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Another generation test: Who "Daft Punk" really are.
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LMAO... "Girl you KNOW it's true!!!"
But...  but...  one died, didn't he?  Or did he just get resurrected?  Oh well, blame it on the rain...
I've seen the real Daft Punk. These aren't them. Seriously don't be so insulting!
+George Takei isn't this post a bit offensive to everyone concerned?  I understand the humor, but Rob Pilatus did commit suicide.  Daft Punk may not be my cup of tea, but do they plagiarize other people's work?
LOL +Edward Nigma It's kind of the point of the joke that this isn't the real Daft Punk
These may not be, the right ones,
This may not be, a real pic,
But there's something about it, I have to say,
There's something between them anyway...
It's just a joke! Milli and Vanilli are so pretty, they'd never wear masks to cover their faces for a performance :D
+brun a barbarian remember, nothing can ever be made fun or be joked about any longer. People need to lighten up and enjoy life.
Milli Vanilli were French??
ha ha ha!  Nice. I thought one of them was no longer with us, though
Sorry, I can't make fun of someone who committed suicide.

They tried to use their own stuff and sing themselves but the record producers coerced them into the miming etc. Then the press went completely overboard when the truth of it became known (you'd think they'd killed the Dalai Lama) and so the public went ape shit and started writing hate mail.

Not my kind of music but the treatment they got was despicable.

Has there been a hate campaign like it against Bill Roach? Dave Lee Travis? Rolf Harris? For what they've done?
Woah +Ben Coleman - I fully support your main point but you've got two men down as guilty there while their trials still go on. That undermines your point of people being judged unfairly.  You may end up right, I don't know, but for now they are both innocent.
Guys, guys... it's just a funny. That's it. Let's all untwist our panties here. If you don't think it's funny, that's cool, but just move on. It's not that big a deal.
+Ben Coleman No One was asking you to make fun of anybody. The joke was already made, you find it funny or you don't. If you didn't, you don't have to go out of your to express why you think it isn't or that other might be wrong for thinking it is. No saying you did either, just making my point.

Also, to point out to all those who took this way two seriously. 1. +George Takei doesn't actually write most of this stuff, I am pretty sure it was made public he has some sort of marketing company doing this. 2. The joke is funny not because of the suicide past mentioned, rather inspite of it.
I thought that was Milli Vanilli at first!
It is Milli Vanilli, It's call PHOTOSHOP.  Just laugh and move on. :)
LoL. The "public face" of the duo Charles Shaw and Brad Howell. Frank Farian would be proud...
+Kyle Franz I love +George Takei , but his name is on this post so whether he wrote it or not, it's his content.  I understand the humor, I just don't believe its in good taste.
Rule #1 Before signing onto internet, remove stick from anus.
Rule#2.  Understand that many things are done in jest and not everyone has your same taste in humor. 
Rule#3  Ignore post if you don't agree and proceed on with your life. 
Everyone knows that they are really Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett!
You don't have to wear helmets anymore guys! Botched lipsync is an accepted reality in the 2000s! ;-) 
I have no idea who they are. Am I supposed to?
Girl you know it's true, ooh ooh ooh I love you!
They make me dance. They are forgiven. Nothing but love for people who make me dance. XXXOOO
That's not daft punk... that's milli vanilli
but they were daft punks... as well as horrible
joe kz
ha ha ha ha!!
I was actually kind of disappointed that some paparazzo followed them long enough to catch their actual faces...what a jerk.

This is most excellent, though.
I guess this one went over my head...

Recommend that folk go check the other pairings from that Tumblr.

I'm sure there's something to offend everyone without a sense of humor there.
Heh... that would be a helluva comeback story, wouldn't it? :)
I'm looking for Lost Sense of Humor. There's got to be a bunch of it lying around here somewhere...
Whoah, musical zombies... in more ways than one :-P
Yep, LOL. In their full 90's dreadlocked "glory" :D
that could be a lot smarter, we can't tell if they lip-sync
Was my first thought. :-) 
Thats not the real Daft Punk. Their white guys? No?
Milli Punk?
Daft Vanilli?
Daft Vanilla?
Punk Vanilla?
Luckily I'm part of the generation that can say "Daft What? Daffy Duck? Daft Beer? Sid 'n' Nancy were Punks".
Yes, Rob Pilatus is dead. Died of a perscription pill overdose.
Oh George, You crack me up. Your the male version of Joan Rivers without the vulgarity. 
girl you know is true...l love you..opps miss the sink!
That is +Steve McCartney and I take your point about being innocent until proven guilty but my point is that there isn't any backlash at all for what some male celebrities may or may not have done, even Jimmy Saville has been brushed quietly under the carpet.

As I said what happened to Milli Vanilli by comparison was outrageous.

And for anyone else who commented on people going out of their way to say don't make fun of the dead? Hey, it's public access. I can express my opinion just like anyone else can say they found it funny.

End of the day, only two people had more pluses than me. One was +Jim Nooney AND what he said WAS funny.
LOVE IT! I didn't even read the question, I saw the picture and knew who they were :)
Either them or the Olson twins lol
Party foul! Never reveal the secret identities!
Please don't show this to M Night Shayamalan
New drinking game: post a picture on the internet that will confuse some folks about the identity of a pop culture icon, preferably one who is deceased. Every time someone asks "aren't they dead?" drink. Each time someone gets offended by the use of a deceased pop icon's image, drink.
If a debate starts, CHUG on each post of the debate.
LOL so that's were they went? You Know, if it were true, it just might of worked for those two.
gurl you know its truuuuu oooooh ooooh ooooh.... i luv you
Isn't one of them dead now? (RIP if so)
I just read about milli vanilli in dirty rocker boys.. The were fakes and rob on the right killed himself because of the lie..
Yes rob on the right is dead died of a heroine overdose,,,
Omid G.
You never know, the real daft punk might be sitting at home and watching themself receive the grammy's. 
I have a new trend that's already started. take a photo of two people. #daftpunk?

