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You shall not pass!
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Needs another possible outcome...

FOOOOOL of a Took!
Lu Dwig
aabsolutly true and funny
Resurrect -> Change robe and get a stylish new hairdo.
Muh, you woke me up with flashy telephone lights and sounds, still funny though
Gandalf wins so much, he got a 1-up and resurrected in a white outfit! Hm... Balrogs are like Middle Earth versions of Fire Flowers crossed with Piranha Plants!
Even wizards need directions.
I'm remembering the Dork Tower comic in which the players tried desperately to find a use for Gandalf in a dungeoneering party. They eventually settled on using him as a portable ram to open doors...
I always wondered why Gandalf didn't just call the Eagles and have them carry Frodo to Mt. Doom.  Be back in time for supper...
+John Reinhold YES!  Thank you.  Someone else said it too.  Also in the most recent movie the Eagles drop them off in sight of the lonely mountain...why not just take them the entire way?
+John Reinhold According to Tolkien Himself, The Eagles had no interest in the matters of the other races, just provide help to Gandalf because he helped their lord once, and they do battle in the battle of the five armies because it involved Orcs ( they hate orcs because they kill their baby eagles and destroy their eggs )
+Samuel Lugo Bueno Yeah, so Galdalf calls them up and says, I need a favor... Run this little guy over here and back, and I'll buy the beer...
Suzy 'D
i never knew that..thanx 4 the explanation. 
+John Reinhold Lol, it's not like that, in Tolkien's universe or Lore, there were many complicated rules, for example, Gandalf or any of the other 4 wizards could not interfere in the matters of Men, you see, they were ancient powers and as such, they can only provide council, ( such as the Council Of Elrond), it's really interesting, but long story short, the Eagles are a Noble Race that had no interest in helping anyone but themselves, if something involved their land or was a treat they'll move their feathery asses.

I suggest you try and read The Silmarillion, it's where it all begins, how a vast force ( maybe GOD ) created stuff, at the very beginning of it all, it was song, then trees, then ..... check it out.
+David Hutches, not the FIRST day?
That would be a lot more unnerving, minus the fact that you're Gandalf.
I've read the Silmarillion.  And all of the LoTR books and the Hobbit.  It was a joke....  ;)
The Eagles are never willing to be commanded to do anything.  They help when they want, watch when they want.  And they have no desire to go to Mordor.  Notice they only go to Mordor AFTER Sauron's power is destroyed?  Not too mention, before Sauron's power is destroyed, I think Eagle's just flying into Mordor would have gotten quite  a bit of attention.  "The Way It Should Have Ended" video was cute that they did for LOTR, but unfortunately left a lot of people with an idea that just isn't true according to the LOTR universe.
I tried calling the Eagles but all they did was sing Take It Easy.
I pass all the time. Not sure why, either.
Gandalf regexp construction error:

haha! looks like our IT problem solving chart... well, minus the knives. sometimes. 
Of course, pulling this chart out during a crisis will lead to people developing a poor impression of you.
got to the eagles when it doesnt wok out!
Ryan Ng
Nice! No other choice but "Good". That's what I was forced to pick, at least.
again with another funny post
where do you find this?
this is amazing! kudos to you my friend
Okay! It's time for that master level fire spell.
greg s
Luved it...
For someone who read the book, i totally get this
This was something that confused me until i saw that it was Gandalf........Gandalf fixes all with his magic...
tried to find the loop that wasnt there
you could also end up with Call the eagles +Tosin Oyenuga
Or clean my clothes.....also called resurrect
and now you see why it took me so long
well, depends on how you got there.....
guru m
Eagles always save the day :)
not always.......Gollum saved the day, weird as that sounds
you gotta know the book before the movie, guys....
or, in this case, books...
I need this kind of problem solving flowchart.
the flowchart works, you just need some serious brainpower first, and more than one way out.....always have your escape planned and ready.
LOL...Harry Potter should've had this!
can you find the way out? i know it, but do YOU?
Years ago you came to Fat City (San Diego) and was nice enough to give me an autograph. Unfortunately during a move it was lost. If I get your address and mailed a self addressed envelope, would you be kind enough to send me a replacement?
Thank you!I

None of your posts are any good... And how the hell did you get into any of my circles? I know
you hate you aren't in Star Trek anymore. Because this is a waste of time. 
Harry Potter cant cope with this....he had it, but couldnt understand, so he gave it to Hermione Granger, and she barely understood.....
Is that something a cling on would fabricate?haha
they see the world in ways we Men cannot. they see everything in a broader sense and see cracks faster.....fact of life
Butt Implants kill a woman who received injections in a motel room in Philadelphia..ok
Gandalf has no mother, you fools. He is an Istari, not a mortal.
looks to me like a governmental biblical puzzle... can everyone see why this world is messed up. dont know about you but im tired of seeing the people of this world suffer do to a body of people setting snares and traps and catching men and women like fish, all for money !
Shawn Q
I don't understand magic, and I am not drunk.
I wonder what the percentage would be for how often the eagles are called on judging by this flowchart (* cough *, sorry, way of thinking that always kicks butt)
omgosh that is so awesome.
The Eagles are always gettin his ass out of a sling.
Jon Low
Dying is for chumps
So you see through Gandalf.
Fow of confusion & conclusions, let it to continue like life as it comes
who is behind the scene.....clever....
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Wizards run out of spells time for multitasking

