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If you enjoy a good laugh and some high-brow humor, then you're going to want to watch and subscribe to my new "reality" web-series, "It Takeis Two". 

Starring Myself and my husband +Brad Takei 
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Hey +George Takei​ if this is really you let me start by saying sorry for putting this on your has nothing to do with your post but I don't know how to contact you. I was hoping you could help me understand something because it directly affected you. You were in imprisoned in what is commonly known as a Japanese concentration camp.i feel this is a misnomer. from the admittedly little I know about history. I believe Japanese people during World War II had the option to go back Japan. So what I believe is the people that were locked up in the "Japanese" camps we're either naturalized American citizens or american-born American citizens. If this is true would that not make those camps American concentration camps. isn't it true that Americans were locked up. In my mind that's an even worse crime to lock up fellow Americans just because they looked different. Because that really would have been the only difference between them and every other American. it should be a warning to all of us that if it goes wrong any group of Americans can be locked up. For what amounts to no reason at all
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George Takei

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Facebook and Twitter and Youtube -- Oh myyy! My new webseries "It Takeis Two" takes off today. - 
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Youtubers younite! :) 
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George Takei

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So very proud to announce that my co-stars +Lea Salonga and +Telly Leung  will join me in +Allegiance A New Musical  as we take our Broadway bow at the +Longacre Theatre  in October. What a joy to be together again for this life changing production.
NEW YORK (AP) -- Tony Award-winner Lea Salonga will join the cast of George Takei's musical "Allegiance" on Broadway. The ...
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Look forward to it.
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 +Allegiance A New Musical is Broadway bound. Coming this October to the Longacre Theatre.
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Hope to see this in Toronto one day soon. 
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George Takei

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She could use some pizza mind.
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Que delícia
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George Takei

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From a fan. I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles. #FortuneTrolling
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You will be hit by bus leaving Chinese restaurant stay and have dessert.
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George Takei

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BATTLESTATIONS: Your challenge today is View, Subscribe and RT  #ItTakeisTwo. Bonus Bloopers for Subscribers only.
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Viewed, subscribed and a plug for one of you to run for USA President and the other one could be VP and 1st 😇😇😇😊😊😊☺☺☺
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George Takei

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Facebook and Twitter and Youtube -- Oh myyy! My new webseries "It Takeis Two" takes off today. -
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Lynn H
Come back to G+ +George Takei !
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George Takei

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Update 11/06/14: The video from the event is now live! Click here to watch:

George Takei will be at Google with his new Broadway show Allegiance ( Allegiance is an epic story of love, war and heroism set during the Japanese American internment of World War II,  following the story of the Kimura family in the weeks and years following Pearl Harbor, as they are relocated from their farm in Salinas, California to the Heart Mountain internment camp in the rural plains of Wyoming.

Click here to ask George and the creative team questions:

Also performing at the event will be Telly Leung (Broadway and Glee), Melinda Doolittle (of American Idol), Lindsay Mendez (Best known for playing Elphaba in Broadway's Wicked), Anna Maria Perez de Tagle (from the Disney Channel and Godspell on Broadway), and Marc De la Cruz (Broadway's IF/THEN). 

The event will be moderated by Julie James. 

The cast album will be available for free via Google Play the day of the event ( 

If you are unable to watch the live event, it will be posted later to We'll be sure to send out a post to everyone once it's uploaded. 
George Takei and Allegiance - Talks at Google
Wed, October 29, 2014, 1:00 PM

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Those of Japanese decent was not the only non-white group so encamped, the Aleuts of Alaska, was evacuated from their homes when the Japanese from Japan invaded (sort of face saving after Midway and also to see if Doolittle base was in Alaska). They was evacuated to SE Alaska and put up at an old cannery that was drafty and unsanitary, while German POWs was put up down the road. Many Aleuts, even those who served with dignity to train the US Army 7th ID that had been slated for North Africa but went to the other extreme of the planet, The Aleutians.. Were not allowed to go home until much after the wars end, and when they did they found some of it had been ransacked and with possible radiation from the nuclear weapons tests near by.
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George Takei

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I'm imagining what it looks like at midnight though.
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George Takei

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First world problems in a nutshell.
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+Inu no Taisho I do not blame you at all, I work retail also, quit a while for me, and everything you have said is not surprising. People are sad
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Some know me as Mr. Sulu but I hope all know me as a believer in, and a fighter for, the equality and dignity of all human beings.
Many of you know me best for my portrayal of Mr. Sulu in the groundbreaking television and film series Star Trek. I've also been in 40+ feature films and what must be hundreds of television guest-starring appearances.

More recently, I'm a regular guest on The Howard Stern Show on Sirius XM Radio. I also starred in the NBC television series "Heroes" and in the movie "Larry Crowne" opposite Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. Currently I play "Hologramps" in Nickelodeon's "Supah Ninjas," recently appeared as a guest on Celebrity Apprentice in 2012, and am planning a solo comedy night premiering later this year.

This September, I will star in a new American musical entitled "Allegiance" (music and lyrics by Jay Kuo, book by Jay Kuo and Lorenzo Thione), which opens at San Diego's Old Globe Theater before moving to Broadway in 2013.
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I'm married to one of Earth's most wonderful men, Brad..
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Actor, funny guy, and believer in, and a fighter for, the equality and dignity of all human beings.
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