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I had a recent request regarding Data Binding and Observability. Wouldn't it be nice to support rxjava's Observables in Android Data Binding? I agree. Are there other observables types that you use in your applications that you'd like to see supported directly by Android Data Binding?

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I wrote an example Android Data Binding BindingAdapter for DatePicker. One isn't included in the default library because there aren't any such attributes. This shows you how to build a decent BindingAdapter in a relatively complex situation.

Android Data Binding 1.0-rc4 is now available and fixes the issues with gradle plugin 1.4-beta6.

Data Binding 1.0-rc3 is now out. It now works with Android Studio gradle plugin 1.4-beta5.

Data Binding 1.0-rc2 has now been released! Along with bug fixes, we also have support for dependency injection. Please file bugs if you find any so we can have a perfect 1.0 version.

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So you want postponeEnterTransition() on Fragments? I've made a utility to let you get that functionality. Take a look:

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I had a terrific time at Google I/O last week and was finally able to talk about what I've been working on for the last 6 months:

This is going to change how everyone develops Android applications. Try it with your new layouts and see how easy it is to hook up data to your new UI. I'm looking forward to further Android Studio integration to make it even easier to use.

Johannes Homeier had an interesting reveal animation to implement and I thought it was a great challenge:

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What are all these transitions? People have been asking about what all the different transitions mean for Activity Transitions and Fragment Transitions. Have a look:
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