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There is no try. Only pee.
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Duan Dao
well Yoda wouldnt need the staff he would just levitate to the urinal :)
I'd like to see the picture for "Doo or doo not, there is no try."
+Duan Dao He is levitating, he just needs both hands (the Force is strong in him) so he's holding the staff with his feet
If he was really good, he would stand back and levitate the flow into the urinal.  That's how I pee ... like a jedi.
lol. it sort of looks like he's throwing up into it
Mastering the force has it's advantages :)
But that is not even your franchise
-Sheldon Cooper
Great, now i can't get the mental image of yoda peeing out of my head!!!
haha! Is it possible he could just force the trajectory instead of standing on his stick?
Well, when you got to, you got to.
When fighting the Dark Side, like Yoda at a urinal, you have to be on your toes.
Just because Yoda is a laterally symmetrical biped, we shouldn't make assumptions about the rest of his anatomy and biological functions. ;)
I Bit he's saying; "Oh Fuck! Finally after six Long Episodes and One Fuck star Trek Adventures" SALUD Amigo!  
Lol he will fall off in the half way.
Great motivational poster for an old folks home.
This is exactly the reason urinals used to go all the way to the floor.
were do u get all these pics? there so funny!
Jesse H
Ha ha. Is that his tail George or did he mis judge ???
its his staff or walking stick what ever you wabt to call it yoda has no tail
That'll make a great t-shirt
doo doo or doo doo not...
lolwat. I love star wars but that makes me very suspicous about the topicz.
Well you know what they say...
"Don't raise the bridge, lower the river."
Hope his lightsaber doesn't fall in the toilet
When 900 years old you reach, prostate as good your's will be not! Twentieth trip to the bathroom today, this is!
Oh if only he were a foot taller HAHAHA
George r u 24 hours from tulsa loveya man xx
That's so wrong that it's right!  Thanks for sharing it.  :-)
the flow is strong with this one...
Many planets ~ Try you must ~
The unions sticking the heads of all the kids,schools,and taxpayers faces into toilet, so they can piss on us all!
gets more and more difficult when you reach 900.
LOL so funny... he should use Zen of peeing :D
Burns like a lightsaber when I pee it does hmm!
may the force be with me.
The force is always with you whether pee pee or doo doo
هو يطلب المساعدة
Strong with this one, the force is!
He needs a step stool, so that he doesn't fall in!
He needs a step stool, so that he doesn't fall in!
This.s 1st I add comment with G+.but in this time I.m really sad...have not must..maybe I need to take time n I.ll be good...hope so...
If he is using the force - why does he need the stick?
make a smaller one for smaller people O:
I hope to evryone good health and happiniss.My regards to the all 
Yoda!  The last thing I still consider fully cool about Star Wars. 
I know the force is in here somewhere oops that's not it
Chris K
funny man intdoes go right through you
thats hilarious. you need to switch the words around like he does in the movie:-]
I think you gave that a little too much thought Mike
The force is strong with this one
may the force be with you
He can use telekinetics to get it up into the urinal!
yo thats cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do Jedi masters pee? Do they fart? Only the Jedi know for sure. lol
lol problem solved Jedi style lol
think he would have forced it to the darkside
Y doesn't he just use the force get it use the force lol
عجب دنیایی در هم برهمی
When you got to go then you have to go 
How about Star Peace.  Did you ever think of that?
pretty funny again.almost like the child w/eating the pups,ya?
The force is strong with this one!
He must "do" or "do" not. Sounds like BPH to me.

One of his species is an NPC in the MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. That one's capable of normal speech.
What species? I play and I never saw it.
If he can piss in a urinal like that... Imagine how he pleasures the ladies in bed... ;) 
(I know this has probably been burnt out but) Oh my.
+Ian Baime It's in the Jedi Consular story. He's one of the masters in the noetika you have to find on Coruscant.
That is the best picture ever!
Waterfalls ...rivers ... dripping pipes ... wish my prostate the force could fix mmmm .. 
That is a lot of concentration and balance. Nice...
His balance level is over 9000.
just pointing his wand, I can do that!
What no levitation Oh my ! 
May the force go thru you. 
I would've thought he'd just use the Force to hover there.
Dew, or dew not!  Looks like Yoda had too MUCH Dew.

He blew the urinal cake to bits.  The force IS strong with this one.
the usefulness of sticks ahahaha
You are the best on Howard. You make me laugh. Cheers 
I find your lack of aim disturbing.
Reminds me of the Naked Gun quote, "Like a midget at a urinal, I was gonna have to stay on my toes."
This is cool would have been funnier if he used the force to direct his flow
at least yoda is not a pole smoker!
And he was awesome as the Muta-Doh in the Babylon 5 episode "TKO."
(what, too Soon?)
Auch ein Jedy muß mal pippieeeeeeee> cool <
I thought he'd use the force to guide it in.
B Jean
Drank too much water i did 
Only you would put this up. And only is would understand and laugh ad you did:)

This is amazeballs! Awesome Captain Sulu.
hillarious . It is not. Produce something pleasing and relaxing to look at.
lol only yoda would have to do that lol. 
Among the things you don't want to hear at the urinal, "Judge me by my size, do you?" is at the top of the list!
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol lmfao!
where else, between his legs! woops!
Isnt levitatation easier for him?
ah, but what to levitate, +robin downes? himself, the stream, a funnel... the possibilities are endless.
Poo or Poo not- There is no try
Love it.Makes me feel better
first eat shit yhen poop then i need to tell you merry chrismace
Haha nice comment that is so funny. 
drink it it then drink som more yoda drink my pee to and poo
i hope you like it the poo is choclet flav
Dont you think urinals could be different in a galaxy far away?
Awesome.... love your sense of humor George!
Feel the pee fllooowwww through you, young jedi...
Hope his prostate is in good working order!
Yoda, when are you not a Jedi Master? When European!
After age 50 we wish it would not be so ;)
Thanx frndz for friendship
Love u all
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