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Hilarity...but I won't share. Simply cuz this will be shared hundred-fitty thousand times anyway.
Internet Exploder.  Still crazy, after all these years...
The only thing Microsoft is good at is making shitty browsers.
Oooooooh. That burns. It burns. Take it away!
Keep Calm and use another browser...
ouch! :) Then again, there is Chrome, Firefox, and Safari...
Welcome back George!  Long time no post!  I try and keep up with you on FB when I'm there, but try and avoid FB as much as possible.
"KEEP CALM AND...  make four different versions of your CSS and JavaScript."
Friends don't let friends use Internet Explorer.
Keep Calm and Set Phasers on Stun! :)
I think it's supposed to say "Keep Calm, And Use Firefox"
bah! I posted this and I got like 2 comments and 3 plusses.. +George Takei is stealing my limelight!

 ::shakes fist::
mine blew up today and took Excel down with it :\
so true
thats y i switched 2 apple
Is it bad that I kind of want this as a shirt? Haha
I bet you say that to all the guys!

You flirt, you....
A picture is worth a thousand refreshes.
Um.... Keep calm and have a laughter XD XD XD
That's awesome!
Keep calm and what!? Damnit, F5 isn't even doing anything!

That's it, I'm downloading Chrome.
Always tried to avoid IE, using Firefox. Used chrome since it came out, and never looked back!
Did you act in Startrek the original series?

And now...for the $1,000,000.00 question:
Which of these is not a functional web browser?
a. Chrome      b. Opera     e. Safari
c. Firefox       d. IE
Dude - stay away from IE... it's a miserable browser.
It's a joke, cuz IE is most often used just once to download a better broswer
oh and images that dont load, most times its based on what options you got enabled inside the browser..or your flash isnt up to date...its a number of reasons, but honestly I havent rean into those red x boxs in years...not since IE7.
I'm going to assume that it's supposed to read 'stay calm and start killing indiscriminately'. Oh well, time to get my overalls on sigh
Jake, IE COMES with every single Windows. So it never requires downloading, infact there is no way to get rid of IE. Or at least not up until Win7 and 8 then its able to allow u to uninstall.
I'm aware. Reread my last post. Based on browser use statistics, many people only use Internet Explorer one time: to download firefox or chrome or whatever after buying a new PC.
IE9 is actually really good, it's just any version before it that sucks.
IE, is actually good know. But I do use Firefox on the side
Well Wen U think about it
Firefox used to be awesome. Nowadays it's just pathetic. 1) Chrome 2) IE 3) The rest...
IE9 out preforms most browsers at this point...
Biggest problem with IE is the number of applications made just for ie, that break whenever IE upgrades, eg IE 10.. just you wait..
I don't actually laugh out loud at a whole lot on the internet, but this elicited audible laughter from me.
Chrome > Internet Explorer... No Doubt 
All it needs is a Chrome link on the bottom of the page
+Bryce Pratt +vicente reyes Actually, IE9 is still holding the internet back.  It seems better from your perspective (and comparatively it is much better than IE8 and below), but it still has many issues and unsupported features.  Because of these issues and unsupported features, most websites just opt-out of making their website better because a large portion of their audience (IE users) wont be able to experience it.

Just check out and you can see how very very far behind Internet Explorer 9 is compared to the rest of the browser world.  And this isn't even mentioning how they have their own proprietary way of doing what has become basic web features, which means that web developers have to do things in two different ways to produce something similar (and not always the same).
"Keep calm and buy a new computer"
If it didn't load in IE, it wouldn't load in other browsers, so keep calm and go fro a run
Keep calm and don't get excited. Just use Chrome.
Internet Explorer is Candlejack's favorite br
Thank you George, made me laugh out loud! 
Please dIE is an international web developers organization, non-profit, that fights to end the IE and the adoption of the most modern development tools such as HTML5 and CSS3.
WHY do people I DON"T EVEN KNOW share stupid stuff to me like this?
C Sue
Maybe they want to charge you for your Carry On.
Tray JW
lol going to go to sleep
R.Dubose of Arlington,Va Leonard misses you.
Steve K
That's why I use Firefox!  The Browser of choice, for those in the know!  :) 
I use IE9 and chrome. Chrome is not supported by all websites. period!!!
Is IE still exist................LOL
There goes George, wondering why no load again...
doesnt surprise me microsoft is failing in the internet explorer department...
I use IE9 over Firefox (for browsing) and chrome for developing
It was a link to a picture at the Netscape navigator site.
Honestly how is there any money in writing a free browser?
well, its got the best setup
Nic R.
perfect, just perfect....
Wut duz i sayyy i cant ccccc
"Well thats just great dear..."
Keep calm and switch ??
As a Linux user, I do not recognize that "e" icon.
IE9 is fine, it worked very well for me.  But since I can now use Chrome on my Android, it works better using it on the desktop for the sync feature.  I haven't found Chrome to be any better or worse in any way, it just has that feature.  
IE10 on Windows 8 is good... Better, really.... No I'm totally being serious!
Dang! delete everything on computer in panic, including OS
Really annoyed with internet explorer
But in all seriousness, there is an easy way to uninstall IE, speed up your computer, not worry about viruses AND keep your entire system (all the ones and zeros) up to date without hassle (and with minimum reboots).
1: use not IE (or do, I guess?) To dl an ubuntu variant iso
2: install to usb or cd/dvd and reboot
Take 20 minutes to install
3: press on the pop-up telling you you have updates
Oh, hey, look. You ahave the newest version of firefox. Also any other sensible browser in the matter of a minute (or five on dial-up) by clicking on the app store, synaptic, or opening the terminal.
keep calm and,,, whats the next word?
(Download SilverLight v19.5b)
keep calm and live while we're young
Keep calm and watch the niners plays on sunday
What ever happened to NetScape.  You'd think it would still be a contender.
Keep calm and install the chrome. Hate internet explorer.
keep calm and HATE justin bieber
Keep calm and we will see that: page can not be displayed.
G+ MAN...............................
This has got to sting....Google will not work on any ie earlier than 9 when 10 is launched. All those poor people who browse at work are f**ked