Resurrection chaos {same look > different personalities and 0 memory}
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One of the best flow charts ever... :)
we are living in the world of technology
Wat line that one or that one or yhat one i dont get it lol lil keke outlaww
We now know how Google works.
and neither shall you! oppsy got caught with finger on the fazer not the trigger
I was inspired by you +David Hutches to tell my super cool and funny teacher to do that. Unfortunately I wont get to see it because I graduate in may! but i'll come visit Halloween day and I think that will be my coolest 'Teacher' memory i'll have from school. Thank You
soo true elf kingdom 
Yay! You're on G+ too.... I can't stand FB anymore. :)
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Why m i seeing this chat i dont know you guys
Does magic work? If no call the eagles. Lol
it should be end with Gandalf said "true story bro" haha
Can some1remove me please thank you !!!!!!!
Can some1remove me please thank you !!!!!!!
Can some1remove me please thank you !!!!!!!
And the trolling award goes to +Samuel Lugo Bueno and +Ray Matthew Haas, for you stupid comments on an otherwise funny flow chart meant not as an actually flow chart but a joke... you 2 are supreme dorks =P
Wll thanks for not commenting on the post just starting usen this g+ app but thanks..was just chatn
Just have to close this account 
u will pass. dont mind what people say
"Does Magic Work?" should be removed. We all know Gandalf cannot cast a complex spell outside of making his stone glow or splitting rocks with his stick. Harry Potter casts better with a stupid wand. Rofl ...
+Mark Smith if you delete your comments on this picture that is what "removes" you. When you comment on something then you automatically become a part of the comment stream.

You have to delete your own comments, we can't do it for you.
Hello it's good very very good
nam paw
ha.ha.look you'll see wft?
sorry i cont understand................
Nadim M
this is why the hobbit sucked. 
You could make an infinite loop with problem solved?, saying yes, are you dead, yes, resurrect, and so forth.
amen."God has promised us help:but are we ready 2 help our self ?
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what surprise as a goggle account holder
You all are forgetting that in LOTR the Nazgul would have taken down the eagles, and the eagles had no interest in fighting...
More efficient than the S.M.
KL Tah
This plan is glaringly devoid of a plan B. What if the eagles fail?
sound good where is the rest of the hobits
it might sound stupid but are you the actor
KL Tah
How would an Asian gandalf do it?
some time some day my name will be no top were nobody born of a woman will erase it GOD HELP US ALL.

i am a fool of a took ... just another mind myself hobit
You can have it written on the Book of Life in Heaven right now, by being born again! No one can erase it from there, unless you want it erased.
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Realise theres a VW Beetle driving through the shire -> Faceplam
I am very happy to see you here!  I love the flow chart.  Thank you for all the hours of enjoyment I had watching Star Trek.
Is a problem yet to start ->  yes -> relax and blow smoke rings. 
Is in great need for haste -> yes -> call Shadowfax.
Are all the problems of middle-earth solved -> yes -> Set sail for undying lands.
Didnt realize George was on G+ too. Huh, life just got better.
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fry guy
Welcome to G+, Mr. Takei.
Mithrandir always had a knack of humour in him among the Istari (no matter how PJ showed Radaghast in the movie). Quite a fool.. A fool, yes.. But a wise fool. 
+Rosie Trevino its a part in the movie where Gandalf says "you shall not pass" and breaks the bridge so the balrog can not cross the bridge. Watch it in lord of the rings part 1.
Lo tho I may strol thru the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil, for Im The Meanist Son Of A Bitch In The Valley!!!

"Short cuts make for long delays"
The Hobbit - JRR Tolkien
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This find is , well, it's magical, isn t it.
Mark S
...Any new gun control laws!  I agree with you Georgy! 
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It's say to me: It would be the best if u always wear an eagles on you!
so funny! an insight into Gandalf's thought process.
Where did you get this? Middle earth helpdesk? ;)
(btw. quite a task to mark all the spam and block the authors from the comments)
Yesterday is History; Tomorrow is our Mystery; Today is our Gift; thats why its called The Present!
Pass what?????????????
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what dammit?
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Dede H
Dats pretty cool
Grant L
Phew. Looks like we were never in any real danger guys.
So, they reverse-engineered his brain to learn how it works? Nice.
Either way, it ends with 'Good' or Summon the Eagles! 
So true!
Ummm..........I can't really read it. But it seems .....weird.
I don't know, Gandalf leads a fair few manly and not at all chicken-like run-away scenarios as well. So I'd call for at least one "Fly, you fools!" Though I suppose Call the eagles could be considered a subset of that response.
Glad to see you back posting George, it's been ages!
I think Galadriel has that chart on her fridge, the one she stocks with Phials of Galadriel.
Someone obviously working out the problem solving chart for the participants good one, very funny.
Love is the the essence of all good things
Reminds me of a bad acid trip from back in the 70's
You shall not pee.
I had to come back down to slay the red dragon! Or else ye all would have pearshed!
I did! its simple! swear
lol i got call the eagles
the solution seams two ,one good becouse the exit's cases are one   on good and one call the eagles then exectuion may exit whit good or call the eagles depening  by state's changes during the flow
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