Ilia M
For some reason (maybe because I read everything you write or post in that sultry voice of yours!) that image reminds me of some "Deft Punk," if you will: RADKEY - Cat & Mouse
Ha ha! It would make perfect sense! Don't worry, be happy now!
Can someone please explain the joke? I know that it's milli vanilli's heads p-shopped onto daft punk's bodies, but I don't get what's funny about it? Did I miss some news?

inb4 "no sense of humour": I honestly don't get what's funny.
No...that's not true!  THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!
Won't fly. One of them is dead.
gurl u know it's tru
Lol! Makes total sense. If it were true, it would be considered pure genius :) 
Except one is dead... But funny thought anyway.
So no-one is going to explain the joke to me? :)
that would be really really sad... I'm sure someone already called it as milli vanilli (or however it is spelled)
Big fan of the DP... They taught me how to make my own spaghetti sauce. This is funny.
Anyone ever hear Daft Punk's first band, "DARLIN'"?  they were reviewed as being a couple of daft punks.  Hence the current moniker.  ...Also, MV ftw.
Ok, I'm starting to think this is some sort of "emperor's new clothes" thing since no-one wants to explain the joke. Everyone's laughing, but no-one wants to admit that they actually don't know what is supposed to be funny about this.
+Finn Palm It's a bit obscure for me as well, but I think those guys are  Milli Vanilli.
+Jeremy Holovacs Indeed. As I wrote in one of my previous posts, I'm aware that it's Milli Vanilli's heads photoshopped onto Daft Punk's bodies. What is funny about that?
+Finn Palm I'm guessing the premise is that they are using the robot masks to come out as legitimate artists.
DP will not do public video or camera shots without their helmets. Watch any of thier interviews and you would already have known that.
+Kent Seaton, I know that. So how does that make it funny that Milli Vanilli's heads are photoshopped onto Daft Punk's bodies?
+Finn Palm Humor must escape you quite often.  Wish i could help explain further.  Sorry.  There is an episode of The Big Bang Theory in which Sheldon Cooper explains how humor works.  I believe it's in season 7 somewhere.
+Kent Seaton, I mostly get the joke even when I don't find it funny. In this rare case I actually don't get the joke, and I'm seriously starting to doubt there is one.
I love it. Thank you George
Uh-uh!  No way!!! I disbelieve!!!  There is no way those bozos wrote all that kewl music, let alone orchestrate an entire film soundtrack!
Didn't the circumstances around their breakup prove that?!?
uh, Shadow Cat, you do realize at least one of these guys is dead, right?  And this is clearly a joke.  Settle down.
Really a joke. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Come on now. Of course it is a joke. 
And all this time I thought it was secretly Kraftwerk under those helmets...
There those guys are. Is that Milli on the left? 
Well the jury acquitted Bill Roach +Steve McCartney but that just means there wasn't enough evidence to prove beyond reasonable doubt.
Well that's true but that's the same for every trial - whether the evidence is completely taken apart or whether it just isn't quite enough. That's the result you get for a completely innocent person and the result you get for a guilty person where the evidence isn't there (although in Scotland there is the rather unsatisfactory "Not Proven" verdict as well).
It's just how the system works and is why the assumption is innocent until proven guilty. 

In my experience though, in cases where the evidence just isn't quite enough, the verdict of the jury is mostly divided and it is a majority decision. In this case it was unanimous.
So, I am more than happy to say that Bill Roache is innocent. I wasn't at the trial and I didn't hear the evidence to have my own opinion so I go with what my 12 peers decided.
It just wouldn't be fair to all the innocent people of any crime that are brought to trial to say "well, they just didn't have enough evidence". Then we'd be tainting anyone and everyone that ever faced a trial. He has been found not-guilty and that needs to be the end of it. If he had been found guilty (and some of the others may well be) then he would be punished accordingly.

It's the only system we have and it depends on evidence. Is it possible that sometimes the guilty walk free? Of course. But we can't assume guilt when the evidence isn't there or the whole system collapses and we would get the sort of witch-hunts against people that you were rightly so against in your original post. See the story about the paediatrician having to leave her home after having her home vandalised and locals confusing the word with paedophile. 
Very true. I guess life has left me a little cynical, which you'd understand if I explained.

Personally I might not agree or have my doubts but the jury has made their decision and I'll respect it.
Too many things do go unpunished and too many people are punished excessively without it being warranted as you pointed out. I don't blame anyone for being cynical, even without things in their own life adding to it. I'm incredibly cynical myself about an awful lot of things.
I hope things have improved for you. 
Okay, for those who don't get the "joke" , it can be interpreted many ways. It would be pretty ironic if these guys were actually Daft Punk. The reality is, they did something stupid, because they were told to do it. And they suffered grievously because of it. Who's to say they didn't really have talent? In reality, the corporate machine screwed them. I really think the fact that it's them in this picture has no relevance to the joke. It's all about the memory of the people who view it. It's the absurdity of the situation!

Relax, it's all fun and games! 
This makes the conspiracy center of my brain hurt.
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