Nitrogen-Gallium :o)
It's kind of ironic, but if you put any of these in your blood, it will kill you. Just like bacon grease
I would have paid attention if they taught chem class this way.
Bacon and eggs. BLT, bacon botty, bacon and beans and plenty more will become so expensive we'll all be eating Beggin Strips
It looks ELEMENTary, but I just don't see it.
Glad to see you've got good taste, George
George I keep reading everything you post in your voice.  You have no idea how much that amuses me.
now that's what i call genius :)
Supposedly, there is an impending global shortage of this element.
Most Logical...and yet Necessary for Human Existence. Love It!!
But we dnt have shortage of the bacon element
i wish it to be true all that to make bacon
Lol weeeeee we we weeereahhhhh
If you use the order Ba N Co, you get "chair" ou "stool" in Portuguese. I thought that was the joke.
Damn you George Takei! Damn you to hell!!! I'm trying to lose weight!
OH my god
now THAT is genius
My dreams tend to have bacon in the background much like a photobomb can't help it.. In a scifi dream or a nightmare about dropping out of a sky without a parachute somewhere in there bacon is present, bacon hmmm
Inducing tasty dreams since 2012...
Oh that's why they say it's not healthy. :D
Awesome! Even chemistry is better with bacon ;)
with lettuce and tomato over toasted oat bread slices with mustard....and chilled Chianti....Clarice!!!!
I'll take my chemistry crispy, please.
+George Takei I always negotiate with myself - bacon or chocolate, bacon or chocolate. Usually, chocolate wins.
Which would you choose, a devil's food chocolate cake with chocolate fudge icing, or a bacon and mayonaise sandwich?
My salvation is - bacon shrinks when cooked. Cake expands.
You couldn't make a molecule from those atoms, the nearest you could get would be barium carbonate BaCO3

Brian H
My son would love that
Dogs dont know its not real bacon 
+R. Harlan Smith - how about baking cooked bacon into the chocolate cake? (I know folks who do that and love the taste.)
on the periodic table look at 91, 7,20 ,19, 99.
A great t-shirt for a chemistry geek!
Thanks for humor, Glade to see your on G+ , I always enjoyed your jokes & humor that you would post on facebook.
 Barium ,Cobalt, & Nitrogen together = ¡ BACON !
I would so buy one just for the little geek in me lol 
George rocks!!! My wife has the tshirt
hey i just made an account in gmail wats up
I don't care if it's toxic and explosive! WANT!!!
Who would have guessed that George likes the meat.
SOMEONES gonna be eating their pillow tonight.
Everything is better with bacon
But is it a "balanced" food?
Hmmm, wonder what happens when some turkey goes to rest on that pillow? Turkey-Bacon? Oh my, I never sausage carnage.
I just fixed whole wheat French Toast with butter and of course Mrs Butterworths famous syrup.and BACON.!!! Mmmmm. Hot blonde and sweet Coffee.!!!
Oh yeah Scrambled eggs!!
My husband. Is asleep already...LoL.
love it - nothing better than a BLT on lightly toasted wheat bread with extra mayo...yum
i dont understand?????
Actually love this, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!
Mmm.. delicious barium cobalt nitrogen, my favorite. 
For brunch today I had a bloodymary with a short rib and giant pickle in it. It was garnished with bacon. To eat I had a flatbread with bacon, sausage & swiss smothered with 3 fried eggs. I can feel the veins in my neck hardening but it was awesome.
i have a sweater from the tech museum that says "CUTe": Carbon (C) Uranium (U) and Tellurinum (Te)
i dont like bacon, its nasty. but i like that pillow
Thanks soup just came out my nose! 8-)
56 + 27 + 7 = 90.  9 + 0 = 9.  In numerology, the number 9 stands for global awareness.  Therefore, the persons who contrived the 2013 Bacon shortage must have bet on worldwide pork belly futures while they ingested one too many shots of BAKON Vodka.  The report was later found to be false as there is no shortage of pork extending into next year, and even if there was a shortage of pork bellies, meat companies also make TURKEY bacon.  How swell of these wonderful people to think of the entire world's set of bacon consumers when they started their hoax.
Haha, I just read that in his voice. 
Yay, it's clever because it spells the name of a carcinogenic substance produced by brutally taking the lives of innocent animals while raping the earth. A substance the taste of which justifies animal cruelty, barbarism, obesity and heart disease. Forget living in harmony with the planet, and forget having interspecies compassion because a toxic, life-limiting food tastes nice for a very short period on the tongue. It's so nice living in a rational, intelligent world, and there's the proof - entries from the periodic table when rearranged spell -out its name. How very impressive ...
I don't care George....that's funny
Whoa Gary, we're carnivores. I watched a snake eat a frog the other day next to a lake. Two days later a bird grabbed a snake from the grass. It's all very natural. The world is a synergistic tool.
In fact we are much better at understanding animal population control than human population control. You should be appreciative of that fact.
That's just Barium, Cobalt and Nitrogen. No real pig there.
and only 56,277 calories... but whos counting... its bacon!
+Gary Ward For the sake of accuracy, bacon isn't carcinogenic, nitrite preservatives are. You can buy bacon without nitrites. Anyways, living in harmony with the planet involves animals mauling each other for food. Nature doesn't have interspecies compassion. Don't you know what a food chain is? Have you ever seen an alligator kill for food? They sink their teeth into the animal, drag it under water and roll, breaking the animals bones and drowning it. By your logic, alligators are cruel to animals. If you want to be a vegetarian or vegan because you're under the deluded notion that killing animals for food is cruel and unnatural, then by all means do what you want. But keep your annoying, whiny "eating meat rapes the earth" nonsense to yourself.
+Alan Shapiro  I'm on a diet of raw fruits and vegetables. These are the most nourishing and easily digestible foods, and foods human physiology is designed for. +David Robertson  Humans do not need meat, otherwise I would be dead by now after more than twenty years on a vegan diet. If you genuinely think bacon is not carcinogenic then you are a fool. The China Study has clinically proved that eating animal protein is linked with tumour formation. Look it up. Countless studies, and empirical evidence, have closed the book on the topic. It is a toxic, harmful, cancer-causing food to humans, and that is a fact so disbelieve it at your peril. +Bill Murray  Humans are not carnivores or even omnivores. We have a digestive system, and general physiology, perfectly designed for fruits and vegetables, with small quantities of nuts and seeds. Snakes are not human, just so you know.
Few things on earth are as utterly, blissfully spectacular as bacon...!
+Gary Ward "Humans are not carnivores or even omnivores. We have a digestive system, and general physiology, perfectly designed for fruits and vegetables, with small quantities of nuts and seeds."