| x | |
| |
| |
|_________ |
Kelline!  That's the point. Thanks Internet Explorer!
Yeap, Google Chrome is the father of the web browser. Not like the other guys, explorer suck so bad.....
Internet explorer the best browser 2 find a better browser 
I love that you are on G+ in addition to Facebook! I love your posts. 
Internet explorer shittest browser and slow as fuck!
.. and don't worry about the trouble with tribbles.
I'm sorry, I recognize the man from star trek the series, what's the book about?
Keep calm and remember the word 'awesome' is only used by idiots lost in time.
Dang, only three other people know to chive on?! Google "keep calm and "
i turn windows internet explorer feature OFF!!!
Brads big balls! Brads big balls! put them in my mouth.
No, I am not going to stay CALM. I am a crazy woman and that is never going to change!
dorio x
Firefox+Chrome love it
Lmao....this is is most likely the worst one out there...Firefox and google chrome
Wow totally amazed the next generation
You people had better eat more australian fish
keep calm and ..........use firefox ;)
What's up with these guys and these law suits,?
change ur browser :D
The initial loading of IE is pretty ordinary but once you start to use it its OK, still prefer FF and Chrome though
Keep aclm and keepReloading..:P
I am still on e 8 and its fine
Hi George, Im new to this and 1st time on social net. What's up?
Bahahahahaha... nice one, George. This is why friends don't let friends use Internet Explorer.
The missing "Palm"...
yeah internet explorer is an ancient browser with noMADic speed
Lifes to short to get anything ugly Philip ol fart.
Brilliant and true lol
Keep calm nd stayed connected 
Google Whirlpool Galaxy and find out what's in it's middle be bold and know Jesus is God
That's one for the office wall! Thanks for sharing! 
So true, that does not evolve will be extinct ... bayeee IE
I'm with you George.Microsoft is bloat ware with all their updates.I have been using other browsers for years now. Live Long And Use Other Browers!
This didn't Load... may be because it mean to indicate "Keep Calm and Quiet" ;)
wait for the virus to completly download
hahahaha sooo true...happens to me all the time!
xDDDD i cant stand IE! Chrome all the way!!!!
If we wait a little longer, it'll load, it'll load. No it hasn't crashed, it'll load.
That right there is probably one of the most awesome things I have seen on the internets in the past couple hours!
I frequently get this on Safari as well. 
You should make this your Error 404 Page not found on your website! Alternate Text should read "Find another browser you idiot!"
Keep calm and error 404
They should've gone with 'Don't Panic'
The irony of the song that Microsoft chose for it's IE9 commercial was not lost on me.  "And I feel like I am just too close to love you." -- my sentiments exactly, Microsoft.
Kinda see what's funny. The bottom picture isn't showing because the browser isn't that good
I'm guess he's running ie 8 which doesn't support canvas. :)
noob, get IE10 X-D
"Keep Calm & Chive On"!  Sad that I'm one of only six people out of 464 comments who recognized this :(  Always a great place to check out.
i laughed... pretty hard. 
Ah yes the backbone of windows phone good old internet exploder
Keep Calm and ..... Go were no man has gorn before!!!! ;-)
Keep calm and install Debian GNU/Linux. Then you'll have a new browser, a new office suite, no malware, no slowing down and no re-re-reboots. All Trekkies should do that. An easy way to escape the Wintel empire is to point Internet Exploder to and Engage...
+robert pogson The only problem with that idea is that while Linux is a wonderful OS, it doesn't fulfill everyone's needs. I'm putting this up from the Ubuntu partition on my laptop, but because I'm a pretty big gamer, Linux isn't an option for me. Wine just doesn't cut it enough. And there are similar problems in business, when certain programs are needed. It's a fine system, but it needs a lot more support than it has.
Keep calm and................ use this browser to download other and better browsers
Although completely related, yes.
IE is better than dumb chrome which never loads.
keep calm and DO THE HARLEM SHAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep calm and change your system! Use LInux, that woks stable and don't knows virusses.
Linux can be exploited too.. To say other wise is foolish..
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