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I uploaded a script to the Amazon Studios November contest. If anyone has time to give me a good rating, I'd really appreciate it! The more people and the higher the ratings, the better chance I have a winning the contest. Thanks in advance!
A professional gamer who never leaves his apartment must deliver a package to China to save his sister. Upon arriving, he's forced to hook up with a gorgeous, but untrustworthy American woman involved...
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Cool! Your competition better watch out! (BTW, does Amazon have new rules regarding who retains the rights to submitted scripts? Some of us have been reluctant to get involved).
Thanks, Eugene! They've definitely made changes -- for example, they now allow you to keep your submission "closed," meaning no one else can make changes to your script. It's WGA, so WGA writers should be covered (as so should non-WGA writer, technically), but then again, you never know. From what I've read in the most recent agreement, it all seemed reasonable (and, in fact, above WGA minimums).
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