Explain incisors.

Also vegan diets are dangerous to children. They can be done right, but it's difficult and even more so for low income families. There are plenty of cases of kids dying from malnutrition on such diets in Sweden where the popularity of such thinking is much higher.

(Sorry for helping to hijack your post George, but some people are very frustrating)
+Troy Walbaum  For the sake of accuracy, you should read The China Study or any of the hundreds of supporting studies which all conclude that animal products are detrimental to human health. At the very least, humans need nothing from animals for optimal health as we can easily get all our nutrients from plants. Bacon, and other meat, on its own is highly toxic to human health and linked with heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, and many other diseases because, over time, it prevents the body from functioning properly and causes significant levels of toxicity to build-up.

 Harmony is the absence of mauling; you are completely wrong on that one, too. Further, simply because natural carnivores exist - animals that can sustain themselves through no other means than killing - does not in any way justify humans killing animals because of the taste of their toxic, rotting flesh. My logic is called reason while yours is called fallacy. You are clearly utterly ignorant on this issue so you should not post as though you know about it, because you do not.

Do you have any idea as to the level of rainforest and other environmental destruction done in the name of farming animals? Do you know how many humans die of starvation every day because 90 % of all grain, soybean and corn grown in the world is used to feed farm animals? Have you any appreciation of the pollution caused by animal agriculture or the levels of water it is depleting? Are you aware it takes 16 lb of grain to be fed to a farm animal to produce just 1 lb of meat, and that the meat diet uses 20-times the land that is needed to provide for the vegan diet? You need to get informed instead of blindly attacking speakers of the truth because your irrational centre is uncomfortable with messages based in fact.
+Martin Lindsay
I don't have to explain incisors. Do you really mean to imply that humans have teeth capable of taking down prey and ripping into its still-living flesh? Do your teeth resemble those of a lion? And funnily, why is it that gorillas and other such animals have much more pointy teeth than humans yet they only eat plants? H'm, the truth is strange, eh?

As for vegan diets being a danger to children, that is utter nonsense, and I urge you strongly to stop watching CNN and Fox News because they don't let the truth get in the way of propaganda that suits the interests of their advertisers. It's called critical thinking, so give it a try. Further, do some research on this topic before making bogus statements because there are a great many healthy vegan children in the world, as well as adults who have been vegan all their lives. Feeding children meat and cow milk is child abuse; veganism is the solution. The vegan diet, however, should not be confused with a bad diet that lacks in nutrients. As I wrote previously, all nutrients are available from plant/vegan sources, whether child or adult.
+joe spaeth So good it is worth spending the last decade of your life with failing health and in utter pain; so good it is worth abusing animals and murdering them for; so good it is worth destroying the environment and watching 30,000 children starve to death each day while the race commits slow suicide? If you really think so that speaks volumes about you.
+David Robertson How many nutrition and health books have you read? I'm thinking bugger-all, and it shows. Arrogance is not asserting fact; arrogance is asserting one's ignorance and baselessly attacking those speaking the truth.
FUKIN CHEMISTRY :) i simply h8 it :))))
Love you on the Howard Stern show! Live long and prosper.
+Gary Ward you are obviously very passionate about the topic and i respect that. Unfortunately I consider you very misinformed.

I know I'm just a stranger on the Internet but please give some thought to the fact that not everything you believe may be correct.

There are many criticisms of the interpretation Campbell made of the China Study, and I consider this to be one of the best:

In my opinion this critique makes much more sense than the Campbell interpretation. You may disagree of course.

I think the China study in fact indicates that animal products can be very healthy. It cannot do more than indicate of course.
Rob M
I happen to know a few nerds that'd go bananas over this pillow haha.
Greg K.
Only when you do one of these for Boobs will you get as many +1s
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
Oh so true, George. Bacon makes everything better.
bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips and BACON STRIPSSS
Kwame A
Lol.. this is greatness!! 
Gary - I am in support of your ethical stance on both animals and nutrition. However the mere fact that we have evolved to be able to social network and develop and use technology ( the printed word ) and be as developed as we are is 100% down to eating cooked meat. Without it we would not have had the energy and would be as the apes. Now that we have evolved we can look at the situation and hopefully evolve from here but you cannot deny our past.
YYYYYYYYUUUUUUUMMMMMM i am very hungry now
I love bacon P.E.T.A. = People for Eating of Tasty Animals:-) :-) :-)

My saying is "Bacon Makes Everything Better
And who said elements couldn't be tasty? Oh, my!
Bacon George, al u dream of is food!!
+Gary Ward i ate vegatarian for a month on a bet. and it was the worst month of my life. i was sad and the food was not filling at all. i ended up taking in more calories than i did with meat in my diet.
Joe, I think you did it wrong ;-P ;-)  Good effort, though.  =)
I love my bacon!  :) 
Mikey D
I just got hungry
Haha lol clever!! now is there one for chocolate, or ice cream.... :p
Oh my! Like I always say, you can never have too much bacon or too much cheese. :)
This can be a really long list. As we move from the upper left of the table to cover more elements, we run into combinations of Arsenic/Sulfur, Plutonium/Sulfur/Yttrium....
When the bacon kills them, then you can Ba. (sorry)
just goes to show you, nitrogen is everywhere, in everything.
I knew chemistry and Muslim rage had something in common!
Too awesome, I'm loving this pillow ^_^
I'll keep my ion this. Woof.
haha!!! LOVEIT. (funny how i love this but hate bacon...)
In the Caribbean you need to ask for Beryllium, Erbium, Calcium & Nitrogen! ;)
Assuming you don't mean streaky bacon, heck yeah! It tastes good, sure, but it's hard to find any that isn't 70% fat :c
This is why I was always hungry in chemistry class.
Bacon, makes the world go round!!
Lam sao de co duoc nguoi minh yeu?
I am vegeterian so dont want that pillow in my home
Ah we frying tonight :).
That is a seriously dangerous pillow... Barium is poisonous, Cobalt causes allergies and cardiac irregularities, and Nitrogen you can't breath.
Yes, but without BaCoN we cannot live!
<3 Bacon and Chemistry totally belong together.
OK Gorge...time we connected MR Bacon element
precipitation is only in the hands of the holder
I want a BaCoN Pillow! or even better a pillow made of bacon
Then its ok to have it on pizza?lol
Dear Mr. Takei:  Where can I purchase the Yoda drawing with the comment?  I have to frame it.
barium, cobalt and nitrogen, that's what it is.
It's a pillow on a chair, that spells out bacon, using the chemical symbols for the elements barium, cobalt and nitrogen.
that's a good one!
+George Takei, why don't you post anymore?

Ed: Sorry about resurrecting this old post, come on, over a month? We all know how you feel about Facebook!
Wait, I think there are too many electrons in the conduction bands for Barium and Cobalt to . . . oh, wait.
So the Atomic Number of meat candy is 90.  Sounds like a nice number...unless you're a pig.
this atomic number should not be confused with "calories" LOL!
O it took me like 5 minutes to figure that out
The food of the gods can now accompany you in your sleep
+Natalie Lim , as a reformed chef, ALL foods accompany me in my sleep.
I eat fluently in 27 languages.
I only curse fluently in 7.   ;)
Fried up a pound of bacon this morning. About 8 slices remained to survive the day.
Scrapple for tomorrow morning, should that sparse selection of bacon slices survive that morn.
And I'm thinking, "CRAP! I forgot to pick up breakfast sausage for the morning..."
If you needed a longer pillow (e.g., a body pillow), you could use BArium, Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen.
you can't beat a good bacon sandwich with a dab of brown sauce
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