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Gotta love that "evolving"

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"The lawyer who argued before the Supreme Court in favor of upholding California’s ban on same-sex marriage learned while he was handling the case that one of his children is gay and now is helping her plan her wedding with another woman.

Attorney Charles Cooper says his view of same-sex marriage is evolving after having argued in court that gay unions could undermine marriages between a man and a woman."
WASHINGTON — The lawyer who argued before the Supreme Court in favor of upholding California's ban on same-sex marriage learned while he was handling the case that one of his children is gay and now is helping her plan her wedding with another woman.
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Nothing personal, it is only business, right?
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Sen. Block is asking that the state allow community colleges to offer 4-year degrees.
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And don't mess with Mister In-Between.

On the one end of the spectrum lies a dystopian vision of deeply atomistic and utilitarian models where the economic imperative trumps the educational vision; on the other end lies an open-ended learning nirvana.
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Places for +Gnotic Pasta to visit.   ;)
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This post featuring +Amanda Blain applies to business and non-business folks alike, in terms of understanding how a G+ presence is substantially different from "other leading brands."

h/t +Elwin Green for pointing me to the interview with Amanda (and in several lines, getting me to click through and read it, which is the point). :-)

#googleplustips   #socialmediawars   #plusallthethings  
Not just HOW to use Google+, but WHY to use it differently from FB, etc.

"Pinterest has about 70 million active users for example, yet I’ve never heard it referenced once as a “ghost town.” "  - +Amanda Blain 

 +Mani Scienide +Craig Calvert +John Kellden +Shimira Williams 
As businesses face drastic drops in the organic reach of their Facebook posts, there are no doubt some shifting focus over to Google+. With recent …
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Why I wonder about those stories on "declining" college enrollments, "peak education," etc. I think we may need to consider public university systems as distinct from private higher-ed institutions, Ivies, etc.

I also think we must consider demographics in this. Who's being recruited for which colleges? For us, there's been an observable, intentional emphasis. My Cal State campus is an HSI (Hispanic-Serving Institution, a federal designation) and across Cal State the entire system has sought an increase in the number of African-American student applications and admissions. (cf "Super Sunday," for example).

Attn +Bryan Alexander Clearly your territory, sir. ;-)
+Phil Hill +Roz Hussin +Laura Gibbs +Donna Murdoch +Al Elliott +Don Inbody 

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Impaction. It’s not a pleasant-sounding word. Even when you’re referring to a university.
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No, I mean East Asia in general, although China provides the bulk of students: Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, etc.  It's also simpler for American campuses to focus just on China, since they only have to build one recruitment operation.
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Surveys suggest most doctors and nurses understand the significant safety issues associated with the use of cell phones and laptops during surgery.
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Is there any question that California's ranking is because of the 2013 back-burnered SB 520, which was not rubber-stamped? This "F" is more like a point of pride than a problem, once you look at who's giving out the grade.

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States are passing legislation to boost tech in schools, but many still lag #edtech
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Perhaps reforming education won't solve the problems of American inequality:
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If you had a magic wand that reformed American inequality I bet that would solve a lot of the problems of American education
(oh and we in the UK could do with a wave of the wand as well!)
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Aboard the higher education ocean liner in a sea of changing affordances, and... wait, what is that? Looks kind of like a big white mountain, only...
Seeking conversations about education, teaching & learning, and edtech. Also into classic TV, movies, sci-fi, and comics. I talk a little about politics and a little about race, because education and pop culture are full of both. But I try not to repeat conversations I had online back in the '90s or face-to-face before that. You'll figure it out.

I'm a college lecturer (adjunct) using real name for most activities, and several screen names that arose because of multiple accounts in different spaces that said to pick a user name. A couple of those names stuck and it's easier just to keep them. I live in "unremitting beta" around teaching, learning, and technology. Overall, I also seem to be "awaiting moderation" (thanks to +Meg Tufano for the phrase as it applies to humans). I continue to learn a lot (one hopes) from Howard Rheingold's own study of social media. He shares most of it and you could do worse. You may want to read Howard's book Net Smart for more, or just take an online class with him.

In the fall, I teach a first-year transition course that seems to go through a top-down, significant change every couple of years. My life lesson so far: Happy classes of freshmen are all alike. Each unhappy class is unhappy in its own way. (Thank you, Mr. Tolstoy!)

I also teach an intro technology class and a 200-level class called Cyberdemocracy that is evolving, but strives to have participants "become their own historians" as they consider the US political process over time, through various technology lenses. For context: My campus has "married" the General Education components of Cal State's American Institutions requirement. So this course is one of several on my campus meeting both the US Histories & Democratic Participation requirement.

My social media time & emphasis:
  • Google+: Most time, most emphasis, most in-depth conversations. "Best" PLN for my edtech & social media interests. This is the online space that feeds & fulfills me. I have a G+ academic presence too (campus logo & no hoodie in that profile image) that is more for support of my classes and less about my personal interests.
  • Facebook: Real-life friends & family who may not be using other social media. It's FB or no contact with some of them. They know what a phone is but they don't use it to talk. ;-) Also, I like to observe what some businesses & education types think they should be doing on FB. (Lookin' at you, ISTE and New Media Consortium.)
  • Twitter: Second-best for my edtech & social media interests. Best for short exchanges. PLN overlaps but is not the same as G+ PLN. Some tweeps don't like G+ and some G+ers don't like Twitter.
  • Blog writing/commenting: Sigh... Can I use the "writer's block" excuse? I do comment frequently under a screen name (so I can have a life elsewhere) but rarely write full posts anymore.

I have other interests. My positions on most issues will be apparent if I've posted more than one item. (Sometimes I just share a stand-alone item to generate conversation.) Most of what I share here is "Public" with a smattering of "Private."

Credit to +Gregor McNish for the phrase "a sea of changing affordances" in my tagline.